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July 26, 2010

Diamondbacks and Nationals scouts at Monday’s White Sox game

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Scouts from the Diamondbacks and Nationals watched Monday’s White Sox game against the Mariners, which would seem to add credence to the rumors of a three-way deal sending Diamondbacks pitcher Edwin Jackson to the Nationals and Adam Dunn to the Sox.


Adam Dunn to CWS, Edwin Jackson to WAS, prospects to ARI? [UPDATE]

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Stark @ ESPN:

The Nationals continue to talk to Adam Dunn’s agents about an extension, and have essentially made it clear that if they can get him to agree to an extension in the next few days, he’ll stay. And if not, he’ll go. Rumblings continue to surface about a possible three-team deal involving the Nationals, White Sox and Diamondbacks that would send Edwin Jackson to Washington, Dunn to Chicago and a bunch of young pitchers to Arizona.

UPDATE: Rosenthal:

Source: Diamondbacks will not hesitate to trade EJax if they get what they want. No 3-way talks with Nationals and White Sox – yet.


Heard this: The Nats have made progress in their effort to trade prospects for Edwin Jackson.

July 24, 2010

Seattle wants Brent Morel for Russell Branyan; White Sox scouting Brad Hawpe


Bill Scherrer, one of the Sox’s top evaluators, was in Florida last week for the Marlins’ series with Colorado, which has left-handed hitter Brad Hawpe.

The Sox had a limited chance Monday to watch Seattle’s Russell Branyan, who has been sidelined with back stiffness. But the Mariners made an indirect inquiry about Sox third base prospect Brent Morel.

The two top targets appear to be Washington’s Adam Dunn and Milwaukee’s Prince Fielder. A Nationals scout watched the Sox’s Triple-A Charlotte affiliate last week, and a Brewers scout observed the Sox in Seattle and in Oakland on Friday. …

Kenny Williams confident he’ll get Prince Fielder or Adam Dunn?

MLBTR goes over Ken Rosenthal’s latest video:

White Sox GM Ken Williams is said to be confident about landing either Prince Fielder or Adam Dunn.  Williams continues to talk to the Brewers about Fielder but there doesn’t seem to be a match as they seek pitching in return.  Meanwhile, the Nats have told everyone that they’ll need to be overwhelmed by an offer to move Dunn.  If the White Sox strike out on the two big-time left-handed sluggers, they’re unlikely to reach for a player such as Russell Branyan or Brad Hawpe.  Instead, they’ll look to go small and try to improve their bullpen and bench.

I don’t get Kenny’s confidence here. The price for Fielder and Dunn is high and the Sox can’t afford to weaken their starting rotation by trading players like Dan Hudson, John Danks, and Gavin Floyd. Today’s game is a good example why.

July 22, 2010

Adam Dunn for Dayan Viciedo and 2 prospects?

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Gregor @ DH:

A source on Sunday confirmed the Sox are mulling over a Dunn deal that would send rookie third baseman Dayan Viciedo and a prospect or two to the Washington Nationals.

Did the price come down?

July 19, 2010

Adam Dunn for Dayan Viciedo and a couple prospects?

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Did the price come down? Here’s Scot Gregor:

Adam Dunn for Carlos Quentin? Dunn for Gordon Beckham? No chance and never.

On Sunday, a source told me the Nationals might be willing to settle for rookie third baseman Dayan Viciedo and a couple of prospects for Dunn, the Washington Nationals’ power-hitting first baseman.

July 18, 2010

White Sox scouting Adam Dunn

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Adam Kilgore @ WP twitter:

For what it’s worth, the White Sox, a team linked to Adam Dunn trade rumors, have had a scout here in Florida all series watching the Nats.

July 17, 2010

Adam Dunn wants at least a 4 year, $60 million contract?

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Adam Dunn is looking for a deal of at least four years for $60 million after having to settle for a two-year deal with the Nationals in his first run at free agency. The Nats want to keep him, but not at that price. It’s likely he will be traded, with the Yankees, Angels and White Sox at the head of the list.


Joe Crede is just about ready to go after his latest back procedure. Agent Scott Boras says there’s a chance Crede could help a team this season, but it’s more likely he will look to sign in the offseason with an eye on 2011.

UPDATE: Rosenthal:

Adam Dunn? The Nationals’ price for their first baseman is too steep, and Dunn does not want to DH.

July 7, 2010

Kenny Williams wants Adam Dunn; Washington wants Gordon Beckham

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Buster Olney (twitter):

one rival executive says the White Sox “are all over Adam Dunn” right now. He would be perfect for what the White Sox need.

Ken Rosenthal says Washington wanted Beckham or Quentin:

Rival club officials say the Nationals’ asking price for Dunn is exorbitant; one says the Nats wanted either second baseman Gordon Beckham or right fielder Carlos Quentin from the White Sox.

Beckham isn’t in the lineup today. UPDATE: He is now.

BTW, Adam Dunn is on track to be a Type-A free-agent.

July 6, 2010

Kenny Williams cools his interest in Adam Dunn

Seems Rizzo wants too much for Kenny:

According to a source Monday, general manager Ken Williams has cooled on the pursuit of the Washington Nationals slugger for the time being, partially because of the initial asking price.

Williams seems willing to sit back and watch what the rest of the market does for Dunn, as well as explore other options.

The Sun-Times first reported of the Sox’ interest in the left-handed slugger last week, as multiple sources told the paper that if Williams was to act, he would have to act quickly. Obviously, he didn’t act quick enough. The interest in Dunn went from two teams to ”a handful” almost overnight, and the Nationals are ”asking for the moon” from each team. …

July 1, 2010

Washington Nationals inquire about Carlos Quentin

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From an offensive standpoint, Washington ranks near the bottom of the Major Leagues in runs scored. [Washington GM] Rizzo has tried to improve in this category, having inquired about Royals outfielder David DeJesus and White Sox outfielder Carlos Quentin, but he was told those players are not available.

June 30, 2010

Kenny willing to do deals “within reason”

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“Well, if there’s an opportunity to win a World Series, you got to do what you got to do sometimes — within reason,” Williams said. “But it’s got to be, you have to have a real opportunity. I think we have an opportunity. So, if there’s something out there that fits …

“Not all the names out there that supposedly are coming to Chicago are true fits because if [White Sox manager] Ozzie [Guillen] and the coaching staff don’t believe they are going to play Player X on a regular basis and Player X needs to play regularly to be effective, then that’s not a good fit. It can jeopardize your chemistry and it can jeopardize how your staff wants to go about winning games.”

Washington’s GM would says getting Adam Dunn would be:

a”For us to move him will be very painful, and it will probably be very, very painful for the team that wants to acquire him,” Rizzo said. “I mean, we are always listening; we are certainly not in a position with our history and our record this year and our record in the past that we have to turn a blind eye to any type of constructive idea or offer.

You had a chance in the off-season and you listened to Ozzie, Kenny.

June 29, 2010

Washington Nationals want Gordon Beckham for Adam Dunn

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[Adam] Dunn, who is a free agent at the end of the season, recently told the [Washington] Post he has no interest in being a designated hitter, his likely role with the White Sox if a trade did go down.”One hundred percent,” Dunn said. “There’s no doubt about that. I think everyone pretty much knows that’s something I don’t want to do at this point in time of my career. In four, five years down the road, maybe. As of right now, no.”

So that’s one potential snag in a potential trade. There is another one as well – one source said the Nationals would want Gordon Beckham for Dunn.

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