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October 3, 2011

Kenny Williams’ 2012 plan: Let the kids play

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Does that imply Carlos Quentin is gone? Will Kenny try to get A.J. Pierzynski to waive his 10-and-5 rights, so he can trade him?

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September 30, 2011

Francona [UPDATE]

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September 24, 2010

Phil Rogers: Losing Guillen as manager would be a mistake for the White Sox

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Losing Guillen as their manager would be a mistake for the South Siders,

I don’t want a manager that asks for credit for prioritizing 9 games at NL parks over 153 at AL parks.

even if they wind up with Tony La Russa as his successor.

Oh, I’m with you there. If we’re gonna end up with La Russa, we better stay with Guillen.

Speaking of managers, how awesome would it be if the White Sox hired Tom Tango as manager? The answer is ‘Off the charts.’

May 14, 2010

Phil Rogers looks on the Sox manager job

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Guillen should be in good standing with the White Sox. He is a very good in-game manager and players really don’t mind his running diatribes in the media. He and Jerry Reinsdorf are practically blood brothers. He should be fine but he’s available if Ken Williams decides not to take responsibility for a roster overhaul that cost the organization six pitchers (including Clayton Richard and John Ely) and a ton of cash to add three players having limited impact in Jake Peavy, Alex Rios and Juan Pierre.

Unlike the Cubs, the Sox do not have a manager in waiting in their organization. But Tony La Russa is on a year-to-year basis in St. Louis and said in spring training he’d love to work for Reinsdorf again (to be fair, that discussion was about a post-managing career path). If it’s no longer working for Reinsdorf with Guillen, would he want to clear a path for La Russa?

No argument from me on Juan Pierre being a “limited impact” player. But Alex Rios  and Jake Peavy? How about replacing them with Mark Teahen Phil?

April 15, 2010

Phil Rogers sends Tony La Russa to Chicago and Ozzie Guillen to Florida


The more Ozzie Guillen talks about what he’d do if he wasn’t managing the White Sox, the more I believe that there may be something to the 2011 scenario I proposed during spring training. Tony La Russa, who is in on a one-year deal in St. Louis, comes to the White Sox with the understanding he’ll manage for two or three seasons and then move upstairs as a senior consultant. Fredi Gonzalez moves from Florida to Atlanta to replace the retiring Bobby Cox. Guillen is hired to manage the Marlins, who tap his charisma to help build a buzz before moving into their new stadium in ’12. Guillen lives in Miami and got to know Marlins’ owner Jeffrey Loria while serving as a coach to Jack McKeon in 2003, when the Fish shocked the Cubs and Yankees to steal a championship. I’d prefer that Guillen could regain his comfort zone at U.S. Cellular and stick around here another 10 years because I believe he is an excellent manager. But his death wish seems to grow by the week, the latest evidence being how far he went out of his way to take a swipe at Manny Acta before Wednesday’s game in Toronto. Silly stuff.

April 3, 2010

In which Ozzie Guillen is disappointed not to be in a baseball committee

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Witz @ NYT:

… So it will be interesting to see what emanates this season from Commissioner Bud Selig’s recently formed 14-member committee of managers, general managers, owners and others who are exploring ways in which the game may be improved.

Though the committee has been charged with examining the on-field product, it has been given a wide berth, and includes some of baseball’s more renowned names and influential thinkers: Joe Torre, Tony La Russa, John Schuerholz, Frank Robinson and the columnist George Will.

But how much change can be initiated by a group that, for the most part, resembles what some think baseball has increasingly become — a game for older white men?

The committee has one minority member (Robinson) and one person under the age of 50 (Indians General Manager Mark Shapiro). There are no players, umpires, Bill James acolytes or women.

“They don’t want crazy people on that committee,” said Ozzie Guillen, the very outspoken White Sox manager, who nevertheless was not disappointed to be left out. …

March 15, 2010

Phil Rogers on the Albert Pujols for Ryan Howard rumor


Part of the proposition is that Howard is from St. Louis. So, essentially, is Mark Buehrle. How about this, if we’re throwing names against a wall — Buehrle, Carlos Quentin and prospects for Pujols? Tony La Russa, who earlier this spring said he could picture himself working for Jerry Reinsdorf in a non-managerial capacity, could then follow Pujols to Chicago.

March 1, 2010

Tony La Russa to work for the Sox in the future?

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La Russa said he would want to stay in baseball, most likely as a senior advisor, not a general manager. His relationship with Jerry Reinsdorf would make him open to a position in Chicago, if one could be created.

He’d like to help build a team without having to balance the budget and negotiate contracts.

“I think it would have to be for an owner I know, like Reinsdorf, the Haas family, the people here (in St. Louis),” La Russa said. “Those are the owners I’ve known, the ones I’d want to make happy. …

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