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April 2, 2010

Ozzie Guillen worried about Scott Linebrink

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Damn it AJ:

”I have a lot of concern because of the last couple of years,” Guillen said, referring to Linebrink’s bad second halves. ”He had a tough night [Monday], but I don’t think the team is helping him here. A.J. [Pierzynski] was dropping like 17 balls in one inning. We make a couple of errors when we usually make the plays. I won’t say he threw the ball well. I will say the team didn’t help him through the tough times.

”I talked to him. I think his health is a big part of the issue. And if he’s healthy, we’re going to find a way to help him get through this. From the first day of the season to the last day is a must-win situation. And we’re going to treat every game the same way. If Liner does what he’s supposed to do, I think our bullpen is going to be a lot better. It can be dangerous.”


March 24, 2010

Is Kenny’s phone ringing?


… The question with the 32-year-old Aquino is whether this is a flash in a pan or if Don Cooper has done something to unlock his potential. The bottom line here is that the White Sox have pitching to trade, which should make Ken Williams‘ phone ring frequently in the next week. He’d love to move Linebrink, but would he deal Pena if his staff projected that Aquino could be just as effective? Could he receive an offer rich enough to deal Santos, who has the chance to become a right-handed complement to Thornton if not, ultimately, a candidate to replace Jenks?

March 13, 2010

Rick Hahn’s interview


Will the rotating DH position work this season:

“If it doesn’t work, be rest assured we will do everything in our power to correct the problem. There is already a list in place for “replacements” if  the DH situation doesn’t work. We always have a contingency plan, and this is no exception. With that said, we do feel strongly in Andruw and Mark the DH position.”

Hahn also says he views Tyler Flowers as a catcher but he could help in another way this season. DH?

Hahn touches on more at the interview: Scott Linebrink, Dayan Viciedo, Jared Mitchell, 2010 mlb draft.

March 12, 2010

Woodjock 2010 (pictures and video)


• Peavy sang with an Alabama twang and played guitar with country fried joy on two original tunes. One mentioned his new team and another proclaimed he loved all mankind — including “black people, Muslims and gays.”

• Peavy and Beckham also went Simon and Garfunkel for “Take It Easy” which, on Beckham’s musical scale, sounded like success at the karaoke bar. “I’m a shower singer,” Beckham said. “Been practicing a lot. Taking a lot of showers. Also doing a lot of driving.” He admitted being from Georgia helped him find the right pitch. …


There even was a duet later in the evening by Gordon Beckham and Peavy of The Eagles’ No. 1 hit “Take It Easy.”

Beckham made a strong showing of his music skills, which he admitted were limited before going on stage, although Glenn Frey and Don Henley probably won’t be asking the second baseman to join their upcoming tour. Beckham’s decision to perform was out of respect to Peavy and the spirit of the night.

“Singing the song and not sounding like an idiot might be harder than hitting a curveball,” said Beckham with a laugh. “But Peavy asked me to do it, and here I am. When Peavy is on the mound or even doing something like this, he just gives others confidence.” …

More pictures.

UPDATE: Here’s video of Beckham and Peavy:


February 21, 2010

Don Cooper is fired up

Here’s Coop:

”I can’t wait for that first side day. Once I see that side day, I can’t wait to see batting practice. Once I see that, I want the spring games to start, then I want camp to end and get on that plane … I’m looking forward to the start of the season more than anything because it’s time for us to get back into the playoffs. Believe me, 2005 was all good, but the one thing is, you realize if you don’t win a championship, well, you come up short. I want another championship. I want the White Sox to have another championship. … As I sit here on, what, the third week of February — I’m sitting here believing we will win this division until someone steps up and proves me wrong.”

February 17, 2010

Jockfest 2010 [UPDATE #5]


Pitcher Jake Peavy is organizing the “Jockfest 2010” music jamfest with teammate Scott Linebrink and several other baseball players at the Old Venue in Scottsdale, Ariz., on March 11. The event will raise money for various charities. Peavy and Linebrink play guitars. The concert is limited to 1,500 people, and tickets can be purchased at Woodjock.com.

UPDATE: Merkin:

Joining Peavy and Linebrink as part of the night’s entertainment will be Bernie Williams, an extremely accomplished guitar player and former Yankees stalwart. Bronson Arroyo, Barry Zito, Tim Flannery, MLB.com columnist Peter Gammons, Aubrey Huff and umpire Joe West complete this eclectic list.

UPDATE #2: Gonzales:

Meanwhile, there have been additions made to Jake Peavy’s WoodJock concert scheduled for March 11 in Scottsdale. Keni Thomas, a country singer and former U.S. Army soldier who was part of the Black Hawk Down operation in Somalia, will perform. Thomas sang the national anthem before Game 1 of the 2009 World Series. MyContent.com will be streaming the show live.

UPDATE #3: Gonzales:

Also, Omar Vizquel is tentatively scheduled to join Jake Peavy’s Woodjock charity event March 11 in Scottsdale. Vizquel said he was in the process of selecting a song to sing.

UPDATE #4: Reifert:

Scheduled to participate along with Jake are Barry Zito, Bernie Williams, Bronson Arroyo, Ben Broussard, Tim Flannery, Scott Linebrink, Aubrey Huff, Brandon Medders and Peter Gammons.  Others are expected to join the showlist over the next week.

UPDATE #5: Gonzales:

Beckham is the latest major league player to agree to participate in Jake Peavy’s Woodjock 2010, a charity event scheduled for March 11 at The Venue in Scottsdale. Beckham will join Sox teammates Scott Linebrink, Omar Vizquel and Peavy, as well as current and former major league players Barry Zito, Bernie Williams, Bronson Arroyo, Aubrey Huff, Brandon Medders and Ben Broussard. The players will perform a mix of tunes ranging from country, rock, jazz, blues, bluegrass, classical and Latin.

January 19, 2010

January 19 links

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– How valuable is a good farm system?

– Carlton Fisk disagrees with Marc Mcgwire.

– The Sox outrighted catcher Cole Armstrong to AAA Charlotte.

– Dayan Viciedo is working out at 1st base at Camp Cora.

– Kenny can’t figure out why Linebrink sucked last year. J.J. wonders what the Sox will do with him after this year.

Paul Konerko a Hall of Fame player?.

– Erick Threets: Don Cooper Spring Training project.

December 6, 2009

Linebrink on the move?

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Cafardo’s Winter Meetings overview:

The White Sox need a leadoff batter (Coco Crisp? Damon?), a backup catcher, and a lefthanded reliever. While they unloaded good pitching talent for Jake Peavy in August, they still could move pitching prospect Lucas Harrell. The White Sox will likely keep closer Bobby Jenks and hope he takes his conditioning seriously this winter. Utility player Brent Lillibridge and reliever Scott Linebrink could be had.

Moving Linebrink would be nice but I don’t think anybody wants him…

September 7, 2009

Give Linebrink credit for getting Peavy?

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The answer is NO:

Scott Linebrink is having a brutal year out of the White Sox’ bullpen, but give him credit for helping bring starting pitcher Jake Peavy to the South Side.

here’s what happened when the Sox got Peavy on July 31:

When the Sox pursued Peavy in May, they asked reliever Scott Linebrink to help in “recruiting.” Did Linebrink, a former Padre, and Peavy talk this time? “No, I didn’t have any idea,” he said. “They knew that I blew the save on the first one, so I guess they called in somebody else to close the deal.”

When Linebrink “helped” we got nothing!

September 2, 2009

SoxNet’s September To-Do list


Relieve Matt Thornton. While Ozzie Guillen and the players aren’t quitting (according to him), his GM certainly did once that reported memo went out telling fellow GMs that a list of veteran Sox players were available. That said, it’s not time to put on a show and more a time to give Thornton a rest. Between pitching in the World Baseball Classic and throwing 59.2 pressure-packed innings (throwing in the high 90’s throughout), Thornton call it a season. He’s too valuable of a 2010 piece – especially with the current state of the pen – to waste further energy and risk injury pitching in meaningless September games. You can say this about anyone I’m sure, but relievers unreliable health from year-to-year makes this too obvious of a choice. …

August 31, 2009

The 6 teams in Dye’s no-trade clause

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Thome and Dye could become free agents after this season, but Thome has a full no-trade clause, while Dye has a limited one that includes both New York teams, Boston, Toronto, Philadelphia and Washington.

Sox put Dye, Thome, Linebrink on the trading block (UPDATE)

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ESPN reports that the Sox distributed a memo telling other teams that Jermaine Dye, Jim Thome, Scott Linebrink, are available. The trading deadline is 11 PM CT today.

You’re only wasting ink with Linebrink’s name.

UPDATE: Phil Rogers adds Paul Konerko, Octavio Dotel and Jose Contreras, among others in the list. Robothal adds Scott Podsednik.

August 18, 2009

Linebrink loses setup duties (UPDATE)

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Linebrink getting “break” from 8th inning role: Dotel, Pena and Carrasco to share those dutues.

no thornton?

Matt Thornton would be the logical bridge to closer Bobby Jenks, but Guillen likes to use Thornton at any point late in the game to get out of trouble. Octavio Dotel and Tony Pena will get late looks, but Guillen added that middle reliever D.J. Carrasco should not be ruled out. “If we think Carrasco is the guy to do it, we’ll just pitch him for an inning,” Guillen said. “Carrasco can do a lot of things. I think Carrasco has a stamp on his forehead, ‘pick-up garbage guy.’ Everything he’s been doing has been great.”

UPDATE: Ozzie said he wants to get Linebrink “back on start.” Linebrink’s response: “Get me back on track how?”


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maybe they mean talented in serving homers:

Over his past 12 games, covering 10 2/3 innings, Linebrink has allowed 10 runs on nine walks and 15 hits. But the White Sox aren’t giving up on their talented setup man, just as they didn’t flinch on Monday after the Royals rallied against Linebrink in the eighth.

“He’ll be fine,” said Pierzynski. “We have all the confidence in the world in him. If we have a lead in the eighth inning [on Tuesday], he’ll be out there again.”

Can’t you stop at the first sentence A.J.?

August 11, 2009

Terrifying sentence of the day

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Jim on Kenny’s Alex Rios claim:

Tilt your head and squint, and there isn’t a lot separating this deal from the Scott Linebrink trade. Much like when Williams made the industry shake its head by putting the “ink” in “Linebrink” to the tune of four years and $19 million, the Sox are throwing convention wisdom a curve by signing Rios to this six-year deal while he’s in the midst of a sizable three-year decline:

2006: .302/.349/.516
2007: .297/.354/.498
2008: .291/.337/.461
2009: .264/.317/.427

Fortunately it gets better!

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