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May 30, 2010

White Sox and sabermetrics

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from Tuesday’s Bruce Levine’s chat:

Q: Do you the White Sox have many scouts or front office people who lean more towards the stats based, Sabermetric kind of player evaluation?

A: They do a nice combination of both. Assistant GM Rick Hahn is a statistical genius. He has a photgraphic memory. However he combines old school techniques and is a firm believer in scouting. Dan Fabian is also involved in technical data for the team.


April 6, 2010

Baseball America’s Top GM Candidates

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BA via BBTF:

[W]e thought it was a good time to update our list of the top GM candidates—people whom we could see getting GM jobs in the next four or five years. The list is based on conversations with current general managers and other front-office officials, agents and baseball writers.

1. Rick Hahn, Assistant GM, White Sox:

2. Jerry Dipoto, Vice President, Player Personnel, Diamondbacks:

3. Dan Jennings, Assistant GM/Vice President, Player Personnel, Marlins:

4. David Forst, Assistant GM, Athletics:

5. Tony Lacava, Vice President, Baseball Operations/Assistant GM, Blue Jays:

6. Bill Geivett, Assistant GM, Rockies:

7. Thad Levine, Assistant GM, Rangers:

8. Kim Ng, Assistant GM, Dodgers:

9. Logan White, Assistant GM/Scouting, Dodgers:

10. Damon Oppenheimer, Scouting Director, Yankees:

March 31, 2010

Rick Hahn on named Baseball America’s MLB’s top general manager candidate

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According to a Baseball America survey, White Sox assistant general manager Rick Hahn rates as Major League Baseball’s top general manager candidate among executives who have never been a general manager previously. This list was based on conversations with current general managers, other front-office officials, agents and baseball writers, according to the publication.”That recognition is nice, absolutely,” Hahn said. “But let’s be frank. It’s not like being named that the organization has the No. 1 position player or pitching prospect in the game. I’d probably trade myself for Jayson Heyward or Steven Strasburg in a minute, and I’m guessing [White Sox general manager] Kenny [Williams] would probably drive me to the airport if that was on the table.”

Becoming a general manager certainly stands out as something Hahn would like to accomplish in his career, as he begins his 10th season with the team. His present focus, though, falls upon the 2010 White Sox.

“Right now, the furthest thing from anyone’s mind is what job is next or what openings may be there after the season,” Hahn said. “It’s 100 percent focused on being excited about this year and feeling good about the work we put in during this past offseason and see it play out for real in games that matter.

“It’s something I certainly hope one day is in the cards. Until that time is right, I measure opportunities against a place where I’m comfortable and happy.”

March 17, 2010

Rick Hahn wins BA’s top assistant GM award

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Baseball America magazine has selected Hahn as Major League Baseball’s top assistant GM, two sources confirmed. Hahn is entering his 10th season with the White Sox and has been credited with giving the organization cost certainty with multi-year deals to several players. …

March 13, 2010

Rick Hahn’s interview


Will the rotating DH position work this season:

“If it doesn’t work, be rest assured we will do everything in our power to correct the problem. There is already a list in place for “replacements” if  the DH situation doesn’t work. We always have a contingency plan, and this is no exception. With that said, we do feel strongly in Andruw and Mark the DH position.”

Hahn also says he views Tyler Flowers as a catcher but he could help in another way this season. DH?

Hahn touches on more at the interview: Scott Linebrink, Dayan Viciedo, Jared Mitchell, 2010 mlb draft.

March 4, 2010

Gordon Beckham hasn’t been involved in any negotiations


The Adrian Gonzalez -to-the-White Sox speculation has started to subside after last week’s rumor mill had the Padres and the South Siders in trade talks.

A Chicago White Sox official told me two days ago that the team has never put Gordon Beckham’s name in any negotiations with any team. Nevertheless, the rumors persisted, which left Beckham to wonder about his future. And although the team assured him he wasn’t in trade talks, it was still distracting to the second baseman. …

February 25, 2010

First episode of the Sox TV show to be on the Thome decision

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The White Sox first reality show episode will feature an inside look at the team’s front office as they discussed the pros and cons of offering designed hitter Jim Thome a 2010 contract. Featured in the episode are general manager Kenny Williams, and assistant general manager Rick Hahn. …

The 2nd episode will be on Jerry Reinsdorf having lunch with Bud Selig.

February 19, 2010

Sox front office gets its own TV series

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Premiere is July 4, 7 pm:

MLB Network will be delving deeply into White Sox business during the 2010 season.

Per an announcement made Friday, White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf, general manager Ken Williams and manager Ozzie Guillen will be featured in “The Club,” an original reality series produced for MLB Network by MLB Productions that will air this summer. This follow-up to “The Pen,” featuring the Phillies bullpen in 2009, will have unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to the White Sox front office.

Beginning during Spring Training in Arizona, each episode will focus on the challenges faced both on and off the field by this trio of White Sox leaders. That footage will carry through roster meetings, Opening Day, on the road for away games and up through the July 31 non-waiver Trade Deadline, along with presenting a look at the three men away from the ballpark. Assistant general manager Rick Hahn, pitching coach Don Cooper and hitting coach Greg Walker, personnel who work within the front office, also will be featured. …

January 24, 2010

Final Soxfest day news

Ozzie: “mark buehrle deserves to be our no. 1 guy.” will be reviewed in spring training. [Gordon] Beckham in the batting order: Probably 2nd, but if not, 5th, 6th or 7th. Juan Pierre would love to be able to hit homers. Doug Laumann: Sox will “probably focus on pitching” in the next draft. Rick Hahn: Worldwide draft could be coming soon. Laumann: Tyler Flowers will be a “real solid big league player.”

January 23, 2010

Sox and baseball statistics

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The Royals (116) were the only American League team to commit more errors than the 113 charged to the White Sox last season. The new-wave statistics weren’t kind either.

The White Sox finished fourth-worst in the majors with an ultimate zone rating (UZR) of -35.6, as judged by FanGraphs. The Web site defines UZR as the number of runs above or below average a team is in both range runs and error runs combined.

“There’s a handful of different ways to go about it,” assistant general manager Rick Hahn said. “Ranging from just the experience and what you see with your eyes from pure scouting, to the other extreme of getting into the advanced defensive metrics that are out there.”

In making judgments, the front office will blend statistical analysis with individual reports. An objective calculation might trigger a conversation with a scout: Have you noticed this about a defender’s range when he is going to his left? In particular Williams, who played football at Stanford, likes to break down videotape.

“We look at everything. It’s an amalgamation,” Hahn said. “At the end of the day, Kenny has his roots in playing the game. (It’s) what he sees with his eyes that’s really going to make that decision.” …

Hopefully Hahn is the next Sox GM…

Soxfest (Day 2) news

Kenny wonders who’s Johnny Damon’s agent. Marc Teahen might wear #23. Bobby Jenks was offered a multi-year deal before he signed his arbitration contract. Kenny on Jordan Danks and Jared Michell: “this is 2010 and we have to win … They got to wait.” Ozzie blamed Kenny for the 2008 team. Jeff Cox: “There’s no ‘i’ in team, but there are 2 in ‘idiot.'” Steve Stone to Greg Walker: “Can you make a guy who can’t hit, hit?” “Um, no.” Rick Hahn: [Gordon] Beckham has changed perception about length of development time. Doug Laumann: [Dayan] Viciedo “a man among boys,” probably will end up @ 1B. Rick Hahn: We’re re-investing in Latin American scouting infrastructure.

October 3, 2009

Sox Assistant GM Rick Hahn a candidate for San Diego Padres GM job?

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But, but he’s in line to replace Kenny:

The San Diego Padres have interviewed three candidates for their now vacant general manager position. While the speculation has often included Jeff Moorad’s ties to the Arizona Diamondbacks, Rick Hahn with the Chicago White Sox has the closest bond of all – he worked for Moorad before joining the White Sox. …

MLBTR says the Padres GM won’t e someone within the Padres organization or come from the D-backs.

August 29, 2009

Kenny Williams seeks playoff riches

this team better make the playoffs says Kenny:

“This would be the most disappointing season for me if we don’t get in the playoffs. I like this team. This team is better than a lot of teams we’ve ever had here. If you want to stay here, take the AL Central title. If not, it leaves it to my imagination to make this team better. And I’ve got a big imagination.”

what did Jerry Reinsdorf think of taking on the Peavy contract?

Williams waited until the morning of July 31 to seek permission to acquire Peavy, who has $55.9 million remaining on a contract that runs through 2012. The answer was, “No.” “I know I had said, ‘Yes,’ back in May,” Reinsdorf says, “but Kenny got me in a weak moment. … I didn’t think we could afford him. But even though I said, ‘No,’ I told Kenny I was willing to talk about it.” Williams, assistant GM Rick Hahn and Reinsdorf talked about the 2010 budget. … “I had to be convinced I could handle the money,” Reinsdorf says. “They convinced me.”

how about the Rios contract?

When the Blue Jays put Rios, 28, on waivers the first week of August, the White Sox claimed him. Williams didn’t bother to clear the move with Reinsdorf, figuring there was no need. The claim was designed to work out a trade or block another contender from obtaining him. Never did Williams envision the Blue Jays would let Rios go for nothing. “I really believed there would be a deal,” Williams says, “but they wanted the financial relief instead.”

risky moves kenny?

“Where’s the gamble? Where’s the risk? I’m not going into this with my head down and wondering if it will work. This is what we needed to do to win a championship. There’s no guarantee, but I don’t think there’s a risk, either.”

no risk at all?

“Well, if I am wrong. I may be looking for a second job.”

August 14, 2009

Daniel Hudson will be here sooner than you think

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Phil Rogers:

The 22-year-old pitched well Friday night in his second start for Triple-A Charlotte, beating highly touted Baltimore prospect Jake Arrieta. He did so with two of Ken Williams’ top Chicago-based assistants evaluating his demeanor and stuff from behind home plate. Assistant general manager Rick Hahn and director of baseball operations Dan Fabian seem certain to report that Hudson is an option worth considering if Jose Contreras continues to falter as Ozzie Guillen‘s fourth starter. … Hudson’s fastball was 91-92 m.p.h. Friday night, a bit lower than it has been at times. His slider and changeup were sharp, and he showed poise after five of the first nine Norfolk hitters reached base against him. Hahn likened him to a cross between Gavin Floyd and the Angels’ Jered Weaver.


Hudson, D (W, 1-0) 7.0 3 1 0 2 6 0 3.27
Hernandez, F (H, 2) 1.0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0.00
Link (S, 11) 1.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4.66

August 6, 2009

Phil Rogers’ crystal ball

Division races, Offseason moves, and the Jake Peavy trade:

The White Sox (specifically, Jerry Reinsdorf, Ken Williams and Rick Hahn) don’t get enough credit for wisely managing their payroll. Even with Jake Peavy, they have only about $61 million commited in salary next season. The big issues — once Dye and Thome are resolved — will be what to do with expensive closer Bobby Jenks and whether to count on Scott Podsednik to play center field and hit leadoff. …

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