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July 21, 2011

White Sox scout Ozzie Guillen doesn’t like the White Sox approach at the plate

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Ballantini @ CSN (video):

“There’s nothing more painful than losing the f—— game against Bruce Chen once again,” Guillen spat. “F—— pathetic. [We had] no f—— energy. We just go through the motions. We take the day off today instead of tomorrow.”

“If we go to Cleveland [beginning on Friday] and play the way we did in Kansas City, it’s going to be a f—— long-ass, God—— July. Nothing against Bruce Chen, I have a lot of respect for this kid. But our approach at the plate, that’s not a good club out there. F— it. I’m tired of protecting people … I take my s— back, what I said in Detroit. I take it back. This thing about ‘one day at a time.’ One day we’re good, three days we’re bad. We don’t have energy in the dugout. [We had a] horses— approach at the plate for the 90th time.”

“F—. If we go to Cleveland the way we go [in Kansas City], good luck. We’re wasting our money on this club if we go to Cleveland the way we were here,” Guillen said. “That’s the team we’ve had all year long—that’s the club. [People think] I talk s— because I ‘have’ to talk s—. No, I don’t. I talk s— because of what I see. All I see is very bad. Nothing against Chen, nothing against the Kansas City pitching staff—they’re good. They’ve got a young ballclub.

“But the way we go about our business here [was] horses—. [The team] can say whatever they want to say. If we go to Cleveland that way, and [then] we’ve got to play New York, Boston and Detroit? Good luck.”

“Oh, and John Danks pitched well.”

If only the White Sox had Ozzie as their coach…

Other White Sox links: James says the White Sox are fixing the problems they don’t have because those are easier and links to many Sox-centric stories. The Brandon Allen video is depressing. colin looks at Gordon Beckham, Dan at FutureSox looks at Dayan Viciedo’s progress, and Ramon Castro will be out for 2-3 months, so Tyler Flowers will probably be with the Sox the rest of the year.

July 9, 2011

Hey, a win!

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Is this allowed?

UPDATE: Seems Tyler Flowers is coming up to replace Ramon Castro, who broke his hand.

Flowers is hitting .261/.390/.500/.890 with 39 BB and 84 K in 222 AB. That’s a 14.6% BB% and a a 31.5 K%. Other numbers: .339 BABIP, 44% GB%, 18% LD%, 37 RC, 5.88 RC/27, .376 wOBA, 118 wOBA+, 135 OPS+.

July 7, 2011

Dayan Viciedo goes walk crazy! [UPDATE #2]

Dayan drew 3 walks in yesterday’s game!:

Charlotte Knights
Player Pos AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB SO AVG
Viciedo RF 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 3 0 .324

Dayan is hitting .324/.371/.530/.901 with 23 BB and 65 K in 336 AB.

3 walks in one game! Dayan has seen the light!

UPDATE: That’s a 6.3% BB% and a a 17.9 K%. Other numbers: .369 BABIP, 48% GB%, 17% LD%, 61 RC, 6.92 RC/27, .384 wOBA, 120 wOBA+, 145 OPS+.

Other White Sox links: J.J. gives us his roster changes thoughts, James does the same (offensive improvement is the object of both), Chuck Garfien writes about the Most Intersting Man in the Sox locker room (photo gallery) (J.J. says ‘yeah, but’), and MLB Daily Dish’s Adam Bernacchio gives us the 5 best Free-Agent bargains this off-season (Brett Ballantini has been beating this drum for aquite some time now).

UPDATE #2: John Sickels talks about Dayan Viciedo:

Cuban defector signed to $ 10 million contract in 2008. Hitting .322/.364/.528 with 15 homers, 20 walks, 65 strikeouts in 335 at-bats for Triple-A Charlotte. Power to all fields, should produce a solid batting average with plenty of homers despite so-so strike zone judgment. Poor defender at any position and likely a born DH, but he’ll hit. Age 22. Major League ETA: 2011.

June 12, 2011


8th inning, Sox up 3-2. 1 on, Coco Crisp hits one to the fence. Brent Lillibridge is tracking it. Ball goes over the fence. And then:

http://chicago.whitesox.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_id=15795827&topic_id=8879206&c_id=cws (0:50)

and Danks’ 2nd win of 2011 was preserved!


Chi White Sox IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA
Danks(W, 2-8) 7.2 4 2 2 2 4 0 4.54
Crain(S, 1) 1.1 0 0 0 1 1 0 3.10
Totals 9.0 4 2 2 3 5 0 4.10

RE24: Alex Rios 0.56, Ramon Castro 0.48, Alexei Ramirez 0.47, Paul Konerko -1.44, Brent Morel -0.82, Gordon Beckham -0.50.

Pitch F/X for John Danks:

Pitch Statistics
Pitch Type Avg Speed Max Speed Avg H-Break Avg V-Break Count Strikes / % Swinging Strikes / % Linear Weights Time to Plate
FF (FourSeam Fastball) 92.13 94.5 4.87 10.12 44 27 / 61.36% 2 / 4.55% -1.7938 0.413
CH (Changeup) 82.71 84.1 6.68 6.32 20 16 / 80.00% 2 / 10.00% 0.3825 0.459
CU (Curveball) 77.76 78.8 -2.90 -0.28 5 3 / 60.00% 1 / 20.00% -0.2023 0.484
FC (Cutter) 88.10 91.4 -1.12 5.32 40 25 / 62.50% 1 / 2.50% -0.5303 0.426
FT (TwoSeam Fastball) 92.85 94.2 7.31 10.09 4 3 / 75.00% 0 / 0.00% -0.2896 0.410
Pitch classifications provided by the Gameday Algorithm and may be inaccurate.

Pitch Type LWTS correspond to how many runs were likely to score on a particular pitch based on average run expectancy when each pitch was thrown and what happened as a result. Negative scores indicate more effective pitches.

Time to Plate is the time, in seconds, that it takes an average pitch of this type to reach the plate. This is strongly correlated with velocity, but also factors in movement.

Inning-by-Inning Pitch Totals
Inning Pitches in Inning Strikes in Inning Strike% in Inning Cumulative Total Pitches Pitch LWTS in Inning
1 17 11 64.71 17 -0.862
2 10 5 50.00 27 -0.743
3 19 12 63.16 46 -0.518
4 19 12 63.16 65 0.149
5 12 10 83.33 77 -0.038
6 12 6 50.00 89 0.240
7 15 10 66.67 104 -0.848
8 9 8 88.89 113 0.187

February 23, 2011

Jake Peavy had a very strong bullpen session today [UPDATE]

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CSN’s Brent Ballantini:

Jake Peavy looked strong on the mound today, throwing 40 pitches and earning at least one, “wow, very good” from pitching coach Don Cooper. Peavy threw about 12 breaking balls, facing Omar Vizquel, Lastings Milledge and Eduardo Escobar, and reported no abnormal discomfort afterward. The hurler is due to scale the mound again on Saturday for a workout to be determined. Cooper as much as said he saw more than expected from Peavy today. Ramon Castro, who caught Peavy’s session, thought that the fireballer’s breaking stuff was season-ready, but he estimated his fastball at around 70-80%.

Gonzo reports “Peavy threw with more velocity.”

UPDATE: Merkin @ CWS:

Those reins became a little looser on Wednesday during Peavy’s second 40-pitch live bullpen session in the past three days. Once again, the outing was split up into two “innings,” with Peavy throwing 20 pitches, sitting down and giving way to Gavin Floyd, and then coming back to throw 20 more.

Of those 40 pitches, Peavy estimated 10 or 12 of those were of the breaking ball variety. It marked a significant climb from just the handful of off-speed pitches Peavy threw on Monday.

Having these breaking balls look crisp and sharp becomes another bonus in this climb to a regular-season return.

“It looked like the old Peavy, breaking ball stuff,” said White Sox catcher Ramon Castro, who was behind the plate Wednesday when Peavy threw to hitters Lastings Milledge, Omar Vizquel and Eduardo Escobar. “With the fastball he’s not there yet, but he’s going to get there.”

“Now he is throwing the ball better,” said White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper of Peavy. “He probably went up a notch in intensity. He certainly is doing what everybody else is doing. It’s a credit to the surgeons, Jake and Herm [Schneider, White Sox head athletic trainer], following up on all the things he is supposed to be doing.”

January 13, 2011

Camp Cora video

http://espn.go.com/blog/chicago/white-sox/post/_/id/3090/video-live-from-camp-cora (1:11)

Camp (Joey) Cora: Gordon Beckham, Ramon Castro, Brent Morel, Alexei Ramirez, Alex Rios and Dayan Viciedo, Juan Pierre, A.J. Pierzynski and hitting coach Greg Walker.

November 10, 2010

BTB: 2010 Catcher defensive rankings

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Klaasen @ BTB:

let’s see which catchers in baseball are ranked as providing the most (and least) overall value to their team (I didn’t combine multi-team performances) in 2010 in runs above/below average in combined fielding errors (FE), throwing errors (TE), passed balls and wild pitches allowed (PBWP), and caught stealing (CS). …

Rank Name Age Tm PA FERuns TERuns PBWPRns CSRuns Total
31 Ramon Castro 34 CHW 1204 -0.4 0.7 1.6 -0.9 1.0
102 A.J. Pierzynski 33 CHW 4650 0.6 0.9 -0.8 -3.0 -2.4

November 8, 2010

Most Important Sox, 2011 and beyond edition (#21-30)

Ballantini @ CSN:

As the coals in the hot stove are just beginning to get stoked up, it’s time to rank the current Chicago White Sox, in order of importance for 2011 and beyond. It’s not intended to be a strict list of merely the best players, or best values, on the White Sox. Rather, it takes into account team depth, the free agent market, or answering the question of which player would hurt the most not being on the team? …

30. Eduardo Escobar, SS

One great AFL season does not make a prospect. But given that Escobar has lit up a fall season that earns more than its fair share of attention from major-league eyes, Escobar becomes an important trade chip this winter. Perhaps the inclusion of the shortstop in a Carlos Quentin-Colby Rasmus deal with St. Louis gets that trade done.

October 26, 2010

White Sox pickup 2011 options on Matt Thornton and Ramon Castro

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Merkin @ CWS:

The White Sox have exercised the 2011 club options on catcher Ramon Castro and left-handed reliever Scott Matt Thornton and released right-handed pitcher Carlos Torres so he can pursue a job in Asia, the club announced Tuesday.

Castro will earn a base salary of $1.2 million, Thornton a base of $3 million.

$3 million for Scott Thornton? I don’t know about that…

September 22, 2010

Tyler Flowers to get playing time

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“I think right now we’re going to see him play,” manager Ozzie Guillen said. “That’s why I’m giving him the opportunity now to see how he’ll do with it. Maybe I’ll start him two or three more times, that’s what I would like to do. Unless [GM] Kenny [Williams] comes down and says, ‘Listen, I need to see this kid.’ In the meanwhile, I have A.J. to finish up the season and I have [Ramon] Castro to finish up the season. If Kenny comes to me and says he wants to see [Flowers] more, well then I will do that.”

“I cannot say he is ready to play in the big leagues or he’s not because it’s not fair for me or him to say what I think,” Guillen said. “Spring training is a different scenario, a different ballgame. There are so many people to look at. He will get some opportunity and hopefully he will open some eyes. In the meanwhile, is he going to play here every day? That’s not my call. We’ll give him an opportunity and see what happens.”

August 26, 2010

BTB wants more Ramon

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SBT wants more Ramon too:

they’re committing another lineup travesty by sending Pierzynski out there with such regularity. Not only has the once-beloved catcher played quite poorly this season, but his back-up, Ramon Castro, has been absolutely killing the ball when he’s gotten a chance to play. In 95 PA, Castro has been worth slightly more than 7 runs above average. Pierzynski, on the other hand, has easily offset Castro’s positive contributions, as he’s been 13 runs below average offensively in 400 PA on the year.

Stats: A.J. Pierzynski, Ramon Castro.

July 29, 2010

Ramon Castro credits Greg Walker for his 2010 improvement

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Backup catcher Ramon Castro credits hitting coach Greg Walker with his resurgent season, one that could see him stealing starts from slumping A.J. Pierzynski if the incumbent doesn’t turn his season around soon.

Castro is stroking at an .870 OPS clip [1.021 after 2 HRs today], which dwarfs his career .729. His OPS+ is 129 despite a below-average career figure of 90. He’s boasting a 0.7 WAR, impressive for a player seeing such modest action, and his seven walks/12 Ks is a ratio Castro hasn’t produced since his rookie year in 1999.

“It’s just hard work,” Castro said of his resurgent season at age 34. “’Walk’ helped me with keeping my head still, keeping my hands a little more open.”

Count Castro as yet another White Sox player who applauds Walker for developing batting strategies around a player’s strength vs. forcing a roster to adapt to his beliefs.

June 7, 2010

White Sox are open for business

Buster Olney via MLBTR:

Heard this from multiple executives: The White Sox have made it clear they are open for business, and ready to trade off parts … from what has been a very disappointing team. The perception of other teams is that Paul Konerko is available right now, and … as we know, Chicago GM Ken Williams is a deal-maker,someone who will move quickly — as he did with the Contreras and Thome deals last fall.

Other players mentioned by MLBTR: A.J. Pierzynski, Mark Buehrle, Bobby Jenks, J.J. Putz, Scott Linebrink, Tony Pena, Matt Thornton, Andruw Jones, Freddy Garcia, Mark Kotsay, Omar Vizquel, Ramon Castro.

May 28, 2010

Sox win 4-2. Pitch F/X, videos, and boxscore.

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Alex Rios hit a 2-run HR. And Ramon Castro hit a solo HR. That was the only XBH for the Sox. Gordon Beckham went 2-4 and crossed the Mendoza line.


Chi White Sox IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA
Garcia, F(W, 4-3) 7.0 4 2 2 2 7 0 5.26
Santos(H, 4) 0.2 0 0 0 0 1 0 0.50
Thornton(S, 2) 1.1 1 0 0 0 3 0 1.77
Totals 9.0 5 2 2 2 11 0 4.49

Pitch F/X: (more…)

March 26, 2010

Sox want more rest for AJ

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“We should give A.J. more rest,” manager Ozzie Guillen said. “That’s our plan.”

Guillen said the Sox’s fortunes will dictate how often he is spelled by veteran Ramon Castro, who didn’t join the Sox until late last May.

Pierzynski, 33, has caught at least 1,000 innings for eight consecutive seasons and last year became the first catcher in franchise history to bat .300. He also can become a free agent after this season and could be the premier catcher on the market now that Joe Mauer has re-signed with the Twins.

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