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January 1, 2012

Kenny Williams finds a quarter

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Scott Merkin:

This move of Frasor means the White Sox have just over $97 million committed to 13 players for 2012. With right fielder Carlos Quentin being shipped to the Padres on Saturday, the White Sox also have no arbitration-eligible players on their roster.

Tell Marco Paddy to start signing players Kenny!

December 7, 2011

Seems Mark Buehrle is going to Miami

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And Kenny says:

You can trade Rios, Dunn, and Peavy KW. (/sarcasm)

November 10, 2011

Kenny Williams has entered negative territory

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Chuck Garfien:

What Williams does know is that the payroll will certainly take a hit. How much?” It’s a little bit less than what we had last year,” Williams said Thursday to a handful of reporters. So maybe not as much as fans feared. However, the changes could be significant. …


Kenny has  -25 cents.

UPDATE: Kenny says he’s not ready to deal, yet:

“I’m not ready right now,” said Williams with a wry smile, discussing the White Sox situation after five local high school baseball players, who also took part in the White Sox Amateur City Elite program, signed their collegiate letters of intent during a Thursday ceremony at U.S. Cellular Field. “There’s some fact-finding that has to go on. This is going to take a while.

“We have some players that have garnered some interest from a number of clubs. We’ve got to exhaust ourselves to make sure that if we end up making a deal or we stay the course and try to add to it, that we know exactly what we are getting ourselves into.”

July 26, 2011

Ken Rosenthal says Jerry Reinsdorf wants to trim the White Sox payroll [UPDATE #2]

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Rosenthal @ MLB Buzz:

The White Sox do not figure to become outright sellers, not when they’re only 3 1/2 games out of first place in the AL Central. But owner Jerry Reinsdorf wants to trim payroll, according to a major-league source.

So, while the White Sox aren’t about to dust off their dreaded “white flag,” Williams could seek to make deals that lower the payroll while keeping the team competitive for a post-season run.

The Sox went “all-in” this season, increasing their Opening Day payroll to a club-record $127.7 million, the fifth-highest in the majors. However, the team ranks only 19th in home attendance, and their average is down more than 2,000 from a year ago, dropping from 27,091 to 24,647.

Those numbers hint at financial pressure, and the White Sox possibly could move two players – right-hander Edwin Jackson ($8.35 million) and right fielder Carlos Quentin ($5.05 million) without greatly compromising their chances. …

Other White Sox trade links:

UPDATE: Kenny’s answer to Rosenthal’s report:

“We should just get to the Trade Deadline and where we are, what we do, what we may do, all these questions will be answered,” Williams said. “And let’s go from there. We’ll see how we do this week.”When asked if there were any untouchables on his roster, Williams smiled and reiterated, “Let’s see how we do this week.”

March 31, 2011

White Sox Opening Day payroll: $127,789,000

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USA Today:

Chicago White Sox $127,789,000
Minnesota Twins $112,737,000
Detroit Tigers $105,700,231
Cleveland Indians $49,190,566
Kansas City Royals $36,126,000

February 27, 2011

White Sox sign remaining members of the 40-man roster

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The Chicago White Sox have agreed to terms on 2011 contracts with the following 17 players:

Catchers (1) – Tyler Flowers

Infielders (4) – Gordon Beckham, Eduardo Escobar, Brent Lillibridge and Brent Morel

Outfielders (2) – Alejandro de Aza and Stefan Gartrell

Pitchers (10) – Anthony Carter, Kyle Cofield, Freddy Dolsi, Lucas Harrell, Gregory Infante, Nate Jones, Jeff Marquez, Jhonny Nunez, Chris Sale and Sergio Santos

All members of the White Sox 40-man roster are signed for 2011.

Mark Gonzales tweets today’s “signings should put Sox’s projected 2011 payroll slightly over $125 million.”

UPDATE: Gordon Beckham leads today’s signings with a $485,000 deal.

January 25, 2011

THT looks on spending by MLB clubs over the last decade

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From the AL Central section of Matt Binder’s article on THT:

While the AL East graph showed some team-to-team consistency (save possibly the Rays), the AL Central graph shows a mess. The Twins have been an underdog, spending more than the league average only once, in 2010 . This is especially impressive considering they were almost contracted into oblivion. The AL Central is the lowest-spending division on average, with the White Sox being the only team to average above the major league average during the ten-year period.

January 10, 2011

The 2012 payroll is getting up there

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The payroll commitments for 2012 are already $80.5 million. Arbitration costs, for 2012, are estimated by B-R to be $27.3 million. And if you fill up the rest of the roster with $500,000 players you get a total, commitments + arbitration + fillers, of $127.3 million for 2012.

I think those figures don’t include the salary for Will Ohman, whose contract was finalized today. If we add $2 million for Ohman ($2.5 million salary for 2012 minus a $500,000 filler), we get $129.3 million. Let’s round it to $130 million. Whoa Nellie! Yes, the $130 million figure is not very accurate but it provides a helpful estimation.

Now, I wonder how hard the White Sox will try to extend John Danks’ contract (Danks becomes a free-agent after the 2012 season). I guess not very hard unless a trade or two take place before or after Danks signs.

December 11, 2010

Did Kenny Williams found a hidden nickel?

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Merkin @ CWS:

The White Sox still are lacking in proven bullpen arms behind Matt Thornton, Chris Sale, Pena and Sergio Santos, and if 2007’s relief debacle proved anything, it would be how they need another two reliable relievers to help make ’11 an elite campaign.

With Williams having stated how the payroll is tapped out as of the end of the Winter Meetings in Lake Buena Vista, Fla., a trade becomes the only option available. On Saturday, though, Williams presented a small hint how that spending increase might possibly extend into the free agent bullpen pool including plus-arms such as Kerry Wood, Jesse Crain and Matt Guerrier, to name a few examples.

“I’m encouraged by the excitement from our fans,” said Williams, who reiterated how he is not looking for a pure closer as much as a versatile late-inning type like the role J.J. Putz held in 2010. “Perhaps if that excitement manifests itself into turning out to more ticket sales, perhaps that might free up some more cash to do something.

“I’ll listen to anyone,” added Williams of trade possibilities. “But I said it right there up on the podium [for the Konerko signing], how I’m not really motivated to take anything away from what the Major League roster looks like, from what the everyday roster looks like.”

Kenny, also, says he isn’t looking to trade Carlos Quentin:

“I did not have one single conversation about Quentin at the Winter Meetings,” Williams told MLB.com on Saturday afternoon. “I have not had any discussions with anyone about Carlos since the General Managers Meetings, and it could never have been described as we were shopping him.

“That’s incorrect. I fielded some phone calls, but that was it. I’ve not had a single conversation about Carlos, and I don’t plan to. I’ll listen, but I’m not terribly interested.”

… One other problem in exploring a trade for Quentin is finding a natural right-field replacement. Jordan Danks seems to be the next internal option, with his defense more than Major League-ready but his offense not quite there. When asked if there was anyone in the organization who could take over for Quentin if he was hypothetically traded, Williams simply responded, “No.”

Despite finishing with 110 hits and a .243 average in 2010, Quentin produced 87 RBIs and scored 73 runs. He also featured a .342 on-base percentage, down from his .394 finish in 2008, but up from .323 in an injury-plagued 2009.

“Carlos Quentin is going to have a big year,” Williams said. “He has big talent, and even in a down year average-wise, he is very valuable.

“No matter what his average is, he picks it up with on-base percentage. Then, if he has a good year, it becomes a great year.

“He plays hard and has the ability to set the tone for a game with a hard slide into second base or taking first to third aggressively. There’s much more to Carlos’ overall game than just hitting for average.”

The problem with the slide Kenny is Carlos will not play for a week after it.

UPDATE: Reifert says the ticket dept. phones are off the hook:

White Sox spokesman Scott Reifert said that while individual tickets aren’t on sale, season ticketholders responded positively.

“Phones are ringing off the hook to the point that the sales department canceled its holiday party tonight to stay late and field all of the calls,” he said in an e-mail to The Associated Press.

December 6, 2010

Jerry Reinsdorf says 2011 payroll will be around $110 million

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Padilla @ ESPN:

Based on other free-agent signings, Konerko’s open-market value is projected to be around $13 million a season, a number that would leave the White Sox with their highest payroll ever. Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf told FoxSports.com on Monday that he is willing to take payroll to $110 million in 2011.

Whether or not that includes a salary for Konerko remains to be seen. Williams said he feels like he is patient when it comes to negotiations, but his patience has a limit.

“There’s a fine line,” Williams said when asked if he had a deadline for Konerko’s camp to accept a White Sox offer. “And that fine line [comes] when you risk losing your Plan B and C in favor of trying to be as patient as you can with your Plan A. We will wait as long as we can because we pretty much said on the record that he’s the guy we want.” …

UPDATE: Here are Reinsdorf’s comments:

Reinsdorf said the team’s payroll will be “somewhere around” $110 million.“It will be our highest ever,” he added.

Yet, if the White Sox re-sign Konerko, they may not have enough money left to make significant bullpen upgrades. Even if Konerko defers money on a new contract, as Dunn and Pierzynski did, it’s hard to imagine him earning much less than $10 million in 2011.

BTW, Cowley’s sources say Plan B/C is Derrek Lee.

November 15, 2010

2011 White Sox payroll expected to be $105-110 million

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Levine @ ESPN:

The White Sox expect to have a budget between $105-$110 million. General manager Ken Williams already has $80 million committed to 10 players. That list includes Bobby Jenks, John Danks and Carlos Quentin, who all will be eligible for arbitration.

BTW, the deadline for a club to offer arbitration is next Tuesday (November 23) and the deadline for a player to accept is one week after (November 30). Bruce Levine reminds us a club can re-sign a player it didn’t offer arbitration to.

October 5, 2010

White Sox attendance down 4%, Minnesota up 36%. MLB revenues up.

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Maury Brown (BoB) @ FG:

# Gms
2009 Attend
2009 Avg
# Gms
2010 Attend
2010 Avg
Dif Per Gm
White Sox

However, MLB is projected to pull in a record $7 billion in revenues:

Major League Baseball is projecting gross revenues of $7 billion for 2010, continuing a run of record-breaking years, and bucking the chilly economy. … In 2009, final revenues were $6.6 billion up from $6.5 billion in 2008. The increase from 2009 to the projected 2010 figure is a remarkable 6.06 percent increase, an incredible jump in an economy that continues to run chilly.

How were the increases reached? Sources at Major League Baseball say one big component is local television deals that have annual escalators. The other is for expiring TV deals in the very competitive market where regional sports networks (RSNs) are clamoring for more live content, there are significant increases.

September 28, 2010

White Sox to cut payroll next year? Or the year after next year?

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From Cowley’s A.J. article:

The White Sox … organization is set to cut some payroll before adding to the roster for the 2011 run. There had been growing speculation that the Sox were looking to do next year’s product on the cheap and hope for the best, but according to one member of the organization, general manager Ken Williams might have a few tricks up his sleeve – and a few more bucks than first thought – going after a division title in ’11 before they feel like they may have to take a step back and go younger in 2012.

UPDATE: Padilla @ ESPN:

Despite reports that the White Sox won’t be in cost-cutting mode next season, it remains uncertain if there will be enough money to reach Pierzynski’s pockets.

B-R says the White Sox payroll for this year is $105.7M and they have committed $73.4M for next year (2011). Cot’s has it at $103.1M and $75.4M respectively.

August 2, 2010

Baseball-Reference adds player contract and team payroll information

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B-R blog:

Player Contracts — Working with Paul Riker of Fan-Exchange.com, we have added contract information for nearly every active player in the major leagues. Roy Oswalt, Adrian Gonzalez and J.A. Happ, for example, now have information at the top of the page below their bio information like 2011 contract status, service time (through end of 2009), contract summaries with options included, earliest FA and Arb-eligibility, and their agents.

This data also appears stretched out on the Player Salaries section at the bottom of each player’s front page. So you can now see just how much Ryan Howard has coming to him in 2015.

On the Team Payroll and Roster Pages (NYY, PHI, ARI) we show the current contract status of most of the players with the team, especially those signed to long-term deals. At the bottom of these tables, we have tried out best to summarize the team’s financial situation in future years, and using our “SHARE” tool (which appears above every table on the site–just click it to start) you can generate tables like this to add to your blog, newsgroup, forum, etc.

Here is the White Sox payroll page and the salary section of Alex Rios’ page.

That’s a very useful feature. Thanks B-R!

July 6, 2010

Kenny Williams cools his interest in Adam Dunn

Seems Rizzo wants too much for Kenny:

According to a source Monday, general manager Ken Williams has cooled on the pursuit of the Washington Nationals slugger for the time being, partially because of the initial asking price.

Williams seems willing to sit back and watch what the rest of the market does for Dunn, as well as explore other options.

The Sun-Times first reported of the Sox’ interest in the left-handed slugger last week, as multiple sources told the paper that if Williams was to act, he would have to act quickly. Obviously, he didn’t act quick enough. The interest in Dunn went from two teams to ”a handful” almost overnight, and the Nationals are ”asking for the moon” from each team. …

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