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April 22, 2011

Carlos Quentin: now OPSing 1.121 (video) [UPDATE]

Video: HR #1 (0:54), HR #2 (0:52). Dr. Fishbein is doing an awesome job!

BTW, here are some BABIPs from statcorner:

Gordon Beckham: .237
Adam Dunn: .250
Brent Morel: .250
A.J. Pierzynski: .250
Alexei Ramirez: .241
Alex Rios: .213

Edwin Jackson: .342
Jesse Crain: .200
Will Ohman: .348
Chris Sale: .346
Sergio Santos: .250
Matt Thornton: .400



April 16, 2011


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Career Profile from John Sickels and Looking back at Cameron for Konerko: Part 1 and Looking back at Cameron for Konerko: Part 2 from JJ

February 22, 2011

Paul Konerko responds to Alex Rios’ ‘We’re the team to beat’ statement

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Merkin @ BOGblog:

“To me, you guys know me, the team to beat is the Twins.

Whoever wins the title from the year before is the champion until they get knocked off. What I think about what’s being said or what anybody thinks is irrelevant. We’ll get an answer 6½ months from now. That’s how it is. It’s pretty black and white

I don’t know how that came up with Alex. Maybe he didn’t mean it like that or maybe he was trying to be confident. But that’s fine. I am too. But it’s pretty simple. You go out and play the games every day and at the end of September there will be a champion in this division. There’s no need to talk about it up until then.

But the Twins deserve the respect. They earned it last year and had a great year. Until someone knocks them off, they are the team.”

That’s more like it.

February 19, 2011

Ozzie Guillen: Adam Dunn won’t play the outfield

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Gonzales tweets:

Oz said no way Dunn plays the outfield, says Sox are covered well out there but will play first on occasion to spell Konerko.

December 8, 2010

White Sox re-sign Paul Konerko to a 3-year, $37.5 million contract

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Nightengale @ USAT:

The Chicago White Sox, who nearly lost first baseman Paul Konerko to the Arizona Diamondbacks on Tuesday and had already plans to acquire another first baseman, reached a three-year, $37.5 million agreement with the slugger, USA TODAY reported Wednesday. The deal was later confirmed by the White Sox, and Konerko will receive $12 million in 2011 and 2012 and $13.5 million in 2013. The White Sox said the final year will be paid out at $6.5 million in 2013 and $1 million a year from 2014-2020.

Konerko chose to return to the White Sox over the Arizona Diamondbacks, who offered a three-year contract for $30 million, the Diamondbacks said. Konerko grew up in Scottsdale, Ariz., but also has a close relationship with White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf and in the end chose to return to the club he’s played for since 1999.

UPDATE: Press release here.

And BP has Kenny’s comments on the defferred money:

“What we need to do next is figure out a way to pay for all of this. We’ve certainly ramped it up here recently and have been very aggressive, and I think that at this point — as I’ve stated before — I feel comfortable and confident in the everyday lineup and the defense that we’re going to put out there, as well as the starting rotation and the back four guys in the bullpen. But I think we’ve got to augment that just a bit to make ourselves as strong as possible and contend for the division. So we’ve got some work cut out for us and are at a point where we need to get a little creative, because we’re about tapped out right now. We need to either get creative or we need to get a flood at the ticket counter pretty quickly.”

Paul Konerko has some good teammates, because one of the things that helped us to get this done was Adam Dunn coming in and caring more about winning than the last dollar — certainly dollars this year — because he was more than accommodating in [deferring] some of his money back to the latter part of his deal. A.J. Pierzynski did the same thing, and the rest came together through, literally, our marketing department and accounting people pulling together as many revenue sources as possible. This is something that you have to do when you’re in our situation, and we just thought that we had to capitalize on it. Fortunately we were dealing with a player who really wanted to be here in Chicago and finish his career here.”

Video of Kenny’s comments here (3:23). And a larger version (9:14).

December 7, 2010

Kenny Williams exploring other options at first base

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Dyck @ CT:

White Sox general manager Ken Williams said “it’s quite possible” the White Sox would have a first baseman by Wednesday — and that it would not be Paul Konerko.

Williams said negotiations with Konerko and agent Craig Landis were at an impasse and that “at this point we have no choice” but to explore other options.

“All I can say is we’ve got meetings with other guys’ representatives (Tuesday night) with the idea in mind (to) get a deal done,” Williams said, adding that “you can’t stop the train” once it leaves the station. …

Cowley in multiple tweets:

Source: “I talked to Paulie last night and he said the Sox were his priority unless they made an offer that disrespected him.” … Sox will also now look to add a reliever. The PK ship is now sailing. … KW felt like it was almost done, but now it fell apart. They are meeting with reps for other options tonight. “The train keeps moving.” … Big changes in PK talks.

Garfein in multiple tweets:

KW: “We have meetings with other guys representatives tonight with the mindset to try and get a deal done.” PK your move. … KW on Konerko: “I was very hopeful coming down here. I’m less hopeful now.” … KW will hold meetings tonight with other representatives. Doesn’t mean Konerko talks are done, but Sox need to cover themselves. … Kenny says he’s turning the page. He’s not pessimistic about PK, but he’s no longer optimistic. … Kenny Williams says talks with Konerko aren’t going well. He’s moving on to plans B and C.

And Heyman @ SI tweets:

konerko’s agent is pressing beyond where chisox had planned. but theres still pretty decent optimism for deal.

White Sox interested in Kerry Wood? [UPDATE #2]

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Rosenthal @ FS tweets:

Yankees still want Kerry Wood back; [Cliff] Lee comes first. White Sox also showing interest in Wood; [Paul] Konerko first. Sox need late-inning help.

Wood wasn’t offered arbitration so he won’t cost any draft picks. But if Paulie wants $15 million per year there won’t be any money left for bullpen guys like Wood…

UPDATE: DV Dyck says “Wood is thought to be seeking a multi-year deal worth $9 million or more.” Kenny just hanged up..

UPDATE #2: Cowley tweets:

Sox-Wood rumors were just blown-up by a source. Sox feel Wood is too expensive even if they don’t get Konerko.

Paul Konerko talks hit a snag over Konerko’s $15 million demands? [UPDATE #2]

Cowley @ CST tweets:

Could be a snag in Konerko talks. Source said that so far Konerko’s camp is adamant about $15 m per. That would crush the payroll for relief

Also, yesterday, Heyman @ SI tweeted:

chisox, konerko talks appear to be going well. he’ll likely get $12.5 mil a year, maybe 3 yrs. rangers, orioles other options.

But today Heyman @ SI tweeted:

rangers, focused on Cliff Lee, “not likely” to get konerko. paul’s friend says “no way” on orioles. chisox in drivers seat

So, there doesn’t seem to be a big market for Konerko. If it was me, I don’t think I’d give him $15 million a year. I don’t want a couple Mike McDougal’s on the team next year.

UPDATE: Garfein @ CSN tweets:

If PK wants $15 mil a year, Kenny Williams said Monday: “Teams have options. I don’t know if he will get to the level he originally hoped for.”

UPDATE #2: Ballentini @ CSN tweets:

Rough guesses at 1B: Plan A: Paul Konerko B: Carlos Pena C: Adam LaRoche D: Derrek Lee E: Dayan Viciedo

December 6, 2010

Jerry Reinsdorf says 2011 payroll will be around $110 million

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Padilla @ ESPN:

Based on other free-agent signings, Konerko’s open-market value is projected to be around $13 million a season, a number that would leave the White Sox with their highest payroll ever. Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf told FoxSports.com on Monday that he is willing to take payroll to $110 million in 2011.

Whether or not that includes a salary for Konerko remains to be seen. Williams said he feels like he is patient when it comes to negotiations, but his patience has a limit.

“There’s a fine line,” Williams said when asked if he had a deadline for Konerko’s camp to accept a White Sox offer. “And that fine line [comes] when you risk losing your Plan B and C in favor of trying to be as patient as you can with your Plan A. We will wait as long as we can because we pretty much said on the record that he’s the guy we want.” …

UPDATE: Here are Reinsdorf’s comments:

Reinsdorf said the team’s payroll will be “somewhere around” $110 million.“It will be our highest ever,” he added.

Yet, if the White Sox re-sign Konerko, they may not have enough money left to make significant bullpen upgrades. Even if Konerko defers money on a new contract, as Dunn and Pierzynski did, it’s hard to imagine him earning much less than $10 million in 2011.

BTW, Cowley’s sources say Plan B/C is Derrek Lee.

Arizona tries to lure Paul Konerko; Jerry Reinsdorf says not so fast

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Ringolsby @ MLBB:

[Arizona GM Kevin] Towers had extended talks with the agent for Paul Konerko, hoping to convince the free-agent first baseman to sign with the Diamondbacks instead of returning to the Chicago White Sox.

Dyck @ CT says, besides Arizona, other Konerko suitors are Texas and Baltimore.

Morosi @ FS tweets that Jerry Reinsdorf didn’t like that:

Reinsdorf on Konerko: “He belongs in Chicago.”

Padilla @ ESPN says Reinsdorf will do everything he can to keep Konerko:

A source has indicated that Reinsdorf is ready and willing to do whatever he can to keep Paul Konerko on the White Sox roster, and by the end of the first day of the winter meetings Monday, in the shadow of Disney World, he just might feel like he is in the happiest place on Earth.

And don’t miss the Godfather reference in Padilla’s article!

UPDATE: Garfein @ CSN tweets Arizona is “reportedly making big push.

Olney @ ESPN tweets:

Heard this: The D-backs have had virtually no dialogue with Konerko.

December 5, 2010

White Sox close to re-signing Paul Konerko?

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Heyman @ SI tweets:

[Paul] Konerko scheduled to meet with chisox chairman reinsdorf tomorrow. Once they hug, thatll be a deal. Very close. Should be $13 mil per.

Rosenthal @ FS tweets:

[Paul] Konerko not meeting White Sox tomorrow. Just his agent, Craig Landis, will. Agree with SI_Jon Heyman deal will get done. But not close yet.

Olney @ ESPN tweets:

Sources: Deal between CWS and [Paul] Konerko probably will happen, but report that the two sides are close is “pure speculation;” not close now.

Is Kenny Williams going after Cliff Lee?

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Rosenthal @ FS:

There is a mystery team in on Cliff Lee.

I don’t know this for sure, but I’m guessing there is one team — maybe even more than one — making a stealth run at the free-agent left-hander, refusing to accept the conventional wisdom that he will sign with the Yankees or Rangers. …

WHITE SOX: You put anything past GM Ken Williams? Or, for that matter, owner Jerry Reinsdorf?

Williams, after signing Adam Dunn, acknowledged that the White Sox are operating with an “all-in” budget, whatever that might be.

KW is always looking for pitching, always looking to make a splash. Sox left-hander Mark Buehrle and righty Edwin Jackson are free agents after next season, so the need is just short of pressing.

If the Sox, as expected, re-sign free-agent first baseman Paul Konerko, forget Lee. If not, Williams will at least start tapping his calculator, examining the numbers.

If he hasn’t already.

December 4, 2010

Rangers like Paul Konerko (and like him more than they like Carl Crawford)

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Sullivan @ MLB:

There are reports that the Rangers are “in” on Carl Crawford. It would be more accurate to say the Rangers have “kicked the tires” on Crawford and are far more “in” on [Paul] Konerko.

The Rangers like both players. Who wouldn’t.

Konerko is simply the better fit for the Rangers right now, club officials believe.

He is a right-handed hitting first baseman who could also DH. He would be a perfect match for Mitch Moreland at first base. Moreland hits left-handed and can also play the outfield. …

December 3, 2010

Adam Dunn and A.J. Pierzynski deferred money to make room for Paul Konerko

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Adam Dunn is also willing to play DH:

New White Sox slugger Adam Dunn said he’ll do whatever is asked of him, including deferring part of his salary so the team can re-sign first baseman Paul Konerko. Dunn, who was introduced at news conference on Friday at U.S. Cellular Field, said he was willing to trade in his glove to become a designated hitter and even joked he would put on the catcher’s gear and get behind the plate.

… Dunn and catcher A. J. Pierzynski, who was officially re-signed Thursday, both deferred part of next year’s salary so the Sox culd pursue Konerko, who turned down their arbitration offer. Dunn signed a four-year, $56 million contract and will be paid $12 million next season, which goes up to $15 million in each of the final two years. Pierzynski will be paid $2 million next season and $6 million the following year.

Kenny is having a good off-season.

December 2, 2010

How did Kenny come up with the money needed to sign Adam Dunn?

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He made Jerry an offer he couldn’t refuse:

So where is all the money coming from, with even Alexei Ramirez getting a bump on Thursday when the Sox picked up his $2.75 million option? Williams explained it as they were either going to be the haves or the have nots this season, and with so much already invested in pitching, they had no choice but to be players.

“I talked to [board chairman] Jerry [Reinsdorf] at the end of the year and usually there are four plans I give him,” Williams explained. “This year there were two. One was a young team and the other was we were going to add to the mix. We just didn’t want to be in the middle. If you’re going to be all in you go all in.”

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