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March 14, 2012

Chuck Garfien interviews Jerry Reinsdorf

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CSN’s Chuck Garfien interviewed Jerry Reinsdorf. Here’s Reinsdorf’s comment on Mark Buehrle’s departure:

“Mark Buehrle was a pillar of this franchise. He was a cornerstone, he was here for a long time. He came out of nowhere. He was a 38th round draft choice. He did everything we ever asked for him. He caught all the first pitches, he threw a perfect game, a no-hitter. Anytime you needed him to go to a school or a hospital, or whatever, Mark Buehrle was always there. But the fact is at his age, it didn’t make sense for us to do what the Marlins were prepared to do for him. So he went, certainly with my blessing. I spoke to him and said, ‘You gotta take it. You gotta take this deal.’ And Mark said, ‘I’ll be back in 4 years.’”

Buehrle will be back? Is this meant to soothe Sox fans angry over Buehrle’s departure? Anyway, if the Sox won’t be competing in the immediate future, Buehrle’s talents would be wasted if he stayed here….

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December 13, 2011

Addison Reed, future White Sox closer

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Scott Merkin:

Since the White Sox traded Sergio Santos to the Blue Jays, who is in line to become the White Sox closer in 2012?
— Steve, Plainfield, Ill.

Assuming no other trades are made involving the bullpen, Jesse Crain and Matt Thornton would be the leading candidates to start the season. But Addison Reed is one of the major reasons why Santos became expendable.

Reed, who turns 23 just after Christmas, had a 1.26 ERA over 43 games during four Minor League stops last year. He struck out 111 and walked just 14 in 78 1/3 innings, not to mention his 12 strikeouts in 7 1/3 innings with the White Sox. The right-hander definitely stands as the team’s closer of the future, and the organization has no doubt he can handle the role.

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December 9, 2011

Jerry Reinsdorf on Mark Buehrle: “He just didn’t fit into our plans.”

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Melissa Isaacson:

“He gave us a chance to keep him and I’m sure he would’ve taken less money to come back,” Reinsdorf said of Buehrle. “He just didn’t fit into our plans. That’s the thing. You can’t let personal feelings for players stand in the way of letting the general manager do what he feels is right for the team.”

… “Mark was a 38th-round draft choice,” Reinsdorf said. “We didn’t expect very much from him or he wouldn’t have gone that low, and when he finally made the big-league club, we looked at him as a reliever. I remember we were looking around for starters and someone said, ‘Why don’t we give Buehrle a shot?’ Most people in the room [were skeptical] but the rest was history.

“He was able to locate his pitches, particularly his cutter. He wasn’t a strikeout pitcher but his strikeouts weren’t that bad. He’s not a Hall of Fame pitcher by any means, but he’s a real pro. He took the ball every single time and battled, was great in the clubhouse, caught first pitches, made appearances, was a great guy. He was perfect for our team.”

… “At this stage of his career to get $58 million for four more years, it’s a fabulous thing for him,” Reinsdorf said. “It just didn’t make any sense for us.”

Reinsdorf said it was not his place to judge whether the Marlins overpaid or not for Buehrle, but that the Sox were thinking more in the range of three years, $30 million.

That’s a pretty big difference [between $30M and $58M].

December 7, 2011

Seems Mark Buehrle is going to Miami

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And Kenny says:

You can trade Rios, Dunn, and Peavy KW. (/sarcasm)

December 3, 2011

Acquired veterans failed to put you to the top? Time to go young!

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Chris Jaffe at The Hardball Times writes about the 1961 trade of lefty Billy pierce to the Giants and tells us the happenings on the Sox at the time:

The 1961 season placed the South Siders at a crossroads. Beginning in 1951, the team rattled off a series of winning seasons that culminated in the 1959 pennant winning Go-Go White Sox. Hoping to seize the moment and create a dynasty for himself, then-team owner Bill Veeck spent the 1959-60 off-season trading away his best prospects for established veterans.

… Worse yet, the veterans did not quite pan out as expected. The 1960 Sox fell from first to third place. In 1961, they fell further still, finishing in fourth place with an 86-76 record.

… So in the 1961-62 off-season, the Sox engaged in a series of trades in hopes of undoing the 1959-60 offseason. …

So, how did those off-season moves turn out?

The Sox actually won one fewer game in 1962 than the year before, but moving out some of their older players helped them out down the road. In 1963, they began a series of three straight 90-win seasons and remained competitive through 1967.

Will Kenny clean house or go for it again? We could know by this time next week!

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November 30, 2011

Ken Rosenthal says Mark Buehrle and John Danks won’t be playing for the White Sox next year

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J.J. Stankevitz:

With the Winter Meetings less than a week away and White Sox news stagnating a bit in the last few weeks, maybe a reminder that Mark Buehrle and John Danks aren’t likely to be back is in order.

That’s precisely what FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal said on Tuesday’s edition of Chicago Tribune Live, telling the panel he doesn’t see either Buehrle or Danks playing for the Sox for 2012. …

Video (1:29) at the link.

November 26, 2011

Sox thinking to trade a pitcher to Cincinnati to get Yonder Alonso?

Phil Rogers:

Can Yonder Alonso become a solid left fielder? That’s the question the White Sox are studying as the Reds shop the left-handed-hitting slugger for pitching. Alonso would be blocked with Paul Konerko at first base and Adam Dunn as designated hitter, although if the Sox really are willing to let Mark Buehrle walk you wonder if they also would approach Konerko about waiving his no-trade clause.

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November 23, 2011

Juan Pierre wins the 2011 Yogi Berra Award

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Max Marchi:

The great Yankee catcher used to swing at everything, and when asked about his habit of swinging at bad pitches, he once replied with one of his trademark quotes: “If I can hit it, it’s a good pitch.”

A young baseball fan, reading about Yogi’s tendency to go after every pitch, might be tempted to assume he struck out a lot. Nothing is further from reality …

Thus, in crowning the third recipient of the Yogi Berra Award, we are looking for hackers who get good results from their aggressive approach at the plate. …

Speaking of Juan Pierre, the Sox declined to offer him arbitration. The Sox offered arbitration to Mark Buehrle.

November 8, 2011

Chuck Garfien says Mark Buehrle’s destination won’t be decided this month

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Chuck Garfien:

… Over the next month you’ll hear stories about Team X going after Buehrle, or Team Y being hot on his trail. But, when it comes down to it, the Buehrle game is not going to be decided until that final inning, probably around the MLB winter meetings, starting December 5th in Dallas. In that final frame, the White Sox will be in position for an at-bat, maybe even the last one. What will they do with it when the time comes? That’s the mystery. Stay tuned.

So Chuck says chill out…. for now!

November 4, 2011

Maybe Philadelphia is moving to the American League next year…

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Todd Zolecki:

Sources said Friday evening that the Phillies and Thome have agreed on a one-year contract, pending Thome passing a physical. Terms of the deal were unknown, although it seems likely to be a low-risk signing.

… since there’s no DH in the National League.

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November 1, 2011

Mark Buehrle just won the AL pitcher Gold Glove award [UPDATE]

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It’s Buehrle’s 3rd consecutive AL Gold Glove. A.J. Pierzynski didn’t get the catcher Gold Glove award. Looking at BTB’s catcher defense ratings makes you wonder why he was nominated.

UPDATE: As James points out, Buehrle, also, won his 3rd Fielding Bible Award on Monday.

October 31, 2011

Mark Buehrle and Juan Pierre are the Sox remainining Type-B free agents [UPDATE]

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If a Type B free agent turns down an arbitration offer and signs a Major League deal elsewhere the losing team gets one draft pick in the supplemental round, and it doesn’t come from the new team.  Keep in mind that an arbitration offer is necessary for draft pick compensation. …

Type B

Frasor’s 2012 option was picked up.

UPDATE: Rosenthal would be surprised if Buehrle leaves the Sox:

“Buehrle is a more interesting case because he’s a guy that seemingly does not want to go other than two place, right? Chicago and St. Louis, and St. Louis is effectively closed,” Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports told The Mully and Hanley Show. “Now, there are indications that he may be opening that up, but I’d be surprised if he landed anywhere but the White Sox on a two- or three-year deal. … I’d be surprised if he left.”

October 27, 2011

Terry ‘Buehrle’ Doyle

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Scott Merkin:

“There are a lot worse people to be compared to,” said Doyle during a phone interview. “He’s a guy I look up to in our organization. His velocity is not 95 and neither is mine. That’s what our coaches preach: Get on the mound, attack the hitters and throw strikes.

“Over the past 10 years, [Buehrle] has been one of the best pitchers in the game. It’s not the flashiest way to do it, but his results are as good as anyone else.”

… “My goal was to come here hoping that I could show enough to give them faith to add me to the 40-man. I could prove I was good enough to have the chance at pitching in the big leagues.”

If that big league opportunity comes sooner than later for Doyle with the White Sox, it will arrive in relief form for a pitcher who has made 63 of his 75 Minor League appearances as a starter. He has full confidence in being able to transition from the rotation to middle relief, much like Buehrle did for one season in 2000.

One other comparison between the two comes in their Draft selection, with Buehrle taken in the 38th round of the 1998 First-Year Player Draft and Doyle selected in the 37th round of the 2008 First-Year Player Draft out of Boston College. Doyle’s 381 strikeouts over 422 1/3 innings come as a higher average per inning than Buehrle’s, but the style remains extremely similar.

“One of the things that I do best as a pitcher is throw a lot of strikes,” Doyle said. “If you throw enough strikes, you can pitch successfully in the bullpen and as a starter. That’s my best attribute: not putting guys on base and challenge hitters and keep the game moving as quickly as possible. Make them earn what they are getting.”

October 23, 2011

Kenny Williams not in shopping mode

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Daryl Van Schouwen reports Kenny is not in a shopping mode:

“Everyone I’ve heard speak on it is right. we have talented people, and we did not achieve what we wanted to based on some of those talented people not performing. But we’re in a position where we have to look at the future. So I will not be in shopping mode — I’ll be listening to see what the interest is in some of our players. Quite frankly, I don’t expect people to try to blow our doors down for some of our guys who had down years. Their value is going to be down a little bit.

And Kenny will only trade for major league ready players:

So what we have to do is weigh whatever they’re offering up against our chances are for the next season. Because if we’re going to move our valuable pieces it’s going to be for major league ready talent so they can grow with this nice nucleus in place with [Dayan] Viciedo, [Tyler] Flowers, [Alejandro] De Aza, [Brent] Morel. And have to get [Gordon] Beckham back. We have a nice young, kind of youthful movement. Those players [coming in trades] would have to fit into that. Not A-ball players, AA type. They would have to be major-league ready and potential impact players. Will that happen? I don’t know, that’s why you go to the winter meetings [in early December] and you see what other teams would like to offer you. But I think shopping our guys is something we’re not going to be doing.”

So, Kenny says he will stay away from “grizzled veterans”? It would be nice if he does so.

Doug Padilla has more Kenny:

“Believe me, as long as I am sitting in the chair we will continue to be as aggressive as we can possibly be,” Williams said. “If it turns out that we can’t reasonably expect the talent we have to compete for a championship them I might have dial it back and move today’s talent for tomorrow’s talent that will extend a run longer for us in the future. But none of that has been determined and won’t be determined until we get a gauge on what other teams feel about our players.”

Padilla also has audio of Kenny’s interview (17:53).

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October 17, 2011

Jim Thome, White Sox hitting coach?

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Daryl Van Schouwen:

Sox farm-system hitting instructors Jeff Manto or Tim Laker are thought to be the top candidates to replace Greg Walker as hitting coach, but don’t rule out the Sox making a play for a bigger name such as Jim Thome.

Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf loves Thome, 41, whose playing career likely has come to an end after 21 seasons and 604 home runs. The two share the annual habit of meeting for dinner to talk about life and baseball after the season, and a major-league source said Reinsdorf was eager to move this year’s meeting up.

Jerry is bringing the band is coming together!

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