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October 7, 2010

Champ enjoys his pretzels

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Chicago White Sox Minor League pitching coordinator Kirk Champion begins his fourth stint as Team USA pitching coach. Champ, as he is known, won gold at the 2009 IBAF World Cup, took home silver at the 2001 World Cup and helped lead the U.S. pitching staff at the 2006 COPABE Olympic Qualifier. Champ enjoys pretzels and Werthers caramel candies on team bus rides.

August 3, 2010

White Sox call up 2010 1st round pick Chris Sale [UPDATE]

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Soffian @ N-P:

The Chicago White Sox could call up former FGCU pitcher Chris Sale today, according to media reports, giving the school its first two major leaguers within two days of each other following the Chicago Cubs’ call-up of former Mariner High School pitcher Casey Coleman on Monday.Sale’s agent told The News-Press that conversations with the White Sox front office on Monday also included the possibility that Sale could be called up today.

“Oh, you’re kidding,” Sale’s father, Allen, told The News-Press when contacted Tuesday. “We were given a heads-up that it might be coming but we didn’t know it would be tonight. Wow. I’m going to be heading to Detroit. I’m actually at a Rotary meeting. I’ve got to put my badge back and haul to the office.” …

Merkin @ CWS:

… “He looks like a good young lefty,” said White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper of Sale on Tuesday morning, before pausing to take a phone call from Richard Dotson, Sale’s pitching coach at Charlotte. “You never know. We might see him tomorrow.”

According to White Sox Minor League pitching coordinator Kirk Champion, Sale does not operate in awe of his quick ascent to prime time. His fastball has been clocked anywhere from 91 to 96 mph, and he also throws a slider and changeup.

The organization has the slender Sale targeted for the starting rotation eventually, but much like the way Mark Buehrle began his career in 2000, Sale’s Major League debut will come out of the bullpen and looks as if it will come on this eight-game road trip to Detroit and Baltimore.

“Well, he’s prepared,” said Champion of Sale. “Whatever it took him to get to that point, whoever has had him along the way, prepared him well.

“We have not done anything as an organization from that standpoint. Our scouts around him had the ability to recognize this quality. But he carries himself very well — that’s the best way to describe it.”

Chris Sale’s stats: First Inning, Baseball-Reference, Minor League Splits

College stats and more:

Year era w-l app gs cg sho sv ip h r er bb so 2b 3b hr bf bavg wp hbp bk sfa sha
2008…. 3.47 2-0 21 1 0 0/1 2 36.1 36 15 14 10 43 4 1 2 157 .254 1 4 0 1 0
2009…. 2.72 7-4 14 12 1 0/0 1 89.1 83 43 27 27 104 16 1 7 378 .246 4 5 0 3 6
TOTAL… 2.94 9-4 35 13 1 0/1 3 125.2 119 58 41 37 147 20 2 9 535 .248 5 9 0 4 6

Did the White Sox give Sale a virtual Major League contract in exchange of a lower signing bonus?

UPDATE: Soffian @ N-P:

After a day of speculation, former FGCU pitcher Chris Sale got the call from the Chicago White Sox on Tuesday night that he was on his way to the major leagues. “He’ll be in Detroit tomorrow,” Sale’s father, Allen Sale, told The News-Press Tuesday night.

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