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April 8, 2012

Addison Reed’s cutter is a success

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Scott Merkin:

Addison Reed didn’t start throwing a cutter until about a month ago, when White Sox bullpen coach Juan Nieves was playing around with his pitch grips and had him throw it. The rookie right-hander broke out about three or four during his scoreless seventh in Friday’s 3-2 loss and liked the results.

“I’ve liked it ever since I threw it for the first time in the ‘pen,” said Reed. “It’s a pitch that is still developing, but I feel pretty good about it. It’s not that much different from my slider, grip-wise and the way you throw it.”

Reed had been focusing on refining his changeup during the early portion of Spring Training. But he stuck to fastballs and cutters in retiring the Rangers’ Yorvit Torrealba and Ian Kinsler on fly balls and catching David Murphy looking. Reed does plan to work the changeup back into rotation this season.

“Once I start seeing teams more often,” Reed said. “That way they aren’t just sitting on the two pitches. They see I have that third pitch and I can throw it for a strike.”

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March 17, 2012

Addison Reed adds a cutter to his pitches

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Dave van Dyck:

Rookie reliever Addison Reed, the organization’s No. 1 prospect, has added a cutter to his fastball, slider and changeup. He discovered it almost by accident while “messing around with grips” in a bullpen session with coach Juan Nieves.

“It feels awesome, so we’ll see what happens with it,” he said. “If I have all those pitches, that’s just one more thing (hitters) have to be thinking about.”

Reed has allowed one run in 4 1/3 spring innings.

Awesome. Maybe Reed can master his cutter and become a starter next year.

PS. You’re freakin’ awesome Juan! You too Coop!

May 3, 2011

Ozzie Guillen worried about Chris Sale [UPDATE]

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Padilla @ ESPN:

“I’m worried about it,” Guillen said. “I think his mechanics… I don’t know if you can call it mechanics, he’s all over the place. He’s out of control. He doesn’t throw strikes. In the big leagues, you can throw 89-98 [mph], but if you don’t throw strikes, you’re going to get in trouble. Hopefully he figures out soon because the last couple outings he can’t find the plate.”

UPDATE: Chris Sale says:

“This game can speed up on you in a hurry and make you think a lot of bad things.”


Pitching coach Don Cooper, bullpen coach Juan Nieves and Sale studied tape and “saw some things that were different from last year and early on this year. I’m going to do everything I can to get back to where I was and where I need to be. Eventually things will turn around.”

January 25, 2010

Juan Nieves on Bobby Jenks

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Bullpen coach Juan Nieves says Bobby Jenks can e as good as ever but he has to make some adjustments:

“The league has adjusted to him, so now he has to adjust,” Nieves said. “They’re swinging early in the count on him because they don’t want to get behind.

“He’s gonna have to throw some fastballs up there early, bust guys inside, and use the two-seamer. If he’s going to throw breaking balls early, they’re going to have to be really good breaking balls off the plate or in the dirt.”

July 11, 2009

Jonathan Sanchez rumor from last year (UPDATE)

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Mark Gonzales:

In the wake of Jonathan Sanchez’s no-hitter, it bears mentioning that his name was mentioned in the spring of 2008 when San Francisco was looking at third baseman Joe Crede. The two sides never came close to compensation, which was a moot matter because Crede didn’t play well in spring training after season-ending back surgery in 2007. But a Sox source said last year that they were interested in Sanchez, a left-hander who has yet to pitch with any semblance of consistency, along with. The Sox, according to the source, intended to acquire Sanchez with the plan to trade him as part of a bigger deal – for a leadoff batter. The Sox’s target was Brian Roberts, who went on to sign an extension with Baltimore last February.

UPDATE:  Comments by Juan Nieves on Sanchez’ no-hitter. Here too.

July 6, 2009

What’s Aaron Poreda up to?

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Mark Gonzales is asked about Aaron Poreda. Poreda isn’t seeing much pitching time. What’s up Mark?

A: Well, the future is now. And the Sox see Poreda helping them now than anyone else in that 11th man role. When he’s not pitching, he’s working on his other pitches under the supervision of Don Cooper and Juan Nieves. This might cost him some innings, but his talents right now are better served at the major league level.

I’d like to see him pitch more, but the starters have done a better job pitching deeper into games.

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