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September 30, 2010

Paul Konerko on his impeding free-agency [UPDATE]

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As far as Konerko is concerned, money is not the sole factor in this next phase of his career.

“It’s about the game,” Konerko said. “It’s not so much about the contract or the years or the money. It could be that I get more here and don’t come back. You know, I got a family to think about. I got, you know, how do I fit in on a team?

“There’s a lot of things that go into it. It’s not about I’ve made a lot of money in this game, and it’s not all about that. At the same time, when it gets to those situations, it’s always been that the player has to take the discount, never the team going above to get him back. You see it from all angles.

“Just to say I’ll take a discount, I would never say anything like that. And I’m telling you it could be a better deal than anyone else’s and I decide to go somewhere else because of what I’m feeling for myself and everybody involved in that moment. That’s the honest truth.”

Merkin also says that:

That last free-agent agreement for Konerko worked out to $60 million over five years. He certainly held up his end of the bargain and then some during that time, serving as the pragmatic conscience of manager Ozzie Guillen both on the field and in the clubhouse.

Here’s Fangraphs’ value section of Konerko’s entry. His performance over the last 5 years is valued at $57.7 million.

UPDATE: Brett Ballantini says Konerko’s comments were “not entirely encouraging for White Sox fans.”

UPDATE #2: Video here (11:03) (direct link).


September 23, 2010

Kenny Williams and Jerry Reinsdorf won’t extend Ozzie Guillen’s contract

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Haugh @ CT:

“I am not planning on making a managerial change before next season,” Williams told me over the phone. “That said, with one more year left on his contract and another (for 2012) with the team option, if those are terms he’s no longer happy with, (Jerry and) I understand and respect him enough to let him out of his deal.”

“It’s just not the right time,” Williams elaborated. “There is a year left on his contract, two years from the team’s perspective, unless he would like to decide otherwise. If he does, I’ve talked to Jerry and we agree if this is something he doesn’t want, we’re not going to stop him.”

UPDATE: Seems Kenny is saying ‘Ozzie the door is there. If you want to walk away open it.’

BTW, Paulie is a free-agent after the season Ozzie. Take a clue from him and stop whining while the team is flat-lining.

September 22, 2010

Ozzie Guillen’s way out of the White Sox manager job?

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Rosenthal @ FS:

The source even outlined a scenario that could lead to Guillen’s departure from the club:

• Guillen asks for a contract extension, one that goes beyond the team simply exercising his club option for 2012.

• The White Sox balk, and Guillen asks owner Jerry Reinsdorf to allow him to pursue the Marlins’ opening.

Guillen hinted at his desire for an extension in conversations with White Sox beat reporters in Oakland on Tuesday. His option for 2012 would become guaranteed if the White Sox won the AL title next season. …

Another Kenny Williams, Ozzie Guillen fight?

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According to one Sox player, however, the two got into another heated confrontation in late August, and while this player admitted the team was out on the field when it happened and he didn’t hear it, word leaked out: ”Kenny told Ozzie, ‘You’re done, you’re done.”’

September 16, 2010

Joe Posnaski interviews Kenny Williams

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Kenny Williams is thinking about something.

“You know I love this city,” he says. “I love my job. Understand that. Get that part right. I love what I do, and I love where I am. But if the Oakland Raiders called tomorrow and asked me to run the team, I would go. I would do it.”

He wants me to write this down. I write it down. He is joking. He is not joking.

“Don’t misunderstand,” he says. “Get it down right. Get it down that I love what I do. Don’t get it wrong, now. I absolutely love what I do.”

“But you would leave to run the Raiders?” I ask. It’s the second question of the interview. Kenny Williams keeps staring out at the field, and for the first time a hint of a smile on his face.

“I’d have to go,” he says. “I’d have to tell people, ‘Sorry, I’ve been called home. The Silver and Black has called me home.’” …

Great writeup!

July 17, 2010

Chris Sale, Tyler Flowers and Brent Morel put on their acting faces [UPDATE]


Next week the production of the MLB Network reality series The Club will take place at Knights Stadium.  Camera crews will be in town for the Charlotte Knights home stand as they follow the career of several Knights players including 2010 first round pick pitcher Chris Sale, catcher Tyler Flowers and infielder Brent Morel.  White Sox Assistant General Manager Rick Hahn is expected to be at Knights Stadium next week as well.

Award-winning actor, Chicago native and die-hard Chicago White Sox fan Michael Clarke Duncan will provide narration for The Clubhitting coach Greg Walker.

UPDATE: Here’s the latest trailer:

http://chicago.whitesox.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_id=9917167&topic_id=9991168&c_id=cws (2:06)

And two older trailers:

July 16, 2010

Kenny Williams on ESPN’s ‘Pardon The Interruption’ (video)

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Video: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=5384642 (4:58)

The Guillen-Williams relationship review became relevant Thursday after Williams appeared on ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption” just before the White Sox took the field for batting practice. Some players knew the interview was coming. Mark Buehrle delayed a radio appearance because of it. Most everybody gathered around to listen.

The clubhouse audience grew bored quickly when the talk centered around the team’s hot play. Things changed, though, when Williams started talking about his relationship with Guillen. …

July 15, 2010

Ozzie Guillen’s Quote of the Day

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“Jerry is a business man. He don’t give a (bleep) if me and Kenny get along. If this team wins the World Series and we end up in jail because we are killing each other, Jerry would go for that.”

July 5, 2010

Mark Buehrle earns full no trading rights (10-and-5)

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Mark Buehrle told general manager Ken Williams on Monday that he had 9 1/2 hours to get rid of him or he’d be stuck with him.

Williams laughed and told Buehrle he didn’t even think about Monday night’s deadline before Buehrle’s full no-trade rights kicked in as a player with 10 years of major league service, all with the White Sox. …

Jerry kept his word:

“I think when the whole contract thing was going down, I wanted a no-trade clause because I wanted to know I’d be here the whole time,” Buehrle said of the four-year extension he signed with the White Sox on July 8, 2007. “I give props to [Sox owner] Jerry [Reinsdorf] and [general manager] Kenny [Williams] , they kept their word. Jerry called me into the office after I signed and told me, ‘We’re not signing you to trade you. You’ve got my word that we’re not going to trade you.’ And he held up to it.”

June 23, 2010

Kenny Williams wants more

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“No. We are in third place,” Williams said. “You know how I feel about that. I’ll be happier when we get to first place, somewhat happier.”

“I’m certainly more encouraged than the last time we all spoke and got together here,” Williams said. “But this is still a work in progress. Fortunately we are on the upswing right now and I just hope we can continue with the momentum we built up, get excitement back into the city and the stands and get our fans on board with the way we feel about ourselves, and take it from there.”

June 19, 2010

Jerry Reinsdorf confirms Kenny Williams can fire Ozzie Guillen

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Reinsdorf confirmed that Williams has the power to fire Guillen but never asked for his approval. … Reinsdorf explained why Williams has the authority to make chances as he sees fit, although Williams said Tuesday he has no intention of making chances during the Sox’s winning trend in the past 10 days.

“The biggest mistake I ever made, but I would make it again, is I let Hawk (Harrelson) fire Tony La Russa,” Reinsdorf said. “I would hope Kenny would never come to that conclusion. But you can’t make a general manager have a manager he doesn’t want. You can’t make a manager have a coach he doesn’t want. I can’t make the head of the accounting department work with someone he doesn’t want. I hate to think about it and I don’t think it will ever come to it and Kenny says he doesn’t see it, but that’s the way it works.”

Reinsdorf, also, said the Sox have the resources to add a player if they’re in the playoff hunt, and acknowledged that the Sox are playing better but they are playing a soft part of the schedule too.

June 15, 2010

Kenny Williams talks to Jerry Reinsdorf about Ozzie Guillen

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Williams said he’s had a “few long talks” with chairman Jerry Reinsdorf regarding his relationship with Guillen.

“He (Reinsdorf) understands all of this, and he understands if I decide to go down the course to make any sort of changes, from top to bottom, he supported that thought,” Guillen said. “But that’s not in my mind. What’s in my mind is we’ve all been together a long time, and we’ve had some success. There’s no reason why we can’t.

June 14, 2010

Kenny Williams would like to fire Ozzie Guillen?

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Heyman @ SI:

One person who’s familiar with the skirmishes between White Sox general manager Ken Williams and manager Ozzie Guillen said even before their latest blowup, “Kenny would like to fire him if he could.” Of course, club owner Jerry Reinsdorf is such a loyal leader it would be just about impossible to fire Guillen. According to people in the know, Guillen simply doesn’t take direction well — no surprise there. The latest blowup, as first reported in the Chicago Sun-Times, was over Guillen’s dissatisfaction with the $50,000 offer the White Sox made to his son Ozney, whom they drafted in the 22nd round. Like a lot of parents, Ozzie figured his son was a top-10 round talent. Of course, logically, the other 29 teams passed through 21 rounds, so it made no sense to take it out on Williams. Ozzie’s other son Ozzie Jr. quit his do-nothing job already (officially, he was a video coordinator, but people around the team say he didn’t do very much of anything) under pressure after he tweeted inappropriate opinions about White Sox players. This is getting ugly.

Who’s that person? Joe Cowley?

June 10, 2010

Kenny Williams on his relationship with Ozzie Guillen

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“We are both very competitive men, strong-willed men,” said Williams, talking about his relationship with Guillen, the club’s manager. “I believe in self-assessment, and I think you have to assess all parts of our operation from top to bottom to determine if it’s, in fact, still a productive working relationship.

“Whether or not the maintenance of that relationship is such that we still have the drive to get through some things and still have the drive to get through some differences … I’m still in that assessment mode for myself, in particular.

“That should not lead to the assumption that I mean that [Guillen] is the one [who may benefit from a change of scenery]. If I determine that I am the one that is the cog in the machine, then I am the one who will stand in front of [White Sox chairman] Jerry Reinsdorf and tell him so and step aside. … I will not deny that I am growing weary of the soap opera.”

May 25, 2010

Will the White Sox get an FM outlet for the next season?

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Negotiations are under way to determine which Chicago radio station will air Chicago White Sox games — probably for at least the next five years. The incumbent station, sports-talk WSCR-AM (670) has had the White Sox for the past five years and is interested in keeping them when the current radio broadcast contract expires at the end of 2010 baseball season.

But it looks as if the White Sox and owner Jerry Reinsdorf might want something more than just another five years with an AM radio outlet. “The incumbent certainly has the ability to keep the business, but I don’t know if that will be the case,” said Brooks Boyer, the White Sox marketing honcho who is heading up negotiations. “We are looking at all of our options, and this is far from a handshake deal,” added Boyer. …

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