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October 23, 2009

Merkin on Dye

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Merkin’s mailbag:

By all accounts, Jermaine Dye seems to be gone. Is there any chance that he comes back as a designated hitter? I would love to see a more athletic right fielder but would hate to see Dye go.
— Bert, Northlake, Ill.

Your opinion about losing Dye has been felt and expressed throughout the organization, Bert. Dye has stood out as a first-class individual, a steady clubhouse leader and an extremely productive middle-of-the-order hitter since 2005. Yes, Dye had what he termed as one of his worst career slumps in the second half of the 2009 season, but I still don’t believe that a healthy Dye suddenly has lost the ability to hit the ball.

With all of this deserved praise factored in, I just don’t see Dye coming back to the White Sox — especially at the $12 million that his mutual option currently dictates. He could return as the team’s designated hitter, possibly on a one-year deal, but I see that spot being filled more by a rotation of players, as opposed to having a front-line singular presence such as Jim Thome served for parts of four seasons. And Dye certainly should draw deeper attention on the open market, so he has to weigh those offers against his desire to stay in Chicago and his potential role on the South Side.


October 22, 2009

Dye and Podsednik decisions will be made after the World Series

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When asked about White Sox free agents such as leadoff man Scott Podsednik and middle-of-the-order leader Jermaine Dye, who have contributed so much to the team over the past five years, Williams said they would have to wait until after the World Series to make those decisions.

Dye has the respect and admiration of everyone within the organization, as well as the clubhouse. But with a $12 million mutual option for 2010, manager Ozzie Guillen begrudgingly admitted at the close of 2009 that the two sides would probably be going their separate ways.

Podsednik, arguably one of the most valuable players on the 2009 White Sox, batted .304 with 48 RBIs and 75 runs scored, although he didn’t play his first game until May 1. The White Sox would like to bring back Podsednik, if the price and years are right on both sides. …

October 12, 2009

Wayne Winston’s ‘Mathletics’

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In his new book, Mathletics, Winston details his method of calculating the degree to which a player increases or decreases his team’s chances of winning. Winston and his team developed a point system to determine how many more or fewer victories a player will contribute than the average player. … The Sox suffered similar woes at the plate (six points worse than the average team), and their troubles were compounded by a lackluster performance in the field (four points worse than the average team). But the Sox thrived on the mound, and Thornton made the biggest contribution to the team. …

BTW, here’s Tango’s thread and link to Winston’s Mathletics book.

October 7, 2009

D & D -> Type A x2

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MLBTR says both Jermaine Dye and Octavio Dotel project as Type A Free-Agents. A team that loses a Type A free-agent receives 2 extra draft picks when another team signs them, provided that the team that loses the player offers him arbitration. One draft pick comes from the team that signs the player and the other in a supplemental draft round. It doesn’t look like the Sox will offer arbitration to Dye or Dotel though. If D & D are offered arbitration they could accept and Kenny wouldn’t like having to pay them.

MLBTR has more:

For the player, Type A status can be dangerous.  If a Type A free agent is offered arbitration and declines, his new team has to give up a draft pick to sign him.  The following teams would have to give up their first-round pick in 2010 if they sign a Type A free agent from another team who was offered and turned down arbitration: the Rays (#17), Mariners, Tigers, Braves, Twins, Rangers, Marlins, Giants, Cardinals, Rockies, Phillies, Dodgers, Red Sox, Angels, and Yankees.  The teams not listed would have to give up their second-round pick. … Last winter’s events might lead to a game of cat and mouse between players and teams this time around – teams will be less inclined to offer arbitration to their Type A free agents out of concern that those players will be more inclined to accept.  If a player accepts arbitration, he’s under that team’s control for 2010 and the two parties will go to a hearing if they can’t agree on a salary.

October 3, 2009

Chone Figgins doesn’t fit the current budget [UPDATE]

says Ozzie:

“I don’t think Figgins. To be honest with you, would we like to have players like him? [Bleep], everybody does. But this kid is going to cost you a lot of money. If we figure out this guy is going to solve our problem, then [board chairman] Jerry [Reinsdorf] will take a shot because Jerry wants to win. Jerry wants to win. [general manager] Kenny [Williams] wants to win. I want to win. Everybody wants to win. In the meanwhile, Kenny is going to go see the market and we are going to see how … I would love to have [Scott] Podsednik back but that’s my call. It’s between Podsednik’s agent and Kenny and the White Sox, but we just need someone. That was our problem this year, our center field problem was pretty deep.”

Dye isn’t even in Ozzie’s plans:

“Having Rios at the start of the season will make everything easier. With Rios, Quentin and whoever is out there, hopefully Podsednik, but I don’t make that call. There are a lot of names out there but I’m not going to tell you we bring this guy or that guy because I don’t know exactly. I know where we are going when you trade for Peavy and Rios. We are going in the right direction. We are going to win. We do things little by little and hopefully everything work out.”

And Carlos Quentin will moving from left field to right field says Cowley.

UPDATE: Gregor says the Angels, Cubs, and Yankees seem more possible destinations for Figgins.

And Gonzales says “Guillen is relieved the rotation appears set.”

Ozzie Guillen on trading Bobby Jenks

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Ozzie Guillen on trading Bobby Jenks:

“Tough call. We don’t want to trade him, but in the meanwhile, Kenny’s never going to say no to any trade if he thinks it’s going to help this organization. I still think Bobby’s going to be our closer next year. If something happens between now and next year, then we’ll make a move. Can (Matt) Thornton close a game? A lot of people doubt it; I say yes he can. He’s got good enough stuff and he’s got experience. I think right now, our bullpen’s going to make maybe a few changes. I think on paper, it’s a good bullpen, physically. But honestly, very inconsistent and we’ve got to get better.

and on Tony Pena:

“I think Pena’s fine. I think Pena’s in the spot he should be in. We just got him to help the bullpen. We put him in big spots and he failed, but all of the sudden he bounced back and pitched well. As long as he does that, he’s going to help make the organization better. He knows his role and next year, he might know his role a little bit better. I’m pretty pleased with the way he’s thrown and I know he’s going to get better.”

October 2, 2009

Scowley time

Joe Cowley hands out his 2nd annual Sox player awards:


”I don’t need Carlos to have [expletive] fun. I need Carlos to produce.” — general manager Williams, on Quentin.

September 30, 2009

Sox don’t plan to pick-up Dye’s $12 million option

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The White Sox are not planning on picking up Jermaine Dye‘s $12 million mutual option, according to people familiar with their thinking, making Dye a free agent after the year.

Of course they won’t pick-up Dye’s $12 million option. Now trying to negotiate something new is another thing. I guess it all depends on what offers does Dye get in the free-agent market.

September 8, 2009

AJ Pierzynski at WWE Raw [UPDATE]

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h/t Reifert. I also see Jermaine Dye, Chris Getz and Gordon Beckham?

UPDATE: Yes, my eyes were correct:

Sox players A.J. Pierzynski, Jermaine Dye, Chris Getz and Gordon Beckham were at WWE’s televised ”Raw” program Monday at Allstate Arena in Rosemont. Pierzynski even had a chance to be a contestant on a sendup of ”The Price is Right,” with Bob Barker guest-hosting the show.

September 4, 2009

Let the off-season plans begin!

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There’s only one offseason target on [Kenny] Williams’ radar. The money off the books in losing Jim Thome, Jose Contreras, Octavio Dotel as well as possibly Jermaine Dye and Jenks not only covers the losses in ’09 and the additions of Peavy and Rios, but allows Williams one big-ticket item. In this case, a speedy-ticket item.

Chone Figgins, come on down!

The Sox have been infatuated with the speedy leadoff hitter for four years, and now that he becomes a free agent, they’ll make a serious play for him. If the asking price on Figgins is too high, then Scott Podsednik becomes Plan B, as well as talking to Dye about redoing a short-term contract and becoming a designated hitter.

Needz moar Casey Cotchman!

September 3, 2009

Why didn’t the Giants go after Dye? Where might he go now?

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Robothal (h/t MLBTR):

…  The [2010] option in Dye’s contract might have been another obstacle. If traded, he has the right to convert his $12 million mutual option into a player option within 72 hours of his assignment, according to major- league sources. The Giants might have feared taking on significant payroll for next year, but they also could have negotiated with Dye to restructure his deal. As it stands, Dye is guaranteed only $1 million beyond this season — the value of his buyout if the White Sox decline his option. Perhaps Dye will return to the White Sox at a lower number. He also would make sense for the Giants as a free agent, and the Cubs could be another fit if they trade right fielder Milton Bradley. Dye has eight homers and 12 doubles in 115 career at-bats at Wrigley Field.

speaking of Dye, here’s Jayson Stark (h/t MLBTR):

While the White Sox included Jermaine Dye in the list of names on Kenny Williams’ I’ll-trade-all-these-bums e-mail Monday, clubs that checked in on Dye came away with the impression the White Sox were significantly less interested in dealing him than they were in moving some of their other names. “The pieces they moved didn’t affect them,” said an official of one club. “But they wanted something good for Dye.”

September 2, 2009

At last!

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top of the 9th inning starts; Sox are down 0-2:

[Twins pitcher Joe] Nathan than quickly retired pinch-hitter Mark Kotsay on a swinging strikeout to start the ninth and then induced Scott Podsednik’s routine fly ball to left fielder Denard Span for out No. 2. Nathan jumped ahead on Gordon Beckham with two quick strikes, needing one more swing to send the White Sox to their sixth straight loss. But the rookie phenom worked the count full and then launched a 3-2 pitch into the left-field stands for his 10th home run and a 2-1 deficit. … Beckham’s blast was a nice moment for the White Sox, but they still were one out away from falling 4 1/2 games behind the Twins for second. Once again, Nathan brought the game within its final strike, but Konerko drove out his own full-count offering for home run No. 24. Konerko’s long ball was more of a high fly, and Span looked as if he had his jump timed to take away the game-tying run. It would have been a fitting ending for the White Sox in the Metrodome, but instead, it landed about four rows beyond Span’s outstretched glove.

After that Nathan walked Jermaine Dye and Carlos Quentin and was replaced by Matt Guerrier. The next batter was Alexei Ramirez who singled:

His single to left on an 0-2 pitch scored pinch-runner Dewayne Wise when Span’s throw short-hopped catcher Mike Redmond. A good throw would have had Wise by a few feet. But it was an aggressive send by third-base coach Jeff Cox in a venue where the White Sox literally had nothing to lose.

Next, Carlos Quentin scored an insurance-run on a wild pitch, Bobby Jenks worked a scoreless 1-2-single-4 bottom of the 9th and the Sox had their first win in the Metrodome in a game the Twins lead by 2 runs in the 9th inning. Seems the Sox figure it in their last Metrodome game. The Sox finished with a 89-114 record at the Metrodome after it opened in 1982.

A couple quotes from the Sox after the jump.


SoxNet’s September To-Do list


Relieve Matt Thornton. While Ozzie Guillen and the players aren’t quitting (according to him), his GM certainly did once that reported memo went out telling fellow GMs that a list of veteran Sox players were available. That said, it’s not time to put on a show and more a time to give Thornton a rest. Between pitching in the World Baseball Classic and throwing 59.2 pressure-packed innings (throwing in the high 90’s throughout), Thornton call it a season. He’s too valuable of a 2010 piece – especially with the current state of the pen – to waste further energy and risk injury pitching in meaningless September games. You can say this about anyone I’m sure, but relievers unreliable health from year-to-year makes this too obvious of a choice. …

September 1, 2009

That’s the business we are in

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Paul Konerko on Jim Thome going away:

“I mean definitely tough to see [Thome] go. Great teammate, great guy. He was everything he was cracked up to be before he got here. It was great. As far as me with him, it’s going to fall short by this month and hopefully next year. That’s a pretty good amount of time as well. We did some good thing. I could always say I played with him, like everyone else in here. You play with a legend like that, it was definitely a privilege. That’s the business we are in.

Cowley has a lot more quotes from the Sox on the Jim Thome and Jose Contreras trades.

August 31, 2009

The 6 teams in Dye’s no-trade clause

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Thome and Dye could become free agents after this season, but Thome has a full no-trade clause, while Dye has a limited one that includes both New York teams, Boston, Toronto, Philadelphia and Washington.

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