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August 18, 2009

Jayson Nix > Chris Getz?

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Here’s an interesting post: Why Chris Getz’ Injury is Good for this Team.

I’m wondering if Jayson Nix can maintain his .325 OBP. Getz also has a .325 OBP. Nix has  much higher SLG %. BTW, while Nix has an 11.9 LD % in 2009, he had a 17.9 LD% in 2008.

Here are their fangraphs pages: Jayson Nix, Chris Getz. wOBA: .350 and .316 respectively. .342 and .318 on statcorner. Fangraphs uses batted ball data from Baseball Info Solutions, while  statcorner uses batted ball date from MLB Gameday.


August 11, 2009

Ozzie Guillen on Alex Rios position

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What’s the plan for Rios, Ozzie?

Rios figures to be an everyday player for the Sox at one of the outfield positions. He’s shown the ability to play all three positions, though he primarily played right field for the Jays this season. “I think Alex has to understand — I know he has played right field most of his career with the Jays,” manager Ozzie Guillen said. “Talking about our situation, talked to him about our players, he’s got to help me in different ways. I might play him in left field, center field, right field. I might not do it every day, it’s just to make sure everyone here gets some playing time.” There’s also the question of where Rios fits into the batting order. Guillen said it’s possible he could bat first when the regular leadoff man, center fielder Scott Podsednik, is out of the lineup. “He did in the past,” Guillen said. “I wish I could keep him hitting in one spot and leave him there. When [Podsednik] is not there we have to figure out who will hit leadoff. It can be [Jayson] Nix or it can be him. Those are the two guys we have in mind.”

August 8, 2009

Sox to move Gordon Beckham to second base in the off-season?

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GordonBeckhamJim Luttrell @ New York Times:

White Sox third baseman Gordon Beckham is sure to attract some attention at the end of the season for rookie of the year honors. If the White Sox go ahead with a planned move of Beckham to second base this off-season, he will certainly draw more comparisons to another Chicago player who made a similar switch early in his career. …

July 13, 2009

Mark Gonzales on the Pena trade and the Sox future infield

On the Brandon Allen-Tony Pena trade:

Moving Allen was tough for me to stomach, but I understand the need to strengthen the bullpen. Pena can step into Dotel’s role next year and could become more valuable now if Carrasco moves into the rotation. … The trading of Allen slightly alleviates a logjam at the corners. Konerko probably takes over as the designated hitter. If the Sox don’t re-sign Jerma[in]e Dye, that would pave the way for Dayan Viciedo or Josh Fields to play first.

and Mark’s future infield prediction:

1b – Dayan Viciedo or Josh Fields
2b – Chris Getz or Jayson Nix
ss – Alexei Ramirez
3b – Gordon Beckham

July 1, 2009

Alexei Ramirez to miss tomorrow’s game

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Joe Cowley:

According to manager Ozzie Guillen, he will miss at least Thursday’s game in Kansas City, and will be re-evaluated based on what x-rays tell them Thursday afternoon.

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