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July 10, 2009

BlackJack on Clayton Richard

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Jack McDowell:

Manager Ozzie Guillen calmly states that the White Sox have “no other choice” but to stick with Clayton Richard in the rotation. But in the same breath, Richard’s struggles even prompted the young lefthander to almost beg out of the rotation! …

June 29, 2009

BlackJack on hitting

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From Jack’s latest mailbag:

Q: Take Josh Fields for an example. The reason people can get a 90 mph fastball past him is that when he cocks, his right elbow flies up. This is not a difficult fix but yet he continues to do it. The rest of our lineup sans Gordon Beckham (who will be a monster hitter someday) can’t seem to not swing at a pitch out of the zone with a 2-0 count. This is stuff I have taught ten year olds to stop swinging at bad pitches.

A: Bad thing is, the things you talked about are sooo ingrained in a guys actions by the time he’s in the Big Leagues. Guys either have a good eye and patience/ pitch selection or they don’t. …

June 26, 2009

BlackJack puts his General Manager hat on

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Jack McDowell:

The biggest issue is not whether your team can just make the playoffs but actually win it all (although every fan and players feels if their team can just get there, magic can happen.)

That being said, do I feel the White Sox can win the whole thing this year? As a player yes, but as a General Manager no. That puts me in the mode of seller.  So, who are my best bets to bring back building blocks for the future?

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