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November 30, 2010

Levine: Adam Dunn wants to play Left Field [UPDATE]

Levine @ ESPN chat:

Q: Bruce, the Sox need a left handed bat to help balance out the line-up. With [Adam] Dunn being the biggest bat out there, do you see them signing him or looking elsewhere for a bat? If so, who do you see being a fit for the Sox?

A: The White Sox want Dunn and have been trying to make that happen. However Dunn is telling people close to him that he’d like to play left field. The White Sox would rather have him be a DH/1B and maybe a part-time outfielder. But Dunn is below average at almost every position on the field. The Sox have some interest in Hideki Matsui, who at 35 still has some pop. That would also be a short-term deal.


Q: Gavin Floyd, John Danks, Edwin Jackson…which is more likely to be traded?

A: Most likely Jackson with one year and $8 million left. I just don’t see them trading starting pitching unless they get it back. That’s the strength of their team.


Q: Will Rick Hahn ever take over for Kenny or is he going to end up elsewhere?

A: Dear Mrs. Hahn, Rick will be a GM somewhere in the next couple of years and possibly with the White Sox if Reinsdorf decides to make Kenny the president of the team.

UPDATE: Dunn is looking for a 4 year, $60 million contract.

November 23, 2010

Levine: Adam Dunn is the primary target of the White Sox

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Levine @ ESPN chat:

Q: Hey Bruce is it true that the White offered Victor Martinez a 3 year $48 million dollar contract, and he chose the 4 year $50 million dollar deal from Detroit instead?

A: Don’t know if the money is exactly what you say, but they were negotiating. At the same time, the Sox have talked to many agents, including Adam Dunn‘s, who is still their primary target.

Washington offered arbitration to Dunn, so if the Sox sign him you can wave goodbye to the 23rd draft pick.

Q: Assuming the Sox don’t get Adam Dunn, would [Hideki] Matsui be the left handed bat we go after next? And is [Miguel] Olivo the Sox starting catcher in 2011?

A: I can’t see how Olivo fits with the White Sox. The reason they got rid of him initially is he called a terrible game. Unless he’s gotten a lot smarter over the last five years, I don’t see it. Matsui is someone they are interested in. The agent and the Sox have had a solid history of communication.

Also, J.P. Morosi @ FS says:

After whiffing on [Victor] Martinez, the pressure is on the Chicago White Sox to come away with Dunn or their own free-agent slugger, Paul Konerko.

At this point, the White Sox will have a lot of splainin’ to do if they don’t re-sign their captain. Konerko hit .312 this year with 39 home runs and 111 RBI.

Dunn, meanwhile, could be a fit on the North Side.

November 17, 2010

White Sox talking to Hideki Matsui; interested in Johnny Damon too

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Heyman @ SI tweets:

white sox talking to matsui. they want 2 lefty bats. that would be one.

UPDATE: Gonzo adds another name:

According to sources, the Sox are exploring contract offers to [Hideki] Matsui and possibly Johnny Damon but are not at the point of making offers to anyone. They are likely to hold off until next month on any such moves, as the Dec. 2 non-tender date will send more free agents onto the market.

December 14, 2009

Sox pass on Matsui?

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Gonzales says he may be close to signing with the Angels:

According to ESPN.com, Matsui could sign for $6.5 million for a year. At one time, the White Sox had lukewarm interest if he could still play left field on bad knees, but decided to go in other directions during last week’s winter meetings in Indianapolis.

We have $4 million for Teahen, but not $6 for Godzilla…

December 10, 2009

Sox to decide on J.J. Putz by next week; Hideki Matsui by January?

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Williams’ urgency wasn’t quite reciprocated during the four days spent in Indianapolis, as agreeing to a three-year, $14 million extension with Mark Teahen was the only move made by the team. But the White Sox have laid the groundwork for other potential additions — some could happen fast, while others might take a while to play out.

J.J. Putz, the one-time Seattle closer who is recovering from surgery to remove bone spurs from his pitching elbow, stood as a prime target for a White Sox bullpen upgrade. Although Putz has numerous teams interested, the White Sox could have a decision by the beginning of next week or move on to another pitcher.

Hideki Matsui remains a designated hitter of interest, as a left-handed power bat who would support the middle of the White Sox lineup. But Matsui’s side continues to have talks with the Yankees, and with the White Sox basically at budget, it might take until January before they can decide on how to fill this void. Finding a leadoff hitter as the third outfielder might stand as more of a priority, with Scott Podsednik and Coco Crisp still possible fits. …

Ken Davidoff has a different take on Matsui:

Increasing expectation around MLB is that the Yankees will eventually re-sign Hideki Matsui. Could take until January.

Bruce Levine says the Sox made a contract offer to J.J. Putz:

The Cubs and White Sox appear to be the lead teams on signing former closer J.J. Putz to a contract. Putz worked out for the cubs on Wednesday and will do so again on Friday. Upwards of six or seven other teams have also watched Putz work out. The former Seattle and Mets relief pitcher will most likely get an incentive-laden contract that could start at around $2.5 million and can realize another $6 or $7 million with incentives. The White Sox have been the most aggressive team on Putz and have already made an offer to his agent Craig Landis.

Sox interested in expanding their reach to the Japanese market?

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At least one reporter wondered if Williams’ friendliness with a large group of unfamiliar reporters hinted at his willingness to sign Matsui, who claims, according to Japanese reporters, that his left knee has been checked out and is healthy enough to play the outfield as well as DH, and the team’s fiscal desire to appeal to the Japanese market, where Matsui is beloved.

“It would be lots and lots of money,” said Naoko Sato, a Chicago-based reporter for Nikkan Sports News. “Mucho dinero.”

What she’s referring to are the marketing and advertising opportunities available when your games are broadcast in Japan. Matsui is one of the most popular players in Japan and his games get major air time. If “Godzilla” signed with the White Sox, the marketing opportunities would pay for a good portion of his annual contract.

Given that the White Sox were worried last season about the upcoming cessation of several big advertising deals, expanding the Sox’s reach to Japan would seem like a no-brainer.

December 9, 2009

Kenny’s Hideki Matsui secret plan

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… So, the White Sox plan for Matsui is to stay under the radar as much as possible, trying to figure out where he fits on the roster and financially, with Williams again stressing how the club is pretty much at budget. But when Williams gets completely “serious” on a player, expect a decision shortly thereafter.

“Things move quickly one way or the other when I’m serious about something,” Williams said. “We are in or we are out. You can’t read into anything, whether we contact him or not contact him or whether we talk to an agent or not talk to an agent. All that means is we are not ready, one way or the other.”

Kenny Williams on the Hideki Matsui and J.J. Putz rumors

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“We haven’t had enough substantial conversation with his representatives or himself to even think there’s a real possibility right now,” Williams said. “More has been written about him right now than is probably comfortable with the way we like to do business. We like to do business quietly and efficiently.” …

“We don’t have any money,” Williams said. “We’re close to our budget right now, and that really inhibits right now what we can do in terms of the free agent market. So we have to get creative, and we’ve done that before.”

Kenny doesn’t like all the scrutiny around his moves to add bullpen pieces, probably J.J. Putz:

“We thought we had something going on,” Williams said. “But as I’ve told you guys many times before. When things become public, to a large degree, the entire game changes and more times than not, you’re not going to get a deal.

“Something we thought we were going to be closer on becomes public, and now it’s not so close.”

Kenny also said he hasn’t asked for Hideki Matsui’s medical records and was also asked about Milton Bradley.

UPDATE: Levine says the Sox will check Matsui’s records if they offer him a “a solid one-time bid.”

SoxNet on the J.J. Putz, Coco Crisp, and Hideki Matsui rumors

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… Would I be excited about Crisp leading off for the Sox, No, but with the rotation the club possesses, the addition of a legitimate DH (see Matsui), and a quality reliever (see Putz), the Sox would emerge from the winter-meetings as the run-away favorite in the AL Central.

Latest on the Sox pursuit of Hideki Matsui

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Cowley twits:

Ok, here’s the deal with Matsui. He has been cleared by doctor to play outfield and DH. Out of loyalty, he will wait for Yanks to say yes or no. Then come Jan. he will listen to Sox. Slow process, but could happen. Sox are atop his list after Yanks said Multiple sources. Sox could go out to Cali next week and meet with him to check the knee in person. The good news for the Sox is Matsui told the Japanese media that its not about money or years, its about opportunity to play some OF. KW is about to talk and Japanese media is here looking for answers. It’s on.

December 8, 2009

Kenny Williams on Hideki Matsui [UPDATE]

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That particular level of Tuesday activity most likely included talks concerning Hideki Matsui, the World Series Most Valuable Player and a prime free agent on the White Sox radar as a left-handed power bat. Being on the radar, though, doesn’t necessarily mean a Matsui signing is imminent. … When asked specifically about Matsui, who features a career .292 batting average and a .370 on-base percentage to go with his .482 slugging percentage, Williams paused, smiled and said, “He’s a good player, but I don’t know that we are there just yet.” …

Bruce Levine reports the Sox have checked Matsui’s medical records. Matsui wants a 1-2 year deal.

UPDATE: Kenny says the Sox haven’t asked for Matsui’s medical records.

Sox emerge as a serious contender for Hideki Matsui

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Feinsand (via MLBTR):

Could Godzilla be headed to the Windy City?

The White Sox have emerged as a serious contender for Hideki Matsui, according to a source, while the Angels have confirmed their interest in the World Series MVP as well. …

Stats: B-R.

December 7, 2009

Ozzie Guillen on Hideki Matsui

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When asked if he would be interested in managing Matsui, Guillen replied: “I don’t mind. I managed two Japanese players and had fun.

” … We got room for a lot of people. We need one more guy. It could be him. He has to show us he can play the outfield, too.”


Both Chicago teams deftly danced around inquiries from Japanese media members about free agent Hideki Matsui, the World Series MVP from the Yankees. With the Sox having plenty of DH candidates and Ozzie talking about outfield defense and the Cubs having no place to put Matsui, Chicago won’t be his landing place.


High on the White Sox wish list is Japanese outfielder/DH Hideki Matsui. According to sources, Matsui is looking to be a part-time outfielder/DH. He’s also said to be looking for a one or two-year deal at the most. Matsui’s goal is to play for a contender and try to be able to re-establish himself in the outfield, dealing with knee surgeries over his career.


Guillen added that he liked what he saw in the World Series from the Yankees’ Hideki Matsui, who is a free agent, and that the Sox might have room. However, Guillen cited the need for Matsui to play defense, as well.


Guillen on the Hideki Matsui to the Sox rumor that won’t go away. “I like what I see in the World Series, yeah,” Guillen said. “He’s got to play the outfield for a little while. I never tell Kenny who to sign and who to release – well a couple guys to release. I told Kenny, ‘Hey, I don’t want this guy at the ballpark.’ And there’s one guy where I said to Kenny, ‘Hey, can we keep this guy?’ And that was Kotsay.” According to the Japanese media, however, Matsui is looking for a multi-year deal that will pay him $10 million a year. Next.

November 23, 2009

Sox are getting Hideki Matsui again

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… says Phil Rogers in his where-do-free-agents-end-up column too:

Hideki Matsui, White Sox: The World Series MVP will get a two-year deal somewhere to DH. The Yankees are keeping that role open as a once- or twice-a-week slot for Jorge Posada, Alex Rodriguez and Damon.

Why “again”? Here.

November 20, 2009

Sox are getting Hideki Matsui

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… says Bob Klapisch in his where-do-free-agents-end-up column:

GM Ken Williams said he wouldn’t be able to afford Matsui after his World Series MVP performance, but the White Sox are nevertheless interested. They need a left-handed power hitter to replace Jim Thome — and Matsui will need a home after he discovers how lean the market is. The Yankees wish him well, but have no plans to bring him back. Matsui earned $13 million in 2009 but at age 35 with two bad knees that prevent him from playing the field, he’ll have to accept far less to continue his career in the majors. A deal with the White Sox makes sense on both sides.

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