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February 22, 2010

Wins lost to injury

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I thought I might be able to whip up a quick but interesting and possibly useful metric to gauge the number of wins lost or saved due to injury from the table Jeff whipped up.  I like the percent of salary measure, but I thought the total days tally might be more telling of training staff aptitude. …


February 19, 2010

Team Payroll Lost to the DL (Disabled List) in the last 7 years

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Zimmerman @ BTB:

Rank 	Team 	Total Salary 	Salary Lost 	Total Days 	Number of Trips 	Percentage of Total Payroll
1 	LAD 	$802,269,413 	$214,186,872 	6717 		61 			27%
30 	CHW 	$677,133,665 	$38,169,033 	2135 		38 			6%

… Teams should figure out what the White Sox are doing to prevent injuries.  They are amazingly good.



September 6, 2009

Beckham’s twinge

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White Sox rookie Gordon Beckham had to leave Saturday’s game in the bottom of the first inning with a sore right side. Beckham said he initially felt discomfort on his last swing during batting practice. “I felt a little twinge in my right side,” he said. “I didn’t think much of it and kind of came in and walked around. I kind of got a little more stiff, a little more stiff. I talked to (trainer) Hermie (Schneider) and went out. “I hit. It felt fine. I threw. It felt fine. And ran, I could feel it when I ran, I could feel it a little bit. I came back in and told him it hurts when I run. I guess Hermie kind of gave me the decision if I wanted to go or not. “I said I wanted to go and when I went out on the field I just kind of felt it even more. It’s like it stiffened up a little more. I don’t think it’s too big of a deal just because we caught it quick. “So hopefully it will be a quick turnaround.”

Beckham won’t be in the lineup tomorrow. Damn…

September 5, 2009

Heck of job Hermie!

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Because teams rarely use the disabled list in September, it looks like the White Sox will finish as the healthiest team in the majors this season, at least by one standard. They have used the DL eight times. The Rangers are competing for a wild card despite 23 DL moves, the most in the majors. The Mets (22), Reds (21), Astros (21) and Padres (21) are also at 20-plus.

August 26, 2009

Doesn’t look like Peavy will start for the Sox this weekend

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Jake Peavy’s attempt at throwing a bullpen session was cut short after he felt stiffness in his right elbow while playing catch before Wednesday’s batting practice session. Peavy, who is attempting to make his first start for the White Sox on Saturday at Yankee Stadium, will attempt to throw a shorter bullpen session Thursday than what was scheduled on Wednesday. But pitching coach Don Cooper thought Peavy might be better served with another minor league start, rather than try to push toward Saturday. …

More Coop:

“To tell you the truth, sitting here right now, I’m believing, me, and me only, we haven’t discussed it with Ozzie or Kenny, but my opinion, right now the best way to take care of Jake Peavy and do the best for Jake Peavy is to continue to play it by ear, see what he can do [Thursday], make one more start in the minor leagues,” Cooper said. “To me then, we’ve taken care of everything the best you can take care of it. If you want to call it crossing the t’s and dotting the I’s, you can call it that. We’re doing it the right away, we’re not going to dick around with this.”

Levine says that according to team sources the chances of Peavy starting Saturday are remote. Merkin adds that Herm is hard at work with Peavy.

Couldn’t we have designated Clayton as a PTBNL in the July 31 trade and send him to the Padres at the end of the season?

August 5, 2009

Bobby Jenks to return on Friday?

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Scot Gregor:

The Sox are still missing Bobby Jenks, who has been battling kidney stones. Ozzie initially wasn’t sure when Jenks would be back, but trainer Herm Schneider reports the closer had the remaining stone “blasted out.” Jenks could be ready to pitch Thursday, but more likely Friday.

Ozzie says Jenks will be eased back in when he returns.

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