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October 11, 2011

Robin Ventura, Harold Baines, and Paul Konerko get stuff

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Robin Ventura got a 3-year deal:

While Guillen moved on to a four-year deal running the Miami Marlins, Ventura took over the White Sox under a three-year deal with no options. The hiring of Guillen and Ventura by Williams were somewhat similar, in that they were previous organization staples as players and, although neither one had prior managerial experience, Williams and White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf knew what to expect with their personalities and commitment to the organization.

Harold Baines got some hitting coach responsibilities,

“[The staff] will fit together such that Harold will be putting more time into the mental side of some of our hitters’ approaches,” Williams said. “He was pretty good at it, and remains a valuable asset in that area. But he will take a greater role along those lines … as will Robin. That’s what I meant by a coaching staff that will work together. It’s all intertwined, not just on one guy to solve the problems of our hitters.

“Robin will be very involved in every aspect — whether it be player development and offseason conversations with the players, the coaches, the scouts, everything. That’s just baseball and the way we like to do things. It’s an all-inclusive style of management.”

and Paul Konerko got coach consideration,

Perhaps the most stunning news to emerge from the White Sox’ press conference introducing Robin Ventura as manager was general manager’s Ken Williams’ revelation that he considered Paul Konerko as a player-manager candidate. It never got to a point where Williams asked Konerko about the possibility.

“Well, it was considered long enough for me to realize that Paul is a very cerebral person and he would probably drive himself nuts right now playing and managing at the same time,” Williams said Tuesday. “But that’s the kind of respect I have for him that yeah, I did consider it. Then I thought I think I would rather him be focused more on hitting third or fourth in the lineup and driving in 100 runs rather than trying to worry about 25 other guys in addition to it. We are trying to win.”

Kenny is pulling Hawk’s leg.

October 1, 2011

Will Harold Baines become the new bench coach?

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Mark Gonzales:

His [Kenny Williams] revelation that virtually silent but sound coach Harold Baines will play a greater role on the next coaching staff is a step in the right direction.

Or the new hitting coach? I think both positions require more communication though than 1st base coach though.

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September 27, 2011

Don Cooper to sign multi-year deal with the Sox [UPDATE]

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Scott Merkin:

A contract extension for White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper figures to become official on Tuesday afternoon with the announcement of a new multi-year deal that will precede a two-game stint as manager in place of Ozzie Guillen.

Cooper is finishing his ninth full season and 10th overall as Chicago’s pitching coach, having begun the task on July 22, 2002. He has worked under managers Jerry Manuel and Guillen, and soon will be practicing his craft for a third — whomever is hired during the offseason to replace Guillen.

With Guillen released from his contract after Monday’s 4-3 victory over the Blue Jays to pursue other opportunities and bench coach Joey Cora apparently heading to the Marlins with Guillen, Cooper will run the show over the final two days of the 2011 season as the team’s interim manager.

CSN reports first base coach Harold Baines will get a multi-year deal too, but third base coach Jeff Cox and hitting coach Greg Walker won’t get new deals.

UPDATE: The extension is for 4 years:

Of Cooper, Williams said, “Well, the pitching has been as consistent over the last decade, and that’s a testament to our scouting department, to our player development department, to Don Cooper, directly in his direction. It’s something that’s well deserved and I’m happy, thrilled to know that he’s going to be on board here for the next four years.”


October 28, 2009

Greg Walker: ‘If I was in a normal situation I probably would have been fired’

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Greg Walker tries to understand why he’s still listed as the Sox hitting coach:

“Look, I know if I was in a normal situation I probably would have been fired after this year. But I also know that we have accomplished a lot. I know that if you watch this game on a daily basis there are things to point fingers at because this is a game of failure. I think over the years we built up a enough good will and accomplished things that people don’t realize. But we have underachieved the last few years. I think [general manager] Kenny [Williams], [manager] Ozzie [Guillen] and [board chairman] Jerry [Reinsdorf] know the reasons, and they know I’m the right man for the job. Last year happened and it would have cost a lot of hitting coaches their jobs, but there is a lot of trust there. I don’t take that lightly. I’ve done this for seven years and I think for those seven years we’ve underachieved two of them. Even those years we did underachieve we went about our business the right way. When they decide it’s someone else’s turn then it will be someone else’s job.” …

DeLuca says Walker along with Joey Cora, Don Cooper and Harold Baines got two-year contract extensions (2010 and 2011).

September 23, 2009

All Sox coaches sign extensions to 2011?

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Minutes after Williams spoke, a source confirmed that all of the coaches that had contracts up after this season — specifically hitting coach Greg Walker, pitching coach Don Cooper, bench coach Joey Cora and first base coach Harold Baines — had or were in the process of signing extensions thought to take the staff through 2011.

There were whispers that Williams recently signed an extension that will keep him the Sox GM through 2012 — the same length of Ozzie Guillen’s deal — but Williams replied in a text that he would not comment on that.

July 7, 2009

Paulie’s 3 homers

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Pat Seerey holds the team record with four home runs, set at Philadelphia on July 18, 1948. Konerko is the first White Sox player to go deep three times in a game since Jose Valentin, on July 30, 2003, at Kauffman Stadium, and the first to do it at home since Harold Baines against Detroit — 27 years ago to the day.

July 3, 2009

Carlos Quentin to start minor league rehabilitation assignment

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Mark Gonzales:

White Sox slugger Carlos Quentin left his teammates Friday to start a minor league rehabilitation assignment. Quentin’s destination wasn’t revealed yet, but his locker stall at Kauffman Stadium was empty.

Quentin hasn’t played since tearing a tendon in his left foot on May 25. …

Cowley writes Quentin will be headed to Charlotte.

Ozzie says the biggest test for Quentin will be running, starting and stopping.

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