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November 9, 2009

Links, we got links, we got lots and lots of links.

— Mark Buehrle’s perfect game is the theme of an exhibit at the Art Institute.

— The Pods talks are back on. But Kenny won’t sacrifice other needs to fill the leadoff role.

— Dotel and Dye are officially ‘Type A free-agents’. Dotel filed for free-agency.

— Kenny expects the youngsters to contribute.

— Kenny will seek Carlos Quentin’s permission if he wants to move him to Right Field.

— Sox interest in Aroldis Chapman appears lukewarm says van dyck.

— Here’s the Elias free-agent rankings list. BA’s Q&A is here.

— Sox’ odds to win the 2010 World Series: 28-1.

— Phil Rogers wonders if Kenny will go after Roy Halladay.


October 7, 2009

D & D -> Type A x2

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MLBTR says both Jermaine Dye and Octavio Dotel project as Type A Free-Agents. A team that loses a Type A free-agent receives 2 extra draft picks when another team signs them, provided that the team that loses the player offers him arbitration. One draft pick comes from the team that signs the player and the other in a supplemental draft round. It doesn’t look like the Sox will offer arbitration to Dye or Dotel though. If D & D are offered arbitration they could accept and Kenny wouldn’t like having to pay them.

MLBTR has more:

For the player, Type A status can be dangerous.  If a Type A free agent is offered arbitration and declines, his new team has to give up a draft pick to sign him.  The following teams would have to give up their first-round pick in 2010 if they sign a Type A free agent from another team who was offered and turned down arbitration: the Rays (#17), Mariners, Tigers, Braves, Twins, Rangers, Marlins, Giants, Cardinals, Rockies, Phillies, Dodgers, Red Sox, Angels, and Yankees.  The teams not listed would have to give up their second-round pick. … Last winter’s events might lead to a game of cat and mouse between players and teams this time around – teams will be less inclined to offer arbitration to their Type A free agents out of concern that those players will be more inclined to accept.  If a player accepts arbitration, he’s under that team’s control for 2010 and the two parties will go to a hearing if they can’t agree on a salary.

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