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March 3, 2012

Robin Ventura’s batting order thoughts

Ventura wants:

Chris Sale had a good start in today’s intrasquad game:

Sale said he was mindful during warmups and at the start of the game to not go hard from the onset.“

Just taking it nice and easy and really loosening it up because you have time,” he said. “You’re in no rush. That was nice to go out there and flip some in and start stretching it out and pick it up as it goes.”

Shingo Takatsu, aka Mr. Zero, made an appearance!

And a photo from today’s game. Chris Sale pitches to Alex Rios:

More pictures here.

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June 28, 2011

Dr. Fishbein is trying to straighten out Adam Dunn

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Remember Dr. Fishbein? His new assignment is trying to straighten out Adam Dunn. Padilla @ ESPN:

As if Adam Dunn’s head wasn’t messed up enough, he just got schooled on the golf course by the team psychologist.

Talk about mind games.

The good news, though, is that Dunn spent the time last week talking things through with Jeffrey Fishbein, who has been with the club off and on since spring training. …

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April 16, 2011

Introducing Dr. Fishbein [UPDATE]

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Chicago White Sox assistant general manager Rick Hahn was on WSCR’s ‘Danny Mac Show’:

“In fact this last offseason we hired a fellow by the name of Dr. Jeff Fishbein, who’s a sports psychologist, he works exclusively with the White Sox now. He’s worked previously, for the last 10 years, with the [Florida] Marlins before that. He’s been around, going back all the way to SoxFest, he spent a few weeks down in Arizona with us in Spring Training, and he’s just available as a resource.

“Ozzie, over the years, has joked on numerous occasions that ‘I don’t need a pitching coach or a hitting coach, I need a team of shrinks.’ And this year he actually has someone on staff right now, who’s available as a resource, to help with some of the performance and on-field issues, which are very real. And I do think that probably four or five years ago, there was finally a little bit of a breakthrough in the game, which obviously is very slow to change.

“But when a guy like Zack Greinke can come out and say ‘I have these very real psychological issues that prevent me from performing and I need help,’ And then he’s able to rebound and have a Cy Young caliber season after he gets that help. All of a sudden I think it became a little more acceptable for guys to say ‘You know what, I need some help as well.’ And we’re, as an organization, now providing them that resource.”

Hopefully he can keep Q’s head straight! BTW, audio at the link.

UPDATE: Quentin’s psychiatrist last winter was Dr. Sherlin.

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