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January 29, 2012

More High School draftees, for the Sox, in the upcoming drafts?

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July 16, 2011

Trying to predict Adam Dunn’s 2nd half rebound

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Zimmerman @ FG:

… The performance of this group of players did jump quite a bit in the 2nd half of the season with the biggest increase coming in the form of power (SLG increases by 0.115 and ISO increasing by 0.086). Using these numbers to predict how the rest of the season would go, Adam Dunn would have a 2nd half triple slash line of 0.198/0.340/0.427. …

BTW, Adam Dunn is felling good. And Jake Peavy agrees: “That looked like you.” Hey you two, get a room!

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July 15, 2011

Fangraphs’ Joe Pawlikowski on Alex Rios’ struggles

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Pawlikowski  @ FG:

… This year Rios has played like one of the worst players in baseball. We know he’s not one of the worst, at least in terms of talent. He’s put it on display before. But it’s not as though this is just a half-season slump that we can expect to correct itself. In the last calendar year Rios has hit .233/.282/.346, which amounts to a .277 wOBA. That ranks 137th out of the 140 qualified players. He has produced just 0.2 WAR in that time as well, which ranks 134th. Given this poor year-long performance, it’s tough to expect an improvement from Rios in the second half.

The problem extends even if we go back two calendar years. In that span Rios has hit .251/.299/.395, a .305 wOBA, and has been worth 2.6 WAR. That ranks 114th out of 133 qualified players. If we take that back even another year, which would include Rios’s worthwhile 2008 season — and give us the magical three-year sample for UZR — he has produced 6.5 WAR, which ranks 89th out of 124. His batting runs above average in the last three years is -10.3, which ranks 109th out of 124. Any way you look at it, his numbers are a far cry from the 8.6 WAR (29th out of 151) he produced from 2006 through 2007. …

Other White Sox links: FutureSox talks to Doug Laumann about the Sox drafting philosophy and more, J.J. talks about Rick Hahn topping SI’s list of GMs in the making, Alexei Ramirez is Fangraphs’ 31st Trade Value in MLB, and Matt Snyder at CBS Sports writes about Dayan Viciedo’s magnificent power.

June 3, 2011

Kenny Williams wants more pitching

Merkin @ CWS:

“If [White Sox chairman] Jerry [Reinsdorf] and Kenny had their way, it would always be pitching,” Laumann said. “I don’t necessarily disagree with that. You also need guys to catch and throw across the field and score some runs.” … “We will deal from the depth of the Draft, which looks like it’s in the college pitching, and that’s a good thing for us,” Laumann said. “Or if we feel like there’s one position player that stands out as an impact guy, we can possibly get him at 47 and feel confident about the next two or three college arms.”

Other White Sox links: James has fun with arbitrary datesSergio Santos hasn’t changed, A.J. Pierzynski is balancing his hands, Don Cooper says the 6-man rotation will stick around for a while, and Josh Phegley has good day at the plate and says he always goes after the first available fastball he sees.

November 10, 2010

White Sox hire longtime Latin American scout Pablo Cruz

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Gonzales @ CT:

… Krause and Doug Laumann, the Sox’s director of amateur scouting, visited the Dominican Republic last week to scout amateur players. General Manager Ken Williams wouldn’t confirm Wednesday that the Sox had hired Pablo Cruz, a longtime Latin American scout, to assist Krause.

Cruz signed third base slugger Aramis Ramirez while with the Pirates’ organization and is “as honest as they come,” according to one veteran major league scout.

June 6, 2010

Kenny Williams’ drafting philosophy

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Laumann said general manager Kenny Williams prefers players who can make it to the big-league club quickly, though the Sox did select three high school players among their first five picks last year.

“Kenny’s philosophy is get an impact guy, get a guy that we think when he gets to the big-league level he can make an impact, be a star kind of player,” Laumann said. “That being said, we don’t seem to be an organization that fits into a rebuilding mode to where we want to sit there and say we want to wait four, five, six years for a guy.

“We’re always trying to inject guys maybe in a two or three-year time frame to the core we’ve got at the big-league level. When that’s the case, the college kid’s certainly someone that’s going to be a little more attractive to us.”

June 4, 2010

Doug Laumann on Trayce Thompson coming to the big leagues

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Doug Laumann on what he was looking for when picking eighth in 2008:

“We love Thompson, but we can’t think about him getting [to the big leagues] for four or five years,” Laumann said.

February 17, 2010

Sox 2010 draft preview

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Doug Laumann doesn’t get enough credit. I’ve argued this several times, but it seems that White Sox fans just can’t stand the sight of a Doug Laumann mention. I find this a bit strange. He’s produced plenty of Major Talent from his drafts, and he’s also produced a large number of players that were used in trades by General Manager Ken Williams to get better pieces at the Major League level. That’s what a scouting director is supposed to do. He’s not responsible for the player development side of things. He’s responsible for bringing in the talent, then the general manager and player development team decides where to go from there. …

Laumann indicated the Sox will probably focus on pitching in the draft and will add resources in their Latin America operations.

January 24, 2010

Sox looking to improve their Latin America operations

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”With all the problems we’ve had over there, and whether those problems were the result of those problems are something that didn’t enable us to get the players we need to get, or whether we just aren’t doing a good job over there, we need to get better at,” scouting director Doug Laumann said Sunday morning.

”We’re going to make a commitment for a little bit of time to add some resources, some manpower and get it better over there.”

”We definitely need to get more production out of the Dominican,” Laumann said. ”We need to tap that resource more than we had.”

Rick Hahn said so too yesterday.

Final Soxfest day news

Ozzie: “mark buehrle deserves to be our no. 1 guy.” will be reviewed in spring training. [Gordon] Beckham in the batting order: Probably 2nd, but if not, 5th, 6th or 7th. Juan Pierre would love to be able to hit homers. Doug Laumann: Sox will “probably focus on pitching” in the next draft. Rick Hahn: Worldwide draft could be coming soon. Laumann: Tyler Flowers will be a “real solid big league player.”

January 23, 2010

Soxfest (Day 2) news

Kenny wonders who’s Johnny Damon’s agent. Marc Teahen might wear #23. Bobby Jenks was offered a multi-year deal before he signed his arbitration contract. Kenny on Jordan Danks and Jared Michell: “this is 2010 and we have to win … They got to wait.” Ozzie blamed Kenny for the 2008 team. Jeff Cox: “There’s no ‘i’ in team, but there are 2 in ‘idiot.'” Steve Stone to Greg Walker: “Can you make a guy who can’t hit, hit?” “Um, no.” Rick Hahn: [Gordon] Beckham has changed perception about length of development time. Doug Laumann: [Dayan] Viciedo “a man among boys,” probably will end up @ 1B. Rick Hahn: We’re re-investing in Latin American scouting infrastructure.

June 26, 2009

Sox Scouting Director Doug Laumann Q & A

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What made the club decide to pick Jared Mitchell, and how high is his ceiling?

I would have to say the biggest reason is his athleticism. He possesses the tools that cannot be taught, the main one being game-changing type of speed. Speed is the only tool in the game that you can use both offensively and defensively, and hopefully we see him using his tools in a White Sox uniform very soon. Jared has a very high ceiling that he will hopefully begin to develop soon.

Which pitchers you drafted excite you the most as far as star potential?

Probably the first three high school pitchers (2nd round lefty David Holmberg, 4th round righty Matthew Heidenreich and 7th round lefty Justin Jones). We have not taken many high school pitchers early in the draft in some time, so I am really pumped up about getting them with our player development people and seeing what we can do with them.

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