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July 30, 2010

White Sox trade RHP Dan Hudson and LHP David Holmberg for RHP Edwin Jackson

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The D-backs on Friday traded right-hander Edwin Jackson to the White Sox in exchange for right-hander Daniel Hudson and Minor League left-hander David Holmberg.

WTF Kenny?

NBC’s Craig Calceterra:

Personally, I’d rather have Daniel Hudson, who is young and team-controlled for years, than Edwin Jackson who is only team-controlled through next season and isn’t, you know, all that good.

Well said Craig. Well said…

UPDATE: Nightengale (USAT):

If deal gets done, the White Sox would send Daniel Hudson and prospect for Jackson,and take on Jackson’s entire $8.75 million salary

Gonzales (Trib):

The  White Sox reportedly will pay the remainder of Jackson’s $4.2 million salary this year and all of the $8.35 next year.


July 29, 2010

White Sox looking for a bat and a mid-rotation starter

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Rosenthal (Fox Sports):

White Sox exploring hitters other than Dunn, not all LH. Are “all over the place,” source says. Also looking for mid-rotation starter.

JJ examines whether the White Sox should trade for a starter.

UPDATE: Rosenthal says the Yankee$ are out of the Adam Dunn sweepstakes for now. Yeah right. The Yankee$ are out. Maybe it’s for 15 minutes…

July 27, 2010

Washington has not offered Adam Dunn any contract extension

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The Nats have not offered Dunn a contract extension in any form, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

“They’ve never made one proposal,” the source said.

Nationals officials repeatedly have stated that they want to re-sign Dunn, who is a free agent at the end of the season.

Some in the industry believe the team will make a last-minute offer to Dunn before the non-waiver trade deadline at 4 p.m. Saturday — and then trade Dunn if he does not accept.

Seems they aren’t very eager to keep him around. I guess that decreases their negotiation leverage?


With no indication of progress toward an agreement, the market for Dunn almost certainly will heat up in the coming days.

If the number of teams interested increases, the price will go up?

Washington wants Dan Hudson and a top prospect for Adam Dunn


Washington Nationals first baseman Adam Dunn could be dealt to the White Sox if Chicago is willing to sweeten the pot and add a second substantial minor league player in return.

Any deal for Dunn would have to include Daniel Hudson, the White Sox’s top pitching prospect. The Nationals also want one of three White Sox prospects: catcher Tyler Flowers, outfielder Jordan Danks or injured infielder Brent Morel, according to a major league source.

The White Sox turned down a Washington request for a Dunn-for-Gordon Beckham deal straight up, according to the source. …

White Sox remain focused at Adam Dunn but… [UPDATE]

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Ken Rosenthal:

White Sox remain focused on [Adam] Dunn, but laying groundwork for S[tarting]P[itcher]. [Dan] Hudson pitches Friday. If he flops again, team could shift course.

UPDATE: More Rosenthal:

The Nationals may trade first baseman Adam Dunn if they can’t sign him to an extension before Saturday’s 4 p.m. ET deadline. At this point, it doesn’t appear that the sides have made significant progress. So, we can expect the Dunn market to heat up in the coming days. The White Sox have been the most serious suitor, but sources say the Tigers, Rangers and Yankees maintain some level of interest, as well.


While there’s no way for them to know for sure, rival teams believe that Rizzo plans to move Dunn, who is in the last year of his contract. Because of that, they believe that Rizzo’s asking price will eventually drop, and that a deal will get done.

The Rays and White Sox have shown interest in Dunn, but a scout from another American League team said he thinks it would be a mistake for an AL team to trade for him. Dunn has said many times that he has no interest in being a designated hitter, and the scout believes that Dunn wouldn’t be happy with an AL team.

July 26, 2010

WhiteSox.com reminds us team doesn’t have any pitching prospects

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Monday’s latest entry came from ESPN.com, with a brief mention of rumblings involving a three-way deal involving the Nationals, White Sox and D-backs, with Edwin Jackson going to the Nationals, pitching prospects going to the D-backs and the White Sox getting their coveted left-handed run producer in Adam Dunn.

One problem in this particular equation is that the White Sox don’t have any true pitching prospects to deal aside from Daniel Hudson. If the White Sox decide to trade Hudson, the move also leaves them thin in the starting rotation without a corresponding move.

And this team’s ultimate success is predicated on its front five and overall pitching depth. Williams seemed to indicate, without mentioning names specifically, how starting second baseman Gordon Beckham and/or starting right fielder Carlos Quentin won’t be going anywhere.

Of course, time exists for Williams to change his mind. …

July 22, 2010

FutureSox’ Midseason Top 25 Prospects


Rank Player Points Previous Change
1 Dan Hudson 179 1 unch
2 Dayan Viciedo 172 4 +2
3 Chris Sale 168 n/a NEW
4 Tyler Flowers 161 2 -2
5 Jared Mitchell 156 5 unch

I’d rank them in this order: Hudson, Sale, Flowers, Mitchell, Viciedo.

Milwaukee wants a big arm and a big bat for Prince Fielder [UPDATE]

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Heyman @ SI:

The Angels and White Sox are said to have interest, but the price is expected to be steep. “A big arm and big bat,” said a source in reference to what it would take to get Fielder.

Buster Olney says the bat is Gordon Beckham and Ken Rosenthal says the arm is someone better than Dan Hudson. Kenny Williams should be hanging up now.

UPDATE: Cowley:

The other problem in acquiring Fielder is, again, the asking price. If Williams thought it was high for Dunn, he hasn’t seen anything yet. Start with John Danks or Gavin Floyd and add in Beckham.

So, the big arm is John Danks or Gavin Floyd. Run away Kenny!

July 21, 2010

Milwaukee wants Gordon Beckham for Prince Fielder

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Buster Olney:

The White Sox are interested in Prince Fielder; it appears they probably can’t make a deal unless they offer Gordon Beckham in the package.

UPDATE: Ken Rosenthal earlier:

Reversal from yesterday: White Sox trying to accelerate talks for Prince. Problem: Brewers want SP, and view Hudson as only a 3 or 4.

July 20, 2010

Hudson + Viciedo + ? = Fielder + Starting Pitcher?

Haudricourt @ MIL/WI JS:

Most lists of Chicago’s top prospects have Hudson at No. 1 and Viciedo in the top five. Any deal for Fielder probably would have to start with those two. I also have to believe that Melvin would prefer trading Fielder out of the NL, though he could sign with any club he chooses after 2011.

This is not to say a deal is in the works. But Williams has been known to make big deals in the past, which is how he got Peavy. The White Sox have been doing quite nicely as they stand now, roaring to the top of the AL Central. But, if they go for the jugular, they might make a move on Fielder.

I was told the White Sox probably would ask for a starting pitcher in return to plug into their rotation, so the Brewers might have to include a pitcher such as Chris Narveson or Manny Parra in any deal. Otherwise, Chicago would be short of starters and the deal might not make sense. …

UPDATE: Ken Rosenthal tweets Kenny is not on Fielder :

White Sox not on Fielder – don’t like $$$, no match given Brewers’ need for starting pitching. Also not on Berkman. Focus still Dunn.

Losing Daniel Hudson because Kenny listened to Ozzie who didn’t want Thome would suck. 6 years of Daniel Hudson down the drain. With the money the Sox signed Mark Kotsay, they could’ve signed Big Jim…

July 19, 2010

Washington wants Quentin or Beckham for Dunn. Kenny Williams doesn’t budge. [UPDATE]

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According to a major-league source, Williams spent the last few days trying desperately to pry Adam Dunn from the grasps of the Washington Nationals, offering up “anyone and anything he has in the minor leagues in a package.”

And no one is untouchable, including pitcher Daniel Hudson or infielder Dayan Viciedo.

“The problem Kenny is finding out is that [Nats GM Mike] Rizzo is acting like Dunn is Ryan Howard,” the source said.

That means that Rizzo is still fixated on getting Gordon Beckham or Carlos Quentin, two players on the current big-league roster that Williams has refused to move.

UPDATE: Hudson was scouted by several teams tonight:

Hudson, 23, is coveted by several major league teams who may be willing to part with either a left-handed power hitter or a pitcher the Sox seek. Scouts from at least six major league teams watched Hudson’s fastball clocked at 95 mph, and he threw 63 of 99 pitches for strikes – a considerable improvement over his July 11 start when he lasted only four-plus innings against Kansas City.

BTW, here’s video of Kenny (3:05).

UPDATE #2: One of the scouting team was the Brewers.

July 16, 2010

Milwaukee wants Gordon Beckham and Dan Hudson for Prince Fielder?

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MLBTR on Buster Olney’s column:

Executives are divided on whether the Brewers will trade Prince Fielder this July. … The White Sox, Rays and Angels could be fits, but rival officials doubt the White Sox would have enough to offer the Brewers unless they offer Daniel Hudson and Gordon Beckham.

Kenny Williams won’t like that.

July 11, 2010

White Sox set their post All-Star break pitching rotation

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The White Sox rotation to start the second half in Minnesota has been set, with left-hander John Danks opening the final 75 games of this exciting 2010 campaign at Target Field on July 15.Danks will be followed by Gavin Floyd, Mark Buehrle and Freddy Garcia, with Daniel Hudson most likely getting the call for the series opener in Seattle on July 19. Although pitching coach Don Cooper said there was no special process used in coming up with the alignment, the lefty tandem of Danks and Buehrle have been split after working back-to-back in five consecutive turns through the rotation.

Buehrle and Garcia, veteran hurlers whose workloads the White Sox will monitor to increase the chances for second-half success, also receive an extra day’s rest.

July 10, 2010

Kenny Williams likes Adam Dunn; hates his price

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MLBTR on Ken Rosenthal’s latest video:

The White Sox made a run at Cliff Lee, but never got close to landing him. Although a left-handed bat remains their biggest need, there aren’t many on the market who appeal to them besides Dunn, whose price tag is “exorbitant.” They might settle for acquiring a right-handed hitter, and could also pursue another starter if Daniel Hudson struggles.

That’s what happens when you listen to Ozzie Guillen and his underpants theory of baseball, Kenny.

July 9, 2010

THT Fantasy on Dan Hudson

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Gross @ THT:

Daniel Hudson | Chicago (AL) | P | 2% Yahoo Ownership

YTD: 3.47 ERA, 1.20 WHIP, 10.4 K/9, 3.48 K/BB (AAA)

True Talent: 4.10 ERA, 1.25 WHIP, 8.5 K/9, 2.40 K/BB …

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