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April 15, 2010

Phil Rogers sends Tony La Russa to Chicago and Ozzie Guillen to Florida


The more Ozzie Guillen talks about what he’d do if he wasn’t managing the White Sox, the more I believe that there may be something to the 2011 scenario I proposed during spring training. Tony La Russa, who is in on a one-year deal in St. Louis, comes to the White Sox with the understanding he’ll manage for two or three seasons and then move upstairs as a senior consultant. Fredi Gonzalez moves from Florida to Atlanta to replace the retiring Bobby Cox. Guillen is hired to manage the Marlins, who tap his charisma to help build a buzz before moving into their new stadium in ’12. Guillen lives in Miami and got to know Marlins’ owner Jeffrey Loria while serving as a coach to Jack McKeon in 2003, when the Fish shocked the Cubs and Yankees to steal a championship. I’d prefer that Guillen could regain his comfort zone at U.S. Cellular and stick around here another 10 years because I believe he is an excellent manager. But his death wish seems to grow by the week, the latest evidence being how far he went out of his way to take a swipe at Manny Acta before Wednesday’s game in Toronto. Silly stuff.

February 27, 2010

Jermaine Dye “shocked” he doesn’t have a team

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”I’m shocked,” Dye told the Sun-Times. ”I really am in disbelief, but what can I do?”

… ”I still feel like I’m a productive player and feel like I can contribute, but teams want me as a backup player, and that’s something I’m not ready to do,” Dye said. ”I feel undervalued, basically. I don’t think I have to go out there and prove anything to anyone. My numbers the last five or six years show I can help someone.”

… ”There’s nothing close,” Dye said. ”Still a few teams calling, couple teams made offers, but nothing really worth it. Anaheim made an offer, but they could only offer me 200-250 at-bats. Toronto made an offer; they wanted me to play right field every day, but the money was ridiculous.”

… ”I want to play every day,” Dye said. ”Cleveland was interested but never made an offer. Tampa was supposed to call, and we’re still trying to work that out. There have been offers, but like I said, nothing worth it.”

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