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March 12, 2010

Woodjock 2010 (pictures and video)


• Peavy sang with an Alabama twang and played guitar with country fried joy on two original tunes. One mentioned his new team and another proclaimed he loved all mankind — including “black people, Muslims and gays.”

• Peavy and Beckham also went Simon and Garfunkel for “Take It Easy” which, on Beckham’s musical scale, sounded like success at the karaoke bar. “I’m a shower singer,” Beckham said. “Been practicing a lot. Taking a lot of showers. Also doing a lot of driving.” He admitted being from Georgia helped him find the right pitch. …


There even was a duet later in the evening by Gordon Beckham and Peavy of The Eagles’ No. 1 hit “Take It Easy.”

Beckham made a strong showing of his music skills, which he admitted were limited before going on stage, although Glenn Frey and Don Henley probably won’t be asking the second baseman to join their upcoming tour. Beckham’s decision to perform was out of respect to Peavy and the spirit of the night.

“Singing the song and not sounding like an idiot might be harder than hitting a curveball,” said Beckham with a laugh. “But Peavy asked me to do it, and here I am. When Peavy is on the mound or even doing something like this, he just gives others confidence.” …

More pictures.

UPDATE: Here’s video of Beckham and Peavy:



February 17, 2010

Jockfest 2010 [UPDATE #5]


Pitcher Jake Peavy is organizing the “Jockfest 2010” music jamfest with teammate Scott Linebrink and several other baseball players at the Old Venue in Scottsdale, Ariz., on March 11. The event will raise money for various charities. Peavy and Linebrink play guitars. The concert is limited to 1,500 people, and tickets can be purchased at Woodjock.com.

UPDATE: Merkin:

Joining Peavy and Linebrink as part of the night’s entertainment will be Bernie Williams, an extremely accomplished guitar player and former Yankees stalwart. Bronson Arroyo, Barry Zito, Tim Flannery, MLB.com columnist Peter Gammons, Aubrey Huff and umpire Joe West complete this eclectic list.

UPDATE #2: Gonzales:

Meanwhile, there have been additions made to Jake Peavy’s WoodJock concert scheduled for March 11 in Scottsdale. Keni Thomas, a country singer and former U.S. Army soldier who was part of the Black Hawk Down operation in Somalia, will perform. Thomas sang the national anthem before Game 1 of the 2009 World Series. MyContent.com will be streaming the show live.

UPDATE #3: Gonzales:

Also, Omar Vizquel is tentatively scheduled to join Jake Peavy’s Woodjock charity event March 11 in Scottsdale. Vizquel said he was in the process of selecting a song to sing.

UPDATE #4: Reifert:

Scheduled to participate along with Jake are Barry Zito, Bernie Williams, Bronson Arroyo, Ben Broussard, Tim Flannery, Scott Linebrink, Aubrey Huff, Brandon Medders and Peter Gammons.  Others are expected to join the showlist over the next week.

UPDATE #5: Gonzales:

Beckham is the latest major league player to agree to participate in Jake Peavy’s Woodjock 2010, a charity event scheduled for March 11 at The Venue in Scottsdale. Beckham will join Sox teammates Scott Linebrink, Omar Vizquel and Peavy, as well as current and former major league players Barry Zito, Bernie Williams, Bronson Arroyo, Aubrey Huff, Brandon Medders and Ben Broussard. The players will perform a mix of tunes ranging from country, rock, jazz, blues, bluegrass, classical and Latin.

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