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May 13, 2011

BTB: AL Central Hitters wOBA

Only 3 White Sox players are above the AL Central average. The Indians and Royals have 6 players that are above the AL Central average. The Tigers have five. Minnesota is worse than the Sox; only one.

Other White Sox links: J.J. comes up with an awesome nickname for Adam Dunn: Canonyero and looks on ex-Sox Brandon McCarthy’s success in Oakland, James looks at Jake Peavy’s return, the Sox search for a #2 hitter and replacing some of the Sox problematic players, and Jim looks at the sophomore struggles of Chris Sale.

April 29, 2011

A look at the 2011 Brandon McCarthy

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Boddy @ THT:

While it’s pretty rare to find a pitcher who has made such major changes in approach and arm angle in the major leagues, it’s even more rare to find someone who has made whole cloth mechanical changes in addition to revamping how he attacks hitters.McCarthy has obviously made the basic mechanical change of arm slot (as shown in PITCHf/x data), but it goes way beyond that when you examine the video evidence. Compare his mechanics from 2009 in this high-speed shot by Trip Somers of TexasLeaguers.com to the video I shot in 2011:

January 29, 2010

BaseballAmerica’s AL Central All-Decade Top 10 Prospects List


White Sox Top 1o prospects of the decade:

1. Mark Buehrle, lhp
2. Bobby Jenks, rhp
3. Jon Garland, rhp
4. Aaron Rowand, of
5. Joe Crede, 3b
6. Jon Rauch, rhp
7. Gordon Beckham, ss
8. Miguel Olivo, c
9. Kip Wells, rhp
10. Brandon McCarthy, rhp

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