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July 21, 2011

White Sox scout Ozzie Guillen doesn’t like the White Sox approach at the plate

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Ballantini @ CSN (video):

“There’s nothing more painful than losing the f—— game against Bruce Chen once again,” Guillen spat. “F—— pathetic. [We had] no f—— energy. We just go through the motions. We take the day off today instead of tomorrow.”

“If we go to Cleveland [beginning on Friday] and play the way we did in Kansas City, it’s going to be a f—— long-ass, God—— July. Nothing against Bruce Chen, I have a lot of respect for this kid. But our approach at the plate, that’s not a good club out there. F— it. I’m tired of protecting people … I take my s— back, what I said in Detroit. I take it back. This thing about ‘one day at a time.’ One day we’re good, three days we’re bad. We don’t have energy in the dugout. [We had a] horses— approach at the plate for the 90th time.”

“F—. If we go to Cleveland the way we go [in Kansas City], good luck. We’re wasting our money on this club if we go to Cleveland the way we were here,” Guillen said. “That’s the team we’ve had all year long—that’s the club. [People think] I talk s— because I ‘have’ to talk s—. No, I don’t. I talk s— because of what I see. All I see is very bad. Nothing against Chen, nothing against the Kansas City pitching staff—they’re good. They’ve got a young ballclub.

“But the way we go about our business here [was] horses—. [The team] can say whatever they want to say. If we go to Cleveland that way, and [then] we’ve got to play New York, Boston and Detroit? Good luck.”

“Oh, and John Danks pitched well.”

If only the White Sox had Ozzie as their coach…

Other White Sox links: James says the White Sox are fixing the problems they don’t have because those are easier and links to many Sox-centric stories. The Brandon Allen video is depressing. colin looks at Gordon Beckham, Dan at FutureSox looks at Dayan Viciedo’s progress, and Ramon Castro will be out for 2-3 months, so Tyler Flowers will probably be with the Sox the rest of the year.

September 7, 2010

Bloomberg Sports on Brandon Allen

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A look at the ex-Sox prospect:

No one doubts that Allen has tremendous power, but the question has always been whether he would make enough contact. Scouts looking at his swing noticed some inefficiencies that prevented him from committing too soon to off-speed pitches.

Judging by Allen’s statistics at Reno this season, it appears that he made changes. Most noticeably, his walk rate hit a career-high level of 17.7%, which has paved the way to an on-base percentage over .400. Allen continued to hit for power, with 25 minor league HR this season, and even chipped in some speed with 14 steals. But growth in plate discipline is the best sign he may turn into a well-rounded contributor. …

March 30, 2010

MLB.com’s 2010 Sox prospects and organization preview

Top 10 prospects:

Clevelan Santeliz, RHP: A setup man extraordinaire at Birmingham last summer, the Venezuelan prospect was added to the 40-man roster after posting an 0.96 ERA in 40 games and striking out 52 batters in 56 1/3 innings. He moved to the closer role at the end of the season and collected 10 saves. Throwing a fastball in the mid-90s and a plus slider, he pitches with a lot of energy and is a ton of fun to watch.

organization preview:

LHP David Holmberg (2[nd round]) is a high school star out of Florida who has four solid pitches, with a fastball that touches 90 mph, a 12-6 curve, a changeup and a slider. He also has a good feel for the mound.

RHP Kyle Bellamy (5) out of Miami is a fast-track prospect who combined for a 1.23 ERA in 20 games in relief between Bristol and Kannapolis, walking just two while striking out 32 in 22 innings. He limited hitters to a .169 average and then moved on to the Arizona Fall League, where he had a 1.59 ERA in five games.

RHP Justin Collop (6) out of Toledo had a 2.72 ERA in 15 games for Great Falls, striking out 33 in 39 2/3 innings and limiting Pioneer League hitters to a .257 average.

RHP Ryan Buch (8) out of Monmouth had the best fastball in the Draft class, one that touched the high 90s, as well as a curveball with plus potential. In 16 games in relief, he had a 3.38 ERA and limited hitters to a .183 average at Great Falls.

September 25, 2009

FutureSox Review of Prospects Traded Away in 2009

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The White Sox have traded away many prospects over the last couple of years but to date none of them have come back to bite the Sox. Here I will review all of the prospects traded away by Kenny Williams in 2009 and will try to determine whether this latest crop of former prospects will come back to haunt the White Sox in the future. …

Dubee is putting up some nice numbers after he got traded to Pittsburgh for Andy Phillips.

September 3, 2009


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http://mlb.mlb.com/media/video.jsp?content_id=6442051 (0:35)

http://mlb.mlb.com/media/video.jsp?content_id=6332285 (0:43)

For freaking Tony Pena?

August 27, 2009

FutureSox on the Brandon Allen-Tony Pena trade

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In one of Kenny Williams’ lower profile moves from this season he dealt a young 1st base prospect, Brandon Allen, to the Diamondbacks for reliever Tony Pena. Since the trade Pena’s performances have been uninspiring, to say the least, and Brandon Allen has been destroying PCL pitching, resulting in a promotion to Arizona. So I find myself posing the question; was trading Brandon Allen a mistake? …

July 13, 2009

Mark Gonzales on the Pena trade and the Sox future infield

On the Brandon Allen-Tony Pena trade:

Moving Allen was tough for me to stomach, but I understand the need to strengthen the bullpen. Pena can step into Dotel’s role next year and could become more valuable now if Carrasco moves into the rotation. … The trading of Allen slightly alleviates a logjam at the corners. Konerko probably takes over as the designated hitter. If the Sox don’t re-sign Jerma[in]e Dye, that would pave the way for Dayan Viciedo or Josh Fields to play first.

and Mark’s future infield prediction:

1b – Dayan Viciedo or Josh Fields
2b – Chris Getz or Jayson Nix
ss – Alexei Ramirez
3b – Gordon Beckham

July 8, 2009

FutureSox interviews Kevin Goldstein

On Flowers defense:

KG: I think the catching future is still debatable, he’s just so huge a sluggish back there. That said, there has been some progress — they’ve shortened his release a bit, and the results are encouraging.

Nice interview. His reports on Viciedo are disappointing. No plate discipline at all. Goldstein also talks about Dexter Carter, John Shelby, Jon Gilmore, Jared Mitchell, Trayce Thompson, Josh Phegley, Brandon Allen, Tony Pena, and Jordan Danks. He even talks about Roy Halladay.

SoxMachine on the Pena trade

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Jim Margalus:

Three years ago, Kenny Williams traded for a talented but erratic right-handed reliever with favorable service time. It cost him a lower-ceiling Double-A pitcher with a solid track record, and an A-ball pitcher with a more promising arm.

On Tuesday, Williams traded for a talented but erratic right-handed reliever with favorable service time. It cost him a late-developing but fairly promising first baseman who stumbled in his first go-around at Triple-A after tackling Double-A.

Do a little algebra, and it looks like this:

Tyler Lumsden + Daniel Cortes = Brandon Allen

BP on the Pena trade

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Christina Kahrl:

The more basic problem is that he [Tony Pena] just wasn’t pitching well, even as the third-best reliever on the staff. This year’s setback also isn’t remarkable in light of his fall from grace in 2008: whereas he was one of the invincible three amigos in the Snake pen of 2007 with a 4.244 WXRL, last year he dropped off to a merely good 1.611. Change your flavor to a rate-based metric, and Peña’s FRA has gone from 3.01 to 4.87 to 5.27. The situational dominance against right-handers that underlay his ’07 breakthrough with a 521 OPS bounced up to 695 last year, and is back down to 629, and might be lower still if not for bad breaks with BABIP. Nevertheless, lefties are pasting him at a .317/.403/.524 clip, which suggests that he’s going to be something of a situational right-hander for a staff that sort of already employs Octavio Dotel in the role. He doesn’t seem to lose that much effectiveness with men aboard, and he’s still basically the same pitcher he was before in terms of throwing mid-90s heat and a good slider. …

BTB on the Pena trade

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Jack Moore:

Digging deeper, Pena’s 2.36 K/BB and 0.79 HR/9 have resulted in a solid 3.72 FIP, between his career average of 4.01 and last year’s 3.42.   Pena’s good pitching in high leverage innings combined with the ability to shoulder a relatively heavy load (157 IP between 2007-2008) have made Pena worth 2.2 wins since 2007 (including 2009 so far). …

Brandon Allen related minor league promotions


The most intriguing move was the promotion of catcher Adam Ricks to Birmingham from Winston-Salem. Three catchers in Birmingham…mmmm, I wonder. With outfielder Christian Marrero and utility man Javier Colina manning first base after Brandon Allen’s promotion to Triple A, does this mean we see Tyler Flowers move there? Or will he DH more now? …

As FutureSox says Barons OF David Cook was promoted to Charlotte.

Fangraphs on the Pena trade

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Erik Manning:

Pena throws hard. His average fastball velocity is 95-MPH, and he also features a hard slider and a changeup, both pitches have been effective offerings for him this year. For someone with stuff as good as Pena’s, it’s surprising he doesn’t strikeout more batters; he’s actually been rather average in that regard. (6.55 career K/9, 6.88 this season). Pena has better control than average and for someone who has pitched in a rather hitter-friendly park, he’s done a fine job of keeping the ball in the yard. He has a 4.24 ERA now, but much of that can be blamed on some bad BABIP breaks (.352). …

The Transaction Oracle on newly-acquired RHRP Tony Pena

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Dan Szymborski:

2009 ZIPS Projection - Tony Pena
                 W    L    G  GS     IP    H   ER   HR   BB   SO   ERA
Year-to-Date     5    3   37   0   34.0   41   16    3   11   26  4.24
Rest-of-Year     3    2   36   0   37.3   38   17    4   11   28  4.10
Total            8    5   73   0   71.3   79   33    7   22   54  4.16

July 7, 2009

BDD on Tony Pena

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Zach Sanders:

Pena is a solid righty out of the pen, but is nothing truly special. His K/9 is 6.88, and his BB/9 is 2.91 this season. He also gets ground balls 46% of the time, not bad for a reliever. His fastball clocks in at around 95 MPH, and he also throws a slider and the occasional change up. His slide piece has solid movement on it, as does his change.

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