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April 15, 2012

Bill Melton and Nancy Faust

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From Chuck Garfien’s twitter:

Other White Sox links:

And Deadspin’s Erik Malinowski uncovers Baseball’s unwritten rules.

May 25, 2011

J.J. has a live chat with Chuck Garfien and Bill Melton now

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May 10, 2011

Introducing Bill Melton’s mental coach

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September 9, 2010

Frank Thomas: It will come down to next week’s 3-game set against Minnesota

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No Frank. We’re 6 games back. Even if we sweep the 3 games against Minnesota, we’d be 3 games back. The division was lost when the Sox decided to punt on Jim Thome and let Minnesota grab him. Look at the Sox DH production and the Twinkies DH production. The Twinkies have a 131 split OPS+ and the Sox a 92. And if the Twinkies didn’t have Jim Thome to play at DH when Morneau went down, their other DH option, Kubel, has a split OPS+ of 86.

And in today’s pregame show Bill Melton said something like ‘ the Andruw Jones, Mark Kotsay and Dayan Viciedo combo has given the same numbers as Jim Thome.’ No. Not even close. Look at the DH links above.

July 30, 2010

Frank Thomas on being a White Sox ambassador (video)

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Big Hurt TV Video: http://www.csnchicago.com/07/29/10/Big-Hurt-TV-How-Frank-can-make-a-good-am/landing.html?blockID=280068&feedID=621 (4:43)

Big Frank says one of his things should be bringing him in when players are in a slump and he’ll get under their skin, irritate them and get them hitting.

And Bill Melton says being an ambassador can be what the ambassador wants. So, he can do the hitting slump thing.

Get on it Frank!

April 4, 2010

Frank Thomas will be covering White Sox home games for CSN

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He is the White Sox all-time leader in home runs, RBIs, doubles, runs, walks,  slugging percentage, on-base percentage, extra base hits, total bases, on and on and on…

He is Big.
He can Hurt.
He’ll be Frank.
His last name is Thomas.

And this season,  the greatest hitter in the 110-year history of the White Sox will be
joining Comcast SportsNet for all Sox home games in 2010.

Am I excited?   That would be a Hawk Harrelson “Yes!!!!”

It should make for some fun and intriguing television, not to mention add a whole bunch of homers to the Pre and Post-Game Live set.   Frank Thomas (521),  Bill Melton (160), Chuck Garfien (0). …


Frank Thomas will work between 65-70 White Sox home games as part of the Comcast SportsNet pregame and postgame coverage team. The part-time move to Chicago also presents Thomas the chance to see his son, Sterling, play baseball in his senior year of high school. …

April 3, 2010

‘What It Means To Be A White Sox’: Sunday 7pm CT on WGN


On Sunday, April 4 at 7pm central, WGN-TV and WGN America will premiere “What It Means To Be A White Sox” and “What It Means To Be A Cub”, two one-hour specials celebrating the magic of Chicago baseball.

“What It Means To Be A White Sox” contains interviews with over 40 White Sox heroes and managers, including Jerry Reinsdorf, Ozzie Guillen, Kenny Williams, Billy Pierce, Paul Konerko, Minnie Minoso, Mark Buehrle, Bill Melton, Gary Peters, and Bobby Jenks. The show focuses on the men who made White Sox baseball so great over the past fifty years and you will hear them tell their fondest memories of playing on the South Side. …

Here’s the WGN press release:

The “What it Means” specials are a unique celebration of Chicago baseball with first-person accounts of why each team is so special. Over 40 interviews from each team will allow baseball fans to gain insight from past players, coaches, owners, and long-time team employees. Interviews include Lou Piniella, Ozzie Guillen, Ernie Banks, Luis Aparicio, Ryne Sandberg, Frank Thomas, Carlos Zambrano, Mark Buehrle and all your favorite legends from both the North and South Sides. The shows will kick off the 2010 baseball season in HD. …

January 22, 2010

Gordon Beckham working the phones (video)

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http://chicago.whitesox.mlb.com/media/video.jsp?content_id=7149933 (2:38)

January 22 links

– Gordon Beckham will stay at the 2nd post of the batting order.

– More on the Opening Day starter.

– Matt Thornton takes over Merkin’s mailbag.

– SoxFest news: Bobby Jenks looks good, Ozzie Guillen is a jackass, Carlos Quentin wasn’t there, J.J. Putz is recovering, A.J. Pierzynski went to Africa. From Merkin and Reifert: Reifert is taking questions for Kenny and Ozzie and former Sox greats. Kenny is proud for Bobby. The Go-Go Sox are coming back says Ozzie. Hawk likes his kindle. Juan Pierre is a heavy hitter. Gonzales and Cowley: Peavy can’t afford pants. Ozzie wants Alexei to eat Vizquel’s brain. More SoxFest here.

Kenny on Jared Mitchell: it’ll be a “little while” till he reaches majors.

– Alexei Ramirez says Dayan Viciedo looks incredible. I hope he has lots of Cuban pride.

– J.J. Putz is looking for an intro song suggestions.

– Scot Gregor is taking questions you want him to ask at Sox Spring Training.

Gordon Beckham and Jeff Cox were working the phones. Beltin’ Bill Melton too.

– Jon Heyman says “Andruw Jones is said to be in the best shape he’s been in for a decade.”

January 13, 2010

Beltin’ Bill Melton

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Garfien (Gallery):

Bill is handsome man! Mrs. Eden would agree!!

June 29, 2009

Jermaine Dye is your co-AL Player of the Week

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Right fielder Jermaine Dye of the Chicago White Sox and closer Mariano Rivera of the New York Yankees have been named the American League Co-Players of the Week…


June 25, 2009

Ozzie Guillen rips Alexei Ramirez

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via Scot Gregor:

“I never criticize my players for making errors on the field, I never will,” Ozzie said. “But when you make a lazy error, that really (ticks) me off.”

“I thought he was a better shortstop than me,” Ozzie said. “I made a big mistake when I said in January he’s going to be a better shortstop than Ozzie Guillen. I never thought I was that bad.”

Bill Melton (CSN postgame show) questioned the presence of Alexei in tomorrow’s lineup after he heard Ozzie’s comments.

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