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June 27, 2011

Fangraphs’ Eric Seidman on Adam Dunn’s struggles [UPDATE]

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Seidman @ FG:

While my colleagues have attempted to determine the root cause of his issues, I’m more curious as to how frequently someone has cratered in this fashion.Given his level of consistency and the depths to which his numbers have fallen this year, there are two main questions that spring to mind:

1. How frequently do batters experience such a sharp ISO decline from an established level?
2. How frequently do batters strike out more than 40 percent of the time in a full year? …

UPDATE: More on Adam Dunn from David Pinto:

As a follow up to Bill Chuck’s previous post on Adam Dunn of the Chicago White Sox, a reader asked to look at his struggles against lefties.  There are two major changes that help account for his poor performance. …

Other White Sox links: J.J. says Viciedo will help but he won’t save the offense, James doesn’t sound very enthusiastic after attending Friday’s game and recaps the past week, Fangraphs’ Eric Seidman says player milestones, like 500 home runs, might not result in hall of fame election, and Steve Stone says the 6-man rotation isn’t good for Gavin Floyd.

And a couple tweets from Brett Ballantini on Dayan Viciedo inside: (more…)

November 9, 2010

Most Important Sox, 2011 and beyond edition (#11-20)

Ballantini @ CSN:

As the coals in the hot stove are just beginning to get stoked up, it’s time to rank the current Chicago White Sox, in order of importance for 2011 and beyond. It’s not intended to be a strict list of merely the best players, or best values, on the White Sox. Rather, it takes into account team depth, the free agent market, or answering the question of which player would hurt the most not being on the team? …

12.    Juan Pierre, LF

Another player who is easy to take for granted is Pierre, but the left-fielder was a miraculous find for the White Sox in 2010. Pierre almost completely offset his arm in the field by getting to every ball hit his way, compiling a UZR of 13.4, ninth-best in baseball, sixth among outfielders and third among left fielders. Pierre was also one of the best pressure hitters in baseball, with a 1.15 Clutch rating that was tied for eighth among all players. Pierre brought $9 million in value to the White Sox, who paid him just $3 million for the season. Williams and Guillen so gush over what Pierre brings to the field that it would not surprise if the soft-spoken speedster ascends to the role of team captain if both Konerko and Pierzynski fail to return.

October 11, 2010

Differences between expected and actual BABIP for the 2010 White Sox

Gross @ THT:

A couple of years ago, Chris Dutton and Peter Bendix did some research on batted-ball data and created a metric called xBABIP (“expected BABIP”). xBABIP dispelled the myth that BABIP was primarily a function of “LD%+ .120.” Rather, as Dutton and Bendix found, BABIP was better explained as a function all batted-ball types and ratios with speed/power/strikeout considerations.

Last year, Derek Carty and Chris Dutton debuted the simple xBABIP calculator on THT. This tool has empowered users to determine a player’s xBABIP and compare it to their actual BABIP. Therefrom, one could forecast a hitter’s expected batting line, assuming all the input ratios were to remain constant. Over the course of 500+ PA, these ratios tend to be significant, though conclusions can still be drawn at the 300 PA threshold (we’d really only be waiting on IFFB% stabilization).

For all 270 hitters who accrued 300 or more plate appearances this season, I applied the xBABIP formula (by park) to determine each hitter’s expected batting lines. In short, what I have created is a spreadsheet of “what you can expect as a baseline for production in 2011, assuming all else remains constant.” In other words, this is how these hitters should have hit in 2010. …

Numbers for the White Sox players from the full spreadsheet:

Player PA xBABIP BABIP Difference
Andruw Jones 328 .310 .239 .071
Juan Pierre 734 .351 .294 .057
Mark Kotsay 359 .298 .247 .051
Carlos Quentin 527 .282 .241 .041
A.J. Pierzynski 503 .299 .278 .021
Alex Rios 617 .322 .306 .016
Alexei Ramirez 626 .311 .300 .011
Gordon Beckham 498 .304 .297 .007
Omar Vizquel 391 .309 .309 0
Paul Konerko 631 .297 .326 -.029

For players that played part of the year with the White Sox I got their BABIP numbers from statcorner. All the numbers are for the time they played for the White Sox:

Player PA xBABIP BABIP Difference
Jayson Nix 57 .262 .189 .073
Manny Ramirez 88 .313 .388 -.075

Mark Teahen had only 262 PAs.

September 9, 2010

Frank Thomas: It will come down to next week’s 3-game set against Minnesota

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No Frank. We’re 6 games back. Even if we sweep the 3 games against Minnesota, we’d be 3 games back. The division was lost when the Sox decided to punt on Jim Thome and let Minnesota grab him. Look at the Sox DH production and the Twinkies DH production. The Twinkies have a 131 split OPS+ and the Sox a 92. And if the Twinkies didn’t have Jim Thome to play at DH when Morneau went down, their other DH option, Kubel, has a split OPS+ of 86.

And in today’s pregame show Bill Melton said something like ‘ the Andruw Jones, Mark Kotsay and Dayan Viciedo combo has given the same numbers as Jim Thome.’ No. Not even close. Look at the DH links above.

August 31, 2010

Fangraphs looks on the White Sox’ ‘DH by committee’ plan


Twenty times this year Paul Konerko has filled the DH spot and seven times he has taken a day off. In all 27 instances Mark Kotsay took his place at first base. In an additional 47 games Kotsay himself has served as the DH. This has been nothing but a detriment to the team. Kotsay is no longer a good hitter, and really hasn’t been one since 2004. He has a mere .304 wOBA this year after a .309 mark last year, and he hasn’t crossed the .320 mark since 2005. There was no reason to think he’d approach average production for a DH. Yet he has been their primary guy in that spot. It seems like it could have gone to a more worthy player. …

June 18, 2010

Dayan Viciedo to play 3B & DH; scouting report too

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Viciedo, who was recalled from Triple-A Charlotte, will move into a third base/designated hitter role over the next couple of weeks.

… Here’s the Viciedo scouting report: He has soft hands and a decent arm. However, range to his left and right is a question mark. Viciedo has plus-plus power. U.S. Cellular Field could be like a toy house for him Viciedo if he can solve big-league pitching.

Gregor guesses the Viciedo move means bye-bye Andruw.

UPDATE: Viciedo will make his MLB debut at 3B on Saturday.

UPDATE #2: MLB debut pushed back to Sunday.

June 7, 2010

White Sox are open for business

Buster Olney via MLBTR:

Heard this from multiple executives: The White Sox have made it clear they are open for business, and ready to trade off parts … from what has been a very disappointing team. The perception of other teams is that Paul Konerko is available right now, and … as we know, Chicago GM Ken Williams is a deal-maker,someone who will move quickly — as he did with the Contreras and Thome deals last fall.

Other players mentioned by MLBTR: A.J. Pierzynski, Mark Buehrle, Bobby Jenks, J.J. Putz, Scott Linebrink, Tony Pena, Matt Thornton, Andruw Jones, Freddy Garcia, Mark Kotsay, Omar Vizquel, Ramon Castro.

June 3, 2010

Sox win 4-3. Pitch F/X, videos, and boxscore. (6/3)

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Andruw hit a solo HR. Rios hit a solo HR. Quentin hit a 2-run HR.


Chi White Sox IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA
Garcia, F(W, 5-3) 7.0 7 3 2 1 4 0 4.94
Thornton(H, 4) 1.0 0 0 0 0 2 0 1.52
Jenks(S, 8 ) 1.0 1 0 0 0 2 0 5.68
Totals 9.0 8 3 2 1 8 0 4.70

Pitch F/X: (more…)

May 25, 2010

Sox lose 7-3. Pitch F/X, videos, and boxscore.

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Kotsay had two 2B and a 1B. Alexei had two 2B. Andruw had a 2B. Quentin had a 2B.

Video highlights


Chi White Sox IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA
Peavy(L, 3-4) 6.0 8 6 6 1 5 2 6.05
Linebrink 2.0 2 1 1 0 2 0 3.63
Totals 8.0 10 7 7 1 7 2 4.53

Pitch F/X: (more…)

Multiple teams interested in Sox relievers

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The list is up to six … and counting.

Bobby Jenks, Paul Konerko, A.J. Pierzynski, Mark Buehrle, Andruw Jones — and now J.J. Putz. He’s the latest White Sox player to see his name pop up on the rumor mill.

… One National League scout said Monday that there were more teams than just the Philadelphia Phillies interested in Sox relievers, as bullpen problems seem to be springing up all over baseball.

May 21, 2010

3-0 count. Andruw Jones at the plate.

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Jim takes a look at 3-0 approaches by Andruw Jones and Paul Konerko yesterday:

The numbers show that the Sox are around average when they get ahead 2-0 or 3-0, but nights like Thursday make it feel like they’re more than ready to hand the advantage right back to the pitcher.

I’m looking at you, Andruw Jones and Paul Konerko.  I’m not sure whose plate approach hurt more. …

May 18, 2010

Freddy holds the Tigers to 2 runs over 6 innings. Sox win 6-2.

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Carlos Quentin had 3 hits (2 singles and a double). Andruw drew 2 walks.


Chi White Sox IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA
Garcia, F(W, 3-2) 6.0 5 2 2 2 3 1 4.50
Santos(H, 1) 1.0 1 0 0 2 1 0 0.63
Putz 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 0 4.15
Jenks 1.0 1 0 0 0 2 0 5.79
Totals 9.0 7 2 2 4 7 1 4.57

Pitch F/X says:


Pitch Statistics
Pitch Type Avg Speed Max Speed Avg H-Break Avg V-Break Count Strikes / % Swinging Strikes / % Linear Weights Time to Plate
FF (FourSeam Fastball) 87.49 89.7 -6.00 10.47 24 18 / 75.00% 0 / 0.00% -0.2146 0.434
CH (Changeup) 80.49 83.7 -6.48 5.99 31 16 / 51.61% 2 / 6.45% 1.5801 0.472
SL (Slider) 81.15 84.6 2.00 3.41 31 26 / 83.87% 4 / 12.90% -1.3669 0.466
CU (Curveball) 70.40 72.4 5.52 -5.05 4 3 / 75.00% 0 / 0.00% -0.3832 0.539
FS (Splitter) 81.08 84.6 -0.83 5.86 6 2 / 33.33% 0 / 0.00% 0.0420 0.470
Pitch classifications provided by the Gameday Algorithm and may be inaccurate.

Pitch Type LWTS correspond to how many runs were likely to score on a particular pitch based on average run expectancy when each pitch was thrown and what happened as a result. Negative scores indicate more effective pitches.

Time to Plate is the time, in seconds, that it takes an average pitch of this type to reach the plate. This is strongly correlated with velocity, but also factors in movement.

Inning-by-Inning Pitch Totals
Inning Pitches in Inning Strikes in Inning Strike% in Inning Cumulative Total Pitches Pitch LWTS in Inning
1 18 11 61.11 18 0.611
2 18 13 72.22 36 0.494
3 15 11 73.33 51 -0.532
4 17 10 58.82 68 -0.335
5 18 12 66.67 86 0.283
6 10 8 80.00 96 -0.862


May 16, 2010

Rosenthal’s potential trade candidates

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MLBTR on Ken Rosenthal’s latest video update:

If the White Sox decide to blow up their roster, it may happen sooner rather than later, given the ten and five rights that will kick in for A.J. Pierzynski and Mark Buehrle this summer. Pierzynski, Konerko, J.J. Putz, and Andruw Jones would be the most likely trade candidates.

Kenny Williams is losing his patience with the 2010 White Sox


A one-word text response spoke volumes. Asked on Saturday if he was ”losing patience,” general manager Ken Williams waited a good 10 minutes to fire back: ”Yes.” A cryptic ”yes” at that, period at the end and all.

… On the list of potential movable parts are A.J. Pierzynski, Paul Konerko (upon agreement), Bobby Jenks, Mark Buehrle (upon agreement), Andruw Jones, Carlos Quentin and Scott Linebrink. But what would be the return for any of those names? It would be nothing more than skimming dollars and cents off a sinking payroll — change for the sake of making a change. …

May 15, 2010

Peavy pitches into the 9th and Thornton closes it for the 5-4 win!

Peavy allowed 3 runs with 2 outs in the 1st but Sox comeback for the win. Thornton earned his 1st save for the season. Beckham, who batted 2nd, went 1-5 and increased his average!

Video highlights

A look at the TBs: Alexei 3 (3 1B), Pierre 2 (2 1B). Andruw had 1 BB, and Teahen 2 BB.


Chi White Sox IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA
Peavy(W, 3-2) 8.1 7 4 4 1 5 1 5.37
Thornton(S, 1) 0.2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2.12
Totals 9.0 7 4 4 1 5 1 4.61

The Pitch F/X tool says: (more…)

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