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June 7, 2010

Last Mock Drafts

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13. White Sox | Bryce Brentz (OF) | Middle Tennessee State

The White Sox have been linked to a number of young bats and some college arms, but they may have their sights set on Brentz. Mike Kvasnicka is also on their short list as is just about every college arm out there. It’s difficult to see where they are leaning, but Brentz is a good fit here. Asher Wojciechowski has gotten heavy attention from them as well.


13. White Sox. Asher Wojciechowski, rhp, The Citadel

BTW, here’s BA’s updated Top 50 ranking.


13    CWS – Brandon Workman

And here are Baseball-Intellect’s thoughts.


Kevin Goldstein’s Final Mock Draft

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13. Chicago White Sox: Same story here as well, as I’ve heard nothing but a slew of college arms. McGuire would be a bit of a surprise, as Chicago might opt for something cheaper like Asher Wojciechowski, Brandon Workman or Barrett Loux.

Pick: Deck McGuire, RHP, Georgia Tech

UPDATE: McGuire is MLBBB’s pick too:

13. White Sox – Deck McGuire, RHP, Georgia Tech (Asher Wojciechowski)

Overview of college pitchers that may be selected by the White Sox

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Here’s a brief overview from the scouting reports of pitching prospects (all are right-handed) I’ve seen associated with the White Sox 13th pick:

Deck McGuire (6’6”, 218): 91-93 mph fastball without lots of movement (some sink on the arm side, power slider (86 mph), average changeup, excellent command.

Brandon Workman (6’5”, 220): 90-95 mph with plus movement on both 2-seamer and 4-seamer. plus cutter. average curveball. average changeup. good command.

Asher Wojciechowski (6’4”, 235): up to 94 mph fastball with below average movement. average slider (83 mph). below-average changeup. average command.

Brett Eibner (6’4”, 210): 92-93 mph fastball with late sink. solid slider (81-84 mph). ok changeup. average command.

Alex Wimmers (6’2”, 195): 88-91 mph fastball with good movement on his two-seamer,  average curveball (71-73 mph), solid-average changeup, solid-average command. not a high-ceiling kind of guy.

Barret Loux (6’5”, 220): 91-04 mph fastball with good plane (light sink), average curve, slurvy slider, plus changeup, plus command.

Jonathan Mayo’s final draft projection

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13. Chicago White Sox: Asher Wojciechowski, RHP, The Citadel

Looking like a college pitcher. Could be Brandon Workman or even Barret Loux. Wojciechowski is definitely in the mix.

John Sickel’s revised Final Mock Draft

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13) White Sox: Brandon Workman, RHP, University of Texas: I had Brett Eibner here last time and I still think that makes a lot of sense theoretically, but the White Sox are reportedly closer to wanting Wimmers, Workman, or Barret Loux.

Workman’s Video/Scouting report.

Baseball America’s 4th Mock Draft

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Jim Callis:

13. WHITE SOX. Chicago almost certainly will take a college pitcher. If the White Sox will venture over slot—which they don’t often do—they could get nice value in McGuire. If not, they can choose from Loux, Wimmers, Wojciechowski and Texas righthander Brandon Workman.


Loux’s MLB Draft Central Video/Scouting report.

June 6, 2010

Kenny Williams’ drafting philosophy

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Laumann said general manager Kenny Williams prefers players who can make it to the big-league club quickly, though the Sox did select three high school players among their first five picks last year.

“Kenny’s philosophy is get an impact guy, get a guy that we think when he gets to the big-league level he can make an impact, be a star kind of player,” Laumann said. “That being said, we don’t seem to be an organization that fits into a rebuilding mode to where we want to sit there and say we want to wait four, five, six years for a guy.

“We’re always trying to inject guys maybe in a two or three-year time frame to the core we’ve got at the big-league level. When that’s the case, the college kid’s certainly someone that’s going to be a little more attractive to us.”

“Signability will serve as a fairly significant factor in the selection process”

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With the 13th pick in the first round of the 2010 First-Year Player Draft, don’t be surprised if the White Sox take a college pitcher Monday night.”That’s a high-percentage possibility,” said White Sox director of amateur scouting Doug Laumann, speaking to the media Sunday morning, one day before the start of the 2010 Draft. “That’s not to say if one or two of the guys in this pool we have is available that we might not go that route.”

General manager Ken Williams’ Draft philosophy has been to get an impact type of player, at any position, something the White Sox feel they have done during the past two Drafts with Gordon Beckham (2008) and Jared Mitchell (2009) standing as their top picks. Signability, according to Laumann, also will serve as a fairly significant factor in the selection process this year.

“One of the hardest parts of it is just the games that are played before the Draft with the agents in terms of, ‘My guy wants this, my guy wants that,'” Laumann said. “I don’t want to spend a year’s worth of our guys’ time scouting and our time and the effort and money to pick a guy off the board that we’re not going to sign.

“At the same time, I don’t want to pass on a guy to find out that he’s signed five picks later. I hope, and maybe in the next couple of years with the new agreement, there’s a system set up where we could just line them up, see whose better scouts, take the best guy available and see what happens.”

Hopefully Kyle McCulloch and Lance Broadway aren’t coming back.

Expect the White Sox to go for college pitching

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After two solid picks in the June amateur free agent draft, the Chicago White Sox appear set to go after a pitcher when their pick comes up Monday night at No. 13 in the first round. Right-handed pitchers Deck McGuire of Georgia Tech, Brandon Workman of Texas and Ascher Wojciechowski of Citadel are the three projected picks for the Sox. …

June 5, 2010

Frankie Piliere updates his mock draft

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13. White Sox — Bryce Brentz, OF, Middle Tennessee State

MLB Draft Central’s scouting report/video on Brentz:

Hitting ability: Brentz has a short, compact stroke and could become an above-average hitter.

UPDATE: Here’s FutureSox’ Draft roundup.

Ozzie Guillen on the prospect of the White Sox signing his son

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Here’s Ozzie:

“If he signs [with the White Sox] I would be with him for one month in spring training,” Ozzie said. “That would also mean my wife would be there for a month. I don’t think that would be a nice thing to happen.”

You better hope your wife doesn’t read this Ozzie.

June 4, 2010

Doug Laumann on Trayce Thompson coming to the big leagues

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Doug Laumann on what he was looking for when picking eighth in 2008:

“We love Thompson, but we can’t think about him getting [to the big leagues] for four or five years,” Laumann said.

2008 draft targets: 1. Buster Posey, 2. Gordon Beckham, 3. Justin Smoak

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Here’s Doug Laumann:

“Maybe [Buster] Posey would get to us if not Beckham, and if not either one of them, [Justin] Smoak would be there,” Laumann said. “[This year], I have no idea at 13.”

… “The problem with this year’s Draft is that the top is pretty thin,” Laumann said. “You look at those top three or four guys, and it opens wide up from there.”

… One thing is certain: The White Sox will not be drafting by need. They will be looking for a player who can make the quickest impact at the big league level.

… “We’ve tried to focus on middle infielders because we’ve not done a good job internationally in that area,” Laumann said. “If you look at the big leagues or even the Minors, a great percentage [of middle infielders] are from Latin America. We are not getting them from that influx, so we have tried to find them domestically. But quite honestly, there are not many domestic shortstops [in the Draft].”Laumann pointed out how the strength in this year’s Draft is college pitching depth, so the White Sox could target that spot at 13. With the depth being a strength, though, and the White Sox having four picks in the first 115, they could go a different direction at 13 and load up on pitchers afterward.

Even if the White Sox seem deep at certain positions, such as third base or in the outfield, they won’t necessarily shy away from a player who anchors that same spot — even with their top pick.

“Back in the ’90s, we thought we had five or six catching prospects,” Laumann said. “Two proved they couldn’t play, two got hurt and one got traded. With the way baseball is, you can’t think you are deep enough at any one spot where you don’t need additional help.”

John Sickel’s Final Mock Draft

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13) White Sox: Brett Eibner, RHP-OF, University of Arkansas: Chicago is usually college-oriented in the early rounds, but they also love tools, athleticism, and arm strength. Eibner has those in droves. His two-way status is also intriguing for a team willing to consider conversions.

Here’s Eibner’s Scouting report/video.

June 3, 2010

Kevin Goldstein’s Mock Draft

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13. Chicago White Sox: The White Sox have been focused on college pitching all spring, and nothing has occurred to knock them off that position. Right-handers like Texas’ Brandon Workman and The Citadel’s Asher Wojciechowski have been in their sights over the past few months, but they probably didn’t imagine Deck McGuire falling to them. The Georgia Tech righty could go much higher, as he’s the safest pitcher in the draft, but he’s anything but an upside guy.

Pick: Deck McGuire, RHP, Georgia Tech

Here’s Deck McGuire’s video/scouting report:

Summary: McGuire may not have the highest ceiling of the pitchers in this draft class — he profiles as a No. 3 type starter — but he might be the safest college arm to choose from. He’s got a good three-pitch mix and excellent command that comes in a big, durable body. He’s always been successful and has shown the ability to compete and win even without his best stuff. While he’s not an ace in the making some teams might look for, he should be the type of advanced arm that can get to the big leagues in a hurry and be a very important innings-eater in the middle of a rotation. That might not be sexy, but it’s likely to get McGuire drafted early on Draft Day.

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