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June 4, 2010

2008 draft targets: 1. Buster Posey, 2. Gordon Beckham, 3. Justin Smoak

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Here’s Doug Laumann:

“Maybe [Buster] Posey would get to us if not Beckham, and if not either one of them, [Justin] Smoak would be there,” Laumann said. “[This year], I have no idea at 13.”

… “The problem with this year’s Draft is that the top is pretty thin,” Laumann said. “You look at those top three or four guys, and it opens wide up from there.”

… One thing is certain: The White Sox will not be drafting by need. They will be looking for a player who can make the quickest impact at the big league level.

… “We’ve tried to focus on middle infielders because we’ve not done a good job internationally in that area,” Laumann said. “If you look at the big leagues or even the Minors, a great percentage [of middle infielders] are from Latin America. We are not getting them from that influx, so we have tried to find them domestically. But quite honestly, there are not many domestic shortstops [in the Draft].”Laumann pointed out how the strength in this year’s Draft is college pitching depth, so the White Sox could target that spot at 13. With the depth being a strength, though, and the White Sox having four picks in the first 115, they could go a different direction at 13 and load up on pitchers afterward.

Even if the White Sox seem deep at certain positions, such as third base or in the outfield, they won’t necessarily shy away from a player who anchors that same spot — even with their top pick.

“Back in the ’90s, we thought we had five or six catching prospects,” Laumann said. “Two proved they couldn’t play, two got hurt and one got traded. With the way baseball is, you can’t think you are deep enough at any one spot where you don’t need additional help.”

January 18, 2010

FutureSox looks at the 2005-2008 drafts

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Baseball America graded every team’s last 4 drafts. FutureSox normalized the grades to the money a team spent in those drafts:

Team Original Budget Original GPA New Budget New GPA
Chicago White Sox $3m 2.38 $5.04m 4.00
Cleveland Indians $5.1m 2.00 $5.04m 1.98
Detroit Tigers $5.2m 3.25 $5.04m 3.15
Kansas City Royals $7.4m 2.38 $5.04m 1.62
Minnesota Twins $4.5m 3.00 $5.04m 3.36

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Sox draft spending was in “normal” levels? Of course if by spending $3m you get a 2.38 grade, that doesn’t mean if you spend $5 million you’ll get a 4.oo grade. The “extra” prospects may become busts.

January 7, 2010

Baseball America grades the Sox drafts

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Good thing Kenny dismissed Shafer after the 2007 draft. Here are Baseball America’s grades:

Team 		2008 	2007 	2006 	2005 	GPA

White Sox 	A 	C 	D 	C+ 	2.38

It’s AC/DC. Thunderstruck!

November 27, 2009

Fangraphs reviews the last 4 Sox drafts


[Jared] Mitchell’s .417 on-base average was impressive in just 34 low-A ball games. However, his line of .296/.417/.435 was aided by a crazy-high .453 BABIP. His walk rate of 16.7% was offset by a nasty strikeout rate at 34.8%, which is obviously going to have to come down. With an ISO of .139, his power is undeveloped at this time, although he could develop into a 15-homer hitter. Despite good speed, Mitchell nabbed just five steals in eight attempts. …

September 29, 2009

Ozzie Guillen praises Sox scouts for Gordon Beckham and Daniel Hudson

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Guillen gave credit to the White Sox scouts when talking about Gordon Beckham and Daniel Hudson making contributions at the Major League level this season. Both players were part of the 2008 First-Year Player Draft. “We have two guys here from 2008 on the big league roster playing good, not just being here.”

more Ozzie Guillen:

“(Scouts) have a lot of work to do. They are very, very underrated about the job they have. But like a lot of people say, those guys can get you fired. They are very important in any organization. That’s why we got better.”

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