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March 26, 2012

Palehose 12 [UPDATE #3]

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Carl Skankberg presents ‘Hellbreak: The Illustrated tale of Adam Dunn and the 2012 White Sox’:

Hellbreak Title Page

Hellbreak Part One

Hellbreak Part 1, Page 1.

Hellbreak, Part 1, Page 2.


Hellbreak, Part 1, Page 3

Hellbreak, Part 1, Page 4


Hellbreak, Part 1, Page 5

Hellbreak Part 1, Page 6


Hellbreak, Part 1, Page 7

Hellbreak, Part 1, Page 8

Dave Shovein’s Adan Dunn prediction

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Dave Shovein:

Adam Dunn hits 35+ home runs: Many fantasy players and prognosticators are predicting a rebound of sorts for Dunn in 2012 (how could he possibly be any worse?). While most project him for a 20-25 homer season, I think that he regains most of his previous power form.Even during his abysmal 2011, he still managed a nice walk rate (15.1 percent) and flyball rate (47.5). The culprit for the drop in homers was simply the weak contact he made, leading to a homer-per-fly rate of only 9.6 percent (atrocious by Dunn’s standards). While you can’t place too much stock in offseason fluff stories, Dunn has by all accounts worked extremely hard. He swung a bat over the winter for the first time in his career and is in fairly good shape (for his body type, at least). I think we see the Grande Mule of old in 2012. I expect Dunn to look in vintage form, hitting 35-plus home runs with a .240 average.

35+ home runs would be: 1) awesome, 2) a lot more than I expect!

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