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November 28, 2011

Seems the Sox haven’t tried to sign John Danks to a contract extension

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Doug Padilla:

If the White Sox do consider John Danks a big part of their future, they aren’t in a hurry to get the left-hander locked in beyond the 2012 season. A source with knowledge of club’s contract negotiations said the White Sox have made no overtures to Danks’ agent regarding a long-term contract….

It doesn’t look good for keeping Danks on the Sox.

Jonathan Mayo on the new CBA’s draft provisions [UPDATE]

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Jonathan Mayo:

  • If a Club does not sign a pick, its signing bonus pool is reduced by the amount of the pick.  So, for example, if a Club does not sign its first round pick, and its first round pick had a slot of $1.5 million, the Club’s signing bonus pool would be reduced by $1.5. This is true of any unsigned pick, not just those covered by compensation. The main idea here was to not create incentive for a team to NOT sign a pick. Without this safeguard, a team could “punt” a pick in order to divert those funds to another pick later on, which could result in a Draft that would look a lot like the old ones. In the next year’s draft, the Club would receive a compensation selection for failing to sign its first, second or third round selections, and the slot assigned to the compensation selection will be added to its signing bonus pool.
  • In the new system, the total aggregate pool in the 10 slotted rounds will be $185 million. With an estimate of $20 million spent after the 10th round (remember, bonuses up to $100,000 do not count toward a team’s aggregate pool), that means teams could spend a combined total of $205 million without getting penalized. That total of $205 million is higher than every Draft from 2004-2010.  Spending in past years: $159 million (2006); $155 million (2007); $198 million (2009) and $200 million in 2010.

Jim Callis says the “mlb draft changes [are] looking more direr.” I wonder, will the long-term result of this be young athletes shunning baseball? MAYBE the draft provisions will be modified in the next CBA to prevent this but who knows?

UPDATE: More from Jim Callis:

  • The draft has been reduced from 50 to 40 rounds.
  • The most significant new detail: If a team fails to sign a player in the first 10 rounds, its draft cap is reduced by the assigned value of his pick. It can’t reallocate that value to sign other players. However, it can reallocate the difference between a player’s bonus and the value of his choice.

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