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October 12, 2011

Kenny Williams says the Sox “got to take a step back”

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Chuck Garfien:

“We do have some payroll limitations. It didn’t work out last year. That was the gamble by going out on a limb payroll-wise and it backfired. We lost money, bottom line,” Williams said. “Are we going to now take the same gamble? The answer to the question is no.  We’ve got to take a step back, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to try to win just the same.”

Hopefully not…

In which A.J. Pierzynski finds the ‘Paul Konerko player/manager’ idea hilarious

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“I thought that was hilarious,” ­Pierzynski said. “Konerko thinks everything through and analyzes until he’s blue in the face.

“He’d be out there playing first base missing balls in the third inning because he’d be worried about what the pitching matchup would be for the eighth inning.

“I texted him when I heard the rumor, and he wrote back, ‘Yeah, and you’ll be batting ninth.’ And I wrote back, ‘No, I’ll be demanding a trade.’ ’’

1B will be manned by Lillibridge. Paulie would be DHing.

Robin Ventura’s managerial style

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From Doug Padilla’s chat:

Q: Why didnt anybody in the Press Conference ask robin questions about his managerial philosphy, is he a stat guy when looking at matchups etc…. Do we have any info besides what was asked in the PC?

A: The beat guys asked that in a separate interview session. He didn’t commit to one exactly, but he said he had to see how the roster develops. Sounded like he has the traditional leadoff man, move runners over approach, but has no issues playing big ball if that’s what the roster dictates.

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