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September 29, 2011

Terry Francona to the White Sox?

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The Tom Thibodeau route seems more probable than the big expensive name…



THT’s Addison Reed and Dayan Viciedo scouting reports

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Josh Shepardson:

86: Addison Reed/RP/Chicago White Sox/12-27-88/ETA: Arrived
Forecast Notes: Gaudy strikeout rate as a top-flight reliever.
Current Level: Majors
Scouting Notes: Reed was an equal opportunist in embarrassing hitters at four minor league stops before reaching the majors (where he hasn’t stopped striking batters out). He throws a plus-plus fastball and a plus-plus slider. He also throws a change-up, but it isn’t as consistent as his other two pitches. He started and closed games at San Diego State, but it appears the White Sox are content with him dominating in a late-inning role. Sergio Santos did a fantastic job closing games for the White Sox, so Reed may not pick up saves anytime soon, but he should still be a fantasy asset.

Dayan Viciedo made it to #31:

31: Dayan Viciedo/OF/Chicago White Sox/3-10-89/ETA: Arrived
Forecast Notes: Peak .279/.324/.462 with 22 HR’s. Has started taking walks in 2011. -20 fielder.
Current Level: MLB
Scouting Notes: Much better fantasy prospect than reality one. His glove is bad, really bad as the Forecast suggests, but most reports are that he has made a conscious effort to get in better shape and work on his craft. Also working in his favor is that Ozzie Guillen and Kenny Williams don’t seem to give a hoot about defense anyway, playing Adam Dunn, Juan Pierre and Carlos Quentinin the outfield at various times.Raw power is his calling card, and it has translated to games this year. If things click, he could surpass 30 home runs a year with a passable average in the upper .270s. Those in OBP leagues should bump him down a bit as this year is his first of showing any ability to draw a walk. While that patience is encouraging, it will need to carry over to next season for me to believe he’s completely ditched his free-swinging ways.

Ozzie Guillen, sabermetrics, and money

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Mark Gonzales:

Guillen also didn’t care for sabermetrics, and many of the Sox’s number crunchers avoided the dugout during pregame batting practice, which used to be their hangout in previous years.

Tension between Guillen and Williams in past years didn’t help, but that was secondary to Guillen’s wish for more money and security – in that order.

Good riddance!

Brett Ballantini wrote about the money factor too:

While Guillen spoke often about knowing his worth and needing more money to continue managing the White Sox (“f— more years—I want more money”), he would not be happy simply with a raise for next season, telling me directly that he needs both additional years and more money.

Joe Frisaro reports Ozzie’s deal with the Marlins is a 4-year, $10 million contract while he was earning $1.8 million a year with the Sox.

Remember when Ozzie said he loves the Sox more than anyone? Yeah…

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