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September 30, 2011

Sox sign RHRP Sergio Santos to 3-year, with 3 one-year options, deal

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Scott Merkin (press release):

[Sergio] Santos, 28, and the White Sox agreed on a three-year, $8.25 million deal, with club options for 2015-17. Under the terms of the agreement, Santos will earn $1 million in 2012, $2.75 million in 2013 and $3.75 million in 2014. The club option for 2015 stands at $6 million, with an $8 million option for 2016 and an $8.75 million option in 2017. If any of the three club options are declined, then Santos receives a $750,000 buyout.

The deal covers Santos’ final pre-arbitration year and the first two arbitration years. The three 1-year options cover the final arbitration year and the first two free-agent years. That’s a very good deal for the Sox. Fangraphs says Sergio was worth $7.3 million this year. Sergio must stay away from Adam Dunn, Alex Rios, and Jake Peavy. Kenny did good.

Smells Like Mascot: A last goodbye to new Ozzie faces

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Carl’s latest:


Greener wallet! Nice!

Francona [UPDATE]

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September 29, 2011

Terry Francona to the White Sox?

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The Tom Thibodeau route seems more probable than the big expensive name…



THT’s Addison Reed and Dayan Viciedo scouting reports

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Josh Shepardson:

86: Addison Reed/RP/Chicago White Sox/12-27-88/ETA: Arrived
Forecast Notes: Gaudy strikeout rate as a top-flight reliever.
Current Level: Majors
Scouting Notes: Reed was an equal opportunist in embarrassing hitters at four minor league stops before reaching the majors (where he hasn’t stopped striking batters out). He throws a plus-plus fastball and a plus-plus slider. He also throws a change-up, but it isn’t as consistent as his other two pitches. He started and closed games at San Diego State, but it appears the White Sox are content with him dominating in a late-inning role. Sergio Santos did a fantastic job closing games for the White Sox, so Reed may not pick up saves anytime soon, but he should still be a fantasy asset.

Dayan Viciedo made it to #31:

31: Dayan Viciedo/OF/Chicago White Sox/3-10-89/ETA: Arrived
Forecast Notes: Peak .279/.324/.462 with 22 HR’s. Has started taking walks in 2011. -20 fielder.
Current Level: MLB
Scouting Notes: Much better fantasy prospect than reality one. His glove is bad, really bad as the Forecast suggests, but most reports are that he has made a conscious effort to get in better shape and work on his craft. Also working in his favor is that Ozzie Guillen and Kenny Williams don’t seem to give a hoot about defense anyway, playing Adam Dunn, Juan Pierre and Carlos Quentinin the outfield at various times.Raw power is his calling card, and it has translated to games this year. If things click, he could surpass 30 home runs a year with a passable average in the upper .270s. Those in OBP leagues should bump him down a bit as this year is his first of showing any ability to draw a walk. While that patience is encouraging, it will need to carry over to next season for me to believe he’s completely ditched his free-swinging ways.

Ozzie Guillen, sabermetrics, and money

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Mark Gonzales:

Guillen also didn’t care for sabermetrics, and many of the Sox’s number crunchers avoided the dugout during pregame batting practice, which used to be their hangout in previous years.

Tension between Guillen and Williams in past years didn’t help, but that was secondary to Guillen’s wish for more money and security – in that order.

Good riddance!

Brett Ballantini wrote about the money factor too:

While Guillen spoke often about knowing his worth and needing more money to continue managing the White Sox (“f— more years—I want more money”), he would not be happy simply with a raise for next season, telling me directly that he needs both additional years and more money.

Joe Frisaro reports Ozzie’s deal with the Marlins is a 4-year, $10 million contract while he was earning $1.8 million a year with the Sox.

Remember when Ozzie said he loves the Sox more than anyone? Yeah…

Other White Sox links:

September 28, 2011

White Sox finish 2011 season 79-83

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The Sox get the #13 draft pick. Reverse Standings (updated):

Pick Team W L W% GB P/U
12 New York Mets 77 85 0.475 21.0 P
13 * Chicago White Sox 79 83 0.488 23.0 P
14 * Cincinnati Reds 79 83 0.488 23.0 P
15 Cleveland Indians 80 82 0.494 24.0 P
16 Washington Nationals 80 81 0.497 24.5 U
17 Toronto Blue Jays 81 81 0.500 25.0 U

* The Sox and Cincinatti both lost today but since Cincinatti had a better record last year (Sox: 88-74, Cincinatti: 91-71), the Sox win the tiebreaker.

Greg Walker resigns

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Scott Merkin:

Greg Walker announced his resignation as White Sox hitting coach, effective after Wednesday’s 2011 season finale against the Blue Jays.Speaking to a group of writers Wednesday morning in Ozzie Guillen’s old office, the hard-nosed Walker became emotional at times when talking about his relationship with the players, coaches and people in the clubhouse over his nine years working with White Sox hitters.Walker informed White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf of his decision roughly one month ago. …

Press release here.

How about Joe Crede? Nah, too many popups.

September 27, 2011

Adam Dunn spared

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Kenny Williams offered to step down as Sox GM on multiple occasions

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David Kaplan:

Williams was extremely candid during the sit down, telling us that he had offered to step down as Sox GM on multiple occasions and that he would “work within the organization if that was what chairman Jerry Reinsdorf felt was best for the franchise.”

However, Reinsdorf has committed to Williams to be the man to fix a team that woefully underachived this season.

“So much so that on a couple of separate occasions I went to Jerry Reinsdorf and I said, ‘Hey listen, If I’m the cog here in the machinery that’s a problem let’s talk about a transition thing because I love the organization, and I got value here and in the scouting world. I’d like to stick around a little bit. Put another banner up there, so if I’m the one here that is the cog that’s a problem let’s figure it out.’ It wasn’t so long ago that I did that again and also in that same conversation I said whether or not Ozzie is the decision I’m telling you straight to your face I can work with anyone, no matter what’s been said and what’s been done at this point. I can sit down here like men and work it out, and that opportunity didn’t come about.”

… Making sure I understood correctly, I asked: If Jerry said to you he’d make Rick Hahn the GM, you would’ve said fine if that’s what it took to get the Sox another title?

“With open arms, I’d welcome it,” Williams replied. “This isn’t easy. I think Jim (former Cubs GM Jim Hendry) just a few weeks ago said, he used the phrase all-consuming; there are only a couple of other people in this town that understood what he was talking about. When that time comes I’m more than willing that if I’m being ineffective, whether from a personnel standpoint or a manager standpoint, I’ll step aside and we’ll go out have a steak and smoke a cigar, it’s not a problem.”

Video at the link.

UPDATE: Here’s part 2 of the interview.

Scouting reports from Jonathan Mayo on RHP Jhan Marinez, and SS/2B Ozzie Martinez

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Jonathan Mayo:

RHP Jhan Marinez:

When he’s healthy, Marinez has the kind of power stuff you want to see in the back of a bullpen. He was healthy enough in 2010 to start the year in Jupiter and end it in the big leagues, though an elbow issue ended his year in July. Along the way, he struck out 13.7 per nine in the Minors, thanks to an improved breaking ball to go with his fastball. If he can improve his command and stay healthy — big ifs — he could see some saves in the future. Shoulder soreness slowed him this spring, but he’s pitching in Double-A Jacksonville’s bullpen now.

SS/2B Ozzie Martinez:

The 2006 11th-round pick had a breakout 2010, going to the Futures Game, helping Jacksonville win a Southern League title, finishing third in the system with a .302 average and earning a callup to the big leagues. He makes consistent contact and is selective at the plate. He plays a solid shortstop, though he’s currently blocked by Hanley Ramirez. He’s already been called upon to help in a utility role this year.

Baseball America’s scouting reports are here.

Don Cooper to sign multi-year deal with the Sox [UPDATE]

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Scott Merkin:

A contract extension for White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper figures to become official on Tuesday afternoon with the announcement of a new multi-year deal that will precede a two-game stint as manager in place of Ozzie Guillen.

Cooper is finishing his ninth full season and 10th overall as Chicago’s pitching coach, having begun the task on July 22, 2002. He has worked under managers Jerry Manuel and Guillen, and soon will be practicing his craft for a third — whomever is hired during the offseason to replace Guillen.

With Guillen released from his contract after Monday’s 4-3 victory over the Blue Jays to pursue other opportunities and bench coach Joey Cora apparently heading to the Marlins with Guillen, Cooper will run the show over the final two days of the 2011 season as the team’s interim manager.

CSN reports first base coach Harold Baines will get a multi-year deal too, but third base coach Jeff Cox and hitting coach Greg Walker won’t get new deals.

UPDATE: The extension is for 4 years:

Of Cooper, Williams said, “Well, the pitching has been as consistent over the last decade, and that’s a testament to our scouting department, to our player development department, to Don Cooper, directly in his direction. It’s something that’s well deserved and I’m happy, thrilled to know that he’s going to be on board here for the next four years.”


Kenny Williams leaning towards Dave Martinez and not Sandy Alomar Jr. for manager? [UPDATE #2]

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UPDATE #2: More Ballantini:

Martinez has the toughness and pedigree to appeal to Williams. Likewise his mentorship under universally-admired mentor Joe Maddon and Tampa Bay’s success with maximizing roster potential. But reading the tea leaves of Williams’ pregame comments on Tuesday, where, unsolicited, he mentioned that his “clear choice” might not be hired by the World Series because his choice might be involved.

“We have to wait and see who the players are in the World Series and if there’s someone on a playoff team that I ultimately might want to talk to, it might have to drag a little bit.”

For those who feel Williams is leaning toward Sandy Alomar Jr., the Cleveland Indians are not in the playoffs; unless the GM is initiating heavy subterfuge and misdirection, he’s already told us that his top candidate is in playoff contention. …


Scouting reports from Baseball America on RHP Jhan Marinez, and SS/2B Ozzie Martinez

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James Bailey:

First, RHP Jhan Marinez:

The top relief prospect in the Marlins organization entering the season, Marinez seemed poised to make the leap to Florida in 2011. Instead he spun his wheels in Double-A, though he did earn a berth in the Futures Game in July. The wiry, fast-armed righthander throws an explosive four-seam fastball that sits 92-96 mph and reaches as high as 98. He’ll also show a sinking two-seamer. Marinez flashes a solid-average to plus power slider on occasion, but it comes and goes, disappearing all too often. When it’s there he’s got the stuff to close games out. However tantalizing the stuff, he must exhibit better command and control of both pitches to succeed. Durability has been a concern in the past, though his 56 appearances were a career high this year.

And, SS/2B Ozzie Martinez:

The No. 5 prospect in the Marlins system coming into this season, Martinez broke out in 2010, batting .326 in 43 big league at-bats while filling in for shortstop Hanley Ramirez in September. When he’s right, he sprays line drives from gap to gap with a level swing. He showed strong hands and excellent hand-eye coordination last year, when he looked like a potential No. 2 hitter with doubles power. Martinez’s plate discipline took a hit this year and he never got going offensively and his confidence suffered. At times he fell into a pull mode, getting away from what made him successful earlier. Mentally he wasn’t the same player, both at bat and in the field, where his play at short went from steady to erratic. He has the skills to play second and third and could fill a utility role. The strong arm is still there, as are the rest of his tools, but he showed only occasional glimpses of the all-around game that had Florida so excited a year ago.

Those reports sound better than I hoped they would!

Ballantini’s new Sox manager odds

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Dave MartinezDon CooperSandy Alomar, Jr.

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