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August 20, 2011

What will Kenny Williams and Ozzie Guillen both do if Jerry Reinsdorf fires them?

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they both won’t stick around:

Guillen … agreed with Williams that he wouldn’t be nice enough to stick around for weeks after getting fired.

“Yeah, if [chairman] Jerry [Reinsdorf] fires me, I’m going golfing,’’ Williams said. “See you later. If you guys want to talk to me by phone, fine. But I’m out of here.”



  1. well Williams wouldn’t get fired, it’s not his fault dunn and rios both fell off a cliff! honestly if you told me earlier in the year the central would be won with an 80 to 85 win team I would have said there is no way in hell the sox aren’t going to win that many games! this team should be in first place with at least a 6 game lead over the tigers. why did dunn become the worst free agent signing in history?

    Comment by Anonymous — August 20, 2011 @ August 20, 2011 4:21 pm | Reply

    • no, it’s not kenny’s fault dunn and rios fell off a cliff. yeah sure, now anyone can say signing dunn was a bad decision but who could say dunn wasn’t a massive upgrade over kotsay? they should have never let thome go. rotating crap. I’d give him some blame over rios (I would not claim a player with such a contract) but this year’s performance is a big nosedive. I’ve heard some rumors the Sox claimed him to block detroit from getting him but who knows if there’s any truth there.

      what I’d blame kenny for is sending husdon and holmberg to arizona for ejax and giving swisher to new york for a bucket of balls.

      but kenny has done good deals too. danks, floyd, sale, humber, alexei, quentin…

      Comment by The Wizard — August 20, 2011 @ August 20, 2011 9:17 pm | Reply

  2. dunn is an upgrade to kotsay, but should be way more productive! the dh excuse is over! they let thome go so they can rotate the dh spot but they signed dunn and made him primary dh eliminating that idea anyways. at least thome is a estabolished dh in the al. maybe next year dunn will be better prepared next year! what is the plan for next year? is kenny going to make some moves or settle with what we got and hope it clicks?

    Comment by Anonymous — August 20, 2011 @ August 20, 2011 10:11 pm | Reply

    • I think kenny will stick with what he got because he won’t be able to unload dunn and rios. unless reinsdorf eats a lot of money. hopefully they show something better…

      Comment by The Wizard — August 20, 2011 @ August 20, 2011 10:36 pm | Reply

    • but with that money going to dunn, rios, and peavy, will they re-sign buehrle?

      Comment by The Wizard — August 20, 2011 @ August 20, 2011 10:46 pm | Reply

  3. they better! if not I hope he retires. it’s either south side of Chicago, st. louis, or retirement.

    Comment by Anonymous — August 23, 2011 @ August 23, 2011 4:53 pm | Reply

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