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July 15, 2011

Fangraphs’ Joe Pawlikowski on Alex Rios’ struggles

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Pawlikowski  @ FG:

… This year Rios has played like one of the worst players in baseball. We know he’s not one of the worst, at least in terms of talent. He’s put it on display before. But it’s not as though this is just a half-season slump that we can expect to correct itself. In the last calendar year Rios has hit .233/.282/.346, which amounts to a .277 wOBA. That ranks 137th out of the 140 qualified players. He has produced just 0.2 WAR in that time as well, which ranks 134th. Given this poor year-long performance, it’s tough to expect an improvement from Rios in the second half.

The problem extends even if we go back two calendar years. In that span Rios has hit .251/.299/.395, a .305 wOBA, and has been worth 2.6 WAR. That ranks 114th out of 133 qualified players. If we take that back even another year, which would include Rios’s worthwhile 2008 season — and give us the magical three-year sample for UZR — he has produced 6.5 WAR, which ranks 89th out of 124. His batting runs above average in the last three years is -10.3, which ranks 109th out of 124. Any way you look at it, his numbers are a far cry from the 8.6 WAR (29th out of 151) he produced from 2006 through 2007. …

Other White Sox links: FutureSox talks to Doug Laumann about the Sox drafting philosophy and more, J.J. talks about Rick Hahn topping SI’s list of GMs in the making, Alexei Ramirez is Fangraphs’ 31st Trade Value in MLB, and Matt Snyder at CBS Sports writes about Dayan Viciedo’s magnificent power.


July 14, 2011

White Sox scouting the Colorado-Milwaukee game

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Ringolsby @ MLB Buzz:

There were requests for 17 scouts tickets for the Rockies game against Milwaukee, in which [Ubaldo] Jimenez started, well above normal. Among teams with interest are Detroit, Atlanta, Cincinnati, the New York Yankees, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Chicago White Sox and Cleveland.

White Sox sign 30th round draft pick LHP Brandon Parrent

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Baseball America’s draft database reports 30th round draft pick LHP Brandon Parrent has signed:

Bats: L
Throws: L
Height: 6’03″
Weight: 215
Born: 1990-07-14
Hometown: Flower Mound, TX
Class:  Junior

Here’s a PerfectGame.org scouting report from 2008:

Brandon Parrent is a 2008 LHP with a 6’2”, 180 lb. frame from Flower Mound, TX who attends Flower Mound HS. Tall athletic build, long loose arm action on the mound, good arm speed, smooth balanced delivery, finishes well to the plate, ball comes out of hand clean, works both sides of the plate, velocity projects, throws strikes, tight rotation on curveball, nice cut action on change-up, knows how to pitch, very good pitchability, good upside.

Here are his College Stats:

2011 4.21 2-4 24-4 0 0/2 0 47.0 47 30 22 17 29 5 0 7 174 .270 3 5 0 2 4

He was in Junior College(s) before A&M:

Year GP IP R ER Hits SO BB ERA W L Save
2010 19 74.2 42 37 64 77 54 4.46 9 6 0
2009 2 3.0 1 1 3 4 0 3.00 0 0 0

White Sox sign 3rd round draft pick RHP Jeff Soptic

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Gonzales @ CT:

The latest signee is third-round pick Jeff Soptic, a 6-foot-6 pitcher from Johnson County Community College in Kansas. Baseball America is reporting Soptic’s signing bonus at $320,000.

Bats: Right
Throws: Right
Height: 6’06″
Weight: 210
Born: 1991-04-08
Hometown: Leawood, KS
Class:  J2 (2nd year in Junior College)

Scouting reports:

Baseball America:

Few pitchers in this draft can light up a radar gun like Soptic can, but his lack of consistency likely will keep him out of the first couple of rounds. The 6-foot-6, 220-pounder’s arm works easily, as he effortlessly delivers fastballs at 93-96 mph and peaks at 100. Velocity is the one constant with Soptic. His four-seam fastball is fairly straight and gets hit harder than it should. He’ll flash a plus slider at times, but it’s below-average more often than not. His changeup is a distant third pitch. Unless he can significantly improve his control and secondary pitches, Soptic probably will have to settle for being a reliever as a pro. Nevertheless, his arm strength and body are hard to ignore. Drafted in the 43rd round out of high school by the Royals but unselected when he maxed out at 94 mph as a freshman, Soptic will attend Missouri if he doesn’t turn pro.

John Sickels:

This 6-6 right-hander scrapes 100 MPH with his fastball and has a promising slider. Although somewhat unrefined as a pitcher, his upside is huge and his arm strength is as good as anyone else’s in the draft. He could easily go in the supplemental round to a team looking for a high-octane arm to harness.

John Sickels:

Big guy with a mid-90s fastball and good slider. He has a University of Missouri commitment and might end up there if he doesn’t go high enough this year. 4.50 ERA with 58/31 K/BB in 56 innings, 41 hits; command issues are the main problem.

John Sickels:

Clocked as high as 100 MPH, but slider and changeup are inconsistent. Very high upside in his 6-6 frame but needs polish.

Pine Tar Press:

The Royals drafted Soptic 2 years ago in the 43rd round out of Shawnee Mission East High School. The 20 year old RH is still very projectable and was throwing 93 on a very cold baseball day (38 degrees) the day I saw him pitch. His fastball lacked the movement you would want with a power pitcher and he complimented it with a 83-84 mph slider.He did not throw a change the day I saw him but I am told he has a serviceable one.

Here are his Junior College Stats; from NJAAA:

2011 15 56.0 39 28 41 58 31 4.500 7 6
2010 14 44.1 40 25 51 48 41 5.076 5 2

and from

2011 56.00 256 39 28 31 58 41 5 9 7 6 0 .190 3.50 53.8 15 15 1.29 3 10 0
2010 42.67 230 40 25 41 48 51 3 2 0 5 2 0 .273 4.10 71.4 14 14 2.16 1 13 0

And here’s a 1 and a half minute video of Soptic:


And a 3 and a half minutes video of Soptic:


Rick Hahn tops SI’s Top Ten ‘GMs prospects list.’ Rick Hahn says it’s no big deal

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Will Carroll @ SI:

[Rick Hahn] Quote:“[Being included] certainly is a compliment, and I do appreciate being included on these lists. But, frankly, it’s not the same as the organization being cited for having one of top on-field prospects. In fact, if there was a way to trade me for Mike Trout, I’m guessing Kenny would drive me to the airport to make sure that deal goes through — and I would understand.”

Atlanta and Philadelphia scouting White Sox games

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Gonzales @ CT:

Two Braves scouts watched the Sox in Minnesota on June 15-16 and in Colorado on June 29-30, and Phillies representatives have watched the Sox throughout this season, including last week against the Royals. …

Will Kenny get an offer good enough to make him trade Carlos Quentin?

For prospect lists and scouting reports go to the ‘2011 MLB Prospect Rankings.’

Other White Sox links: James shows us how to fix tweak the White Sox, J.J. explains the problems with trading Carlos Quentin, Steve Slowinski at Fangraph compiles his 2011 All-Flub team and 3 Sox players are in, Kenwo grades the Sox players, and Nick Shepkowski at WSCR says the prospects of a Sox second half run don’t look good.

July 12, 2011

Did the White Sox made Edwin Jackson available? [UPDATE]

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Heyman @ SI:

The White Sox are fielding calls on Edwin Jackson. In this market he may be the best out there as far as starting pitchers.

Hey, maybe Kenny will get Dan Hudson back!

UPDATE: J.J. and James give us their thoughts on the subject. J.J. more specifically on the problems with this particular rumor and James more generally on the problems with White Sox roster rigidity.

July 11, 2011

Clay Davenport’s Playoff Odds

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Clay Davenport’s Playoff Odds:

by clicking the link of each team’s name you can see a progression of that team’s playoff odds through every day of the season

based on real-data, no projections:

AL Central W L Pct3 Avg W Avg L Champions Wild Card Playoffs 1D Change 7D Change
Tigers 49 43 .515 86.6 75.4 55.92486 .43351 56.35837 7.38183 7.81095
Indians 47 42 .504 84.6 77.4 36.23713 .47695 36.71409 -5.04343 -0.89384
White Sox 44 48 .489 78.5 83.5 7.15738 .08489 7.24227 -2.87993 -9.13173
Twins 41 48 .421 71.6 90.4 .59413 .00319 .59732 .18329 .37796

projection version:

AL Central W L Pct3 Avg W Avg L Champions Wild Card Playoffs
Tigers 49 43 .503 84.7 77.3 55.51128 .47534 55.98662
Indians 47 42 .446 79.2 82.8 12.18235 .22229 12.40464
White Sox 44 48 .516 81.0 81.0 20.74908 .44954 21.19862
Twins 41 48 .508 79.0 83.0 11.51699 .23804 11.75503
Royals 37 54 .444 67.4 94.6 .04030 .00010 .04040

ELO version (ELO?):

AL Central W L Pct3 Avg W Avg L Champions Wild Card Playoffs
Tigers 49 43 1505. 85.2 76.8 42.65058 .43378 43.08437
Indians 47 42 1512. 85.0 77.0 41.53700 .43670 41.97370
White Sox 44 48 1496. 78.5 83.5 8.79992 .09117 8.89108
Twins 41 48 1501. 77.6 84.4 6.90983 .06208 6.97192
Royals 37 54 1460. 66.9 95.1 .10267 .00050 .10317

Paulie Konerko’s take inside:


Adam Dunn’s K% drops 6 points! Greg Walker is genius!

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Appelman @ Fangraphs:

Due to popular demand and to decrease general confusion, K% has been changed from K/AB to K/PA.

On average, you’ll see players’ K% drop about 2% and, at the very most (rare cases like Adam Dunn), about 6%.

This is a site-wide change and impacts stats pages, splits, leaderboards, and graphs that contain K%.

Rick Hahn: Sox poor season complicates Viciedo callup

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… “Look, he’s done absolutely marvelously,” Hahn said. “In fact, he’s even done better in the last three or four weeks since this sort of buzz for people wanting him up here began. He’s actually shown a little more plate discipline in the past few weeks. He’s gotten even better as a defender and an outfielder.“

When he gets here we do think he’s going to be an impact guy. That being said, he is 22 years old. If he had grown up in the states, he’d be a year out of the draft, in all probability. To expect that a 22-year-old kid would come up here and, you know, essentially save the season or turn around the offense single handily, is an awful lot to put on him.”

Audio at the link.

Ozzie looks at the Dunn-Rios pledge [UPDATE]

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Ginetti @ CST:

‘‘I am,’’ Dunn said, ‘‘because I feel like me and Alex, we’ve been as bad as you could possibly be, and if we’re doing half of what we normally do, we’re not even talking about this. . . . We’re putting it all on us in the second half, basically.”

Guillen likes Dunn’s optimism, ‘‘but I don’t want him to put more pressure on himself, like, ‘I have to do it in the second half for the White Sox to win.’ Everybody has something to do here. The second half is about 25 guys, not about two guys. If [everybody] puts it together and does what they’re supposed to do, we’re going to have a chance.’’

Like Dunn needed more pressure.

UPDATE: More Ozzie:

“He’s wrong. He’s wrong. Very wrong,” Guillen said. “Because I don’t think we pay Adam Dunn and Alex Rios for it to be on them. I think they have to do their part. I think it’s about 25 guys, maybe about 26 or 28, but it’s about everyone. Hopefully they come out of their slump and play better, but we’re not going to win if Adam Dunn hit 40 (home runs). It’s going to make it easier, but if everybody contribute and everybody do what they’re supposed to do, then it will change.”

Other White Sox links: J.J. says Tyler Flowers may not be the ideal backup form A.J. Pierzynski, James tries to find out what’s wrong with Gavin Floyd and also looks at the Dunn-Rios pledge, and the 2nd half rotation will be: Floyd-Jackson-Peavy-Buehrle-Humber-Danks.

July 9, 2011

Hey, a win!

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Is this allowed?

UPDATE: Seems Tyler Flowers is coming up to replace Ramon Castro, who broke his hand.

Flowers is hitting .261/.390/.500/.890 with 39 BB and 84 K in 222 AB. That’s a 14.6% BB% and a a 31.5 K%. Other numbers: .339 BABIP, 44% GB%, 18% LD%, 37 RC, 5.88 RC/27, .376 wOBA, 118 wOBA+, 135 OPS+.

Dayan Viciedo drew another walk last night (June 8)

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Charlotte Knights
Player Pos AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB SO AVG
De Aza LF 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 .319
Viciedo RF 3 1 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 .325

Viciedo is hitting .325/.374/.535/.909 with 25 BB and 66 K in 342 AB. That’s a 6.7% BB% and a a 17.8 K%. Other numbers: .367 BABIP, 47% GB%, 18% LD%, 63 RC, 7.00 RC/27, .385 wOBA, 121 wOBA+, 148 OPS+.

BTW, Alejandro De Aza is hitting .319/.372/.500/.872 with 26 BB and 64 K in 326 AB. That’s a 7.1% BB% and a a 17.5 K%. Other numbers: .375 BABIP, 40% GB%, 20% LD%, 44 RC, 4.37 RC/27, .368 wOBA, 115 wOBA+, 134 OPS+.

Here’s a link to all the Charlotte Knights players stats.

Ozzie has had it

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more Ozzie inside (more…)

Dunn and Rios got this

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Ballantini @ CSN:

“Me and Alex, we’ve been as bad as you could possibly be, and if we’re doing half of what we normally do, we’re not even talking about [struggling offensively],” Dunn said, then issuing a promise that could but a catch in the South Side faithful’s throats. “Me and Alex talked about it, and we’re putting it all on us in the second half, basically.”

I’m so glad that’s over! Phew!

Yeah, I wish…

Other White Sox links: James looks at Phil Humber’s loss on Thursday’s game, same thing for J.J., Kenny Williams says to the Sox to lighten up, (yeah, they’re taking it too seriously…), and Tom Sorensen at the  Charlotte Observer has a cool article on Charlotte’s Shane Lindsay.

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