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July 21, 2011

Adam Dunn to go on the DL? [UPDATE ]

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Padilla @ ESPN:

[Adam] Dunn was not only benched as the Kansas City Royals went with a left-handed starter for the second consecutive night, manager Ozzie Guillen is now saying that Dunn is dealing with a sore knee. Guillen did not know what knee was ailing his struggling slugger.

The news would seem to indicate the White Sox might try to angle for a disabled list stint with Dunn, which could open the door to recall Dayan Viciedo from Triple-A Charlotte. Guillen, though, told reporters in Kansas City on Wednesday that he intends on using Dunn in Friday’s series opener at Cleveland. The club has a day of Thursday.

Speaking of Dunn, he’s thinking of calling it quits but is sure he won’t do it.

UPDATE #1: Daryl Van Schouwen says no:

Dunn has been in the trainer’s room the last couple of days because of a sore knee, but it’s not believed to be something that would keep him from playing.

UPDATE #2: Dunn says his quote was misinterpreted. And he’s having too much fun to quit.


Mark Buehrle says he’ll play for a maximum of two more years

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Passan @ YH:

Even now, [Mark] Buehrle isn’t certain he’s returning for the 2012 season. He had in the past hinted at retiring after this year, though he’s more concerned with being around his St. Louis-area home when his child, Braden, who turns 4 this week, goes to kindergarten. At most, Buehrle said, that means he’ll pitch for two more years.

“Once Braden starts school, I’ll be done 100 percent,” he said. “Once that happens, you can bet anything and everything I’ll be done.”

Buehrle sounds serious.

BTW, here are four video clips from CSN’s ‘Inside Look: Mark Buehrle’:

One (3:20), two (2:38), three (4:34), four (1:13).

July 20, 2011

Adam Dunn’s self diagnosis: too many off-speed pitches early in the count [UPDATE]

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Gonzales @ CT:

Dunn believes his recent struggles stem from being too aggressive and that opposing pitchers are taking advantage by throwing off-speed pitches early in the count.

“And that’s not my game,” Dunn said. “Everything is there except me swinging at bad pitches,” Dunn continued. “I’m working the count, usually putting myself in usually good hitters’ counts but not making them pay.”

Unfortunately for Dunn, I don’t think we can order opposing pitchers what to throw.

UPDATE: As James says don’t trust what Dunn says. Let’s take a look at the pitches thrown at Dunn on 0-0 counts. (more…)

In which Kenny Williams may go ahead and bring up Dayan Viciedo no matter what Ozzie Guillen says

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Garfein @ CSN:

… When I asked Kenny Williams on June 22 what it will take to bring up his prized prospect he said, “Until I get the feeling from the coaching staff that he is in fact needed and they believe that the mix that they are currently sending out there isn’t getting the job done.”

Thinking about benching your lefty power-hitter for two straight games in a heated divisional race at a pivotal stretch of the season kind of answers that question.

But Williams also said that he might not wait for Guillen and the coaching staff to make the call on Viciedo.

“If there ever comes a time where I feel strongly enough about making a move of that ilk, then I’ll call them aside and we’ll have a little stronger dialogue, and I’ll see if I can influence [them] one way or another,” Williams said. …

Kevin Goldstein talks about Addison Reed

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From BP’s Kevin Goldstein trading article:

What They Need: Chicago believes the answers to their problems are mostly internal, simply needing their own players to get better.  At the same time, though, Kenny Williams is one of the most aggressive GMs around.

The Big Name: A third-round pick last June, right-handed reliever Addison Reed has struck out 80 over 55 innings while advancing from Low- to Double-A, and if he doesn’t go in a deal, he could be in the big leagues with his upper-90s fastball by September.

July 19, 2011

Don’t wait for Alex Rios to go the other way

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Pinto @ BA:

Alex Rios of the Chicago White Sox sports the lowest OBP in the major leagues among players with at least 300 plate appearances, .256.  Interestingly, Alex does chase more pitches than usual outside the strike zone, but in general, he swings at strikes more often than he swings at balls.  His problem lies in his approach at the plate, and approach that pitchers easily exploit. …

Other White Sox links: J.J. looks on what return we can expect if the Sox trade Edwin Jackson, Mike wonders if Mark Teahen and Brent Morel are on the move, and A.J. Pierzynski’s defense is still bad.

In which Ken Rosenthal asks which GMs are on the hot seat.

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Rosenthal @ FS:

Ken Williams, White Sox: As manager Ozzie Guillen could attest, owner Jerry Reinsdorf is extremely loyal to his top employees. Williams does not appear in danger of losing his job; the only question is whether Reinsdorf would want to elevate him to club president to keep [White Sox assistant GM Rick] Hahn from becoming a GM elsewhere. Those familiar with the franchise believe that such an arrangement would be difficult on both men.

John Sickels talks about Andre Rienzo

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Sickels  @ MLBall is reviewing his sleeper picks:

Andre Rienzo, RHP, Chicago White Sox: 3.83 ERA with 86/50 K/BB in 85 innings for High-A Winston-Salem, 87 hits. Strong K/IP ratio but big spike in his walk rate this year, just went on DL. Age 23. Rating based mainly on stats with some scouting input.

July 18, 2011

Papa got a brand new do

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Schouwen @ CST:

Sergio Santos is growing a Mohawk, replacing the loss of Jesse Crain’s in the bullpen.

“My [6-year-old] son wanted one, so I got one, too, so he wouldn’t feel so alone,’’ Santos said.

Santos said the cut isn’t meant to give him some sort of tough-guy edge.

“The attitude thing? No, you can’t do beards because those are taken,’’ he said. “Can’t do goatees. So we’ll see what the Mohawk does. [Crain’s] wasn’t growing on top too well, so he had to retire his Mohawk.‘’

Other White Sox links: James wonders if Juan Pierre could parlay his recent hot streak to an extension and recaps the past week, J.J., also, looks into Juan Pierre’s hot streak, and Mike looks into the July 31 trading deadline.

Adam Dunn’s historic FAIL

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Brett Ballantini at CSN:

With another three strikeouts punctuating an 0-for-4 day, Dunn’s batting average has now fallen to .159 [.158 after today’s 0-3], a low of historic proportions. Per the research of John Autin at Baseball-Reference, Dunn is not only hitting worse than anyone ever has by virtue of even the widest definition of the modern era, his average is now worse than any player ever, dating back to 1893.

Famed all-or-nothing slugger Rob Deer — who’s beginning to look more and more like an accurate comp for Dunn, as the White Sox slugger seems to be sliding off into the sunset — is the current “modern era leader” for lowest average on a season (.179 in 1991), yet remains a full 20 points better than Dunn. Only one other hitter, Eddie Joost, who hit .185 in 1943, has finished worse than .190. …

Rich OConnor at ‘AL Central In Focus’ has a post on the same subject.

July 17, 2011

In which Peter Gammons says Lastings Milledge is in the right-handed bat market

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Gammons @ MLB:

It is clear that good relievers like Heath Bell, Mike Adams and Leo Nunez can be had, and it is a relievers’ market. It is also a market in which a half-dozen teams are looking for right-handed-hitting outfielders, but while the Mets wisely approach the deadline trying to figure how much of Carlos Beltran‘s money to take to get one or two legitimate prospects, the Rockies have essentially backed off moving Ryan Spilborghs, and the Cubs have told suitors they want to hold onto Jeff Baker, that right-handed bat market consists of Conor Jackson, Josh Willingham, Reed Johnson, Lastings Milledge and Jeff Francoeur. The Dodgers would like to shed salary, but they are so crippled there isn’t much to shed other than Kuroda and the valuable Jamey Carroll; they’re trying to pare Triple-A payroll. Oakland will move the veteran bats and a reliever or two. Seattle won’t have a fire sale, and they’re not likely to get much for Erik Bedard. Kansas City will do some paring.

July 16, 2011

Scouts from St. Louis, Milwaukee, Boston and other teams at today’s Sox game

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Gonzales @ CT:

Mixing a 96 mph fastball with a sharp-breaking slider against a free-swinging lineup, Jackson needed only 101 pitches to throw his first complete game since his no-hitter at Tampa Bay on June 25, 2010, when he threw 149 pitches while pitching for the Diamondacks.

Pitching before several scouts that included representatives from the Cardinals, Brewers and Red Sox, Jackson earned 18 outs on grounders and needed only two strikeouts.

Other White Sox links: J.J. recaps today’s game, James recaps yesterday’s game, and Alex Rios is trying to find out where to put his hands.

Trying to predict Adam Dunn’s 2nd half rebound

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Zimmerman @ FG:

… The performance of this group of players did jump quite a bit in the 2nd half of the season with the biggest increase coming in the form of power (SLG increases by 0.115 and ISO increasing by 0.086). Using these numbers to predict how the rest of the season would go, Adam Dunn would have a 2nd half triple slash line of 0.198/0.340/0.427. …

BTW, Adam Dunn is felling good. And Jake Peavy agrees: “That looked like you.” Hey you two, get a room!

Other White Sox links: colin takes a close look at Sergio Santos, James speaks with White Sox Director of Amateur Scouting Doug Laumann, Mike says the White Sox have been very boring, FutureSox published their ‘Top 25 Sox prospects’ list, Jake Peavy’s arm is tired and his next start was pushed to Tuesday from Sunday, and Brett Ballantini posts his latest 13-item report card.

July 15, 2011

Smells Like Mascot: Happy Hour

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Carl’s latest:


Kevin Goldstein talks about Dayan Viciedo’s tremendous improvement

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Goldstein @ BP:

The Problem: Left field. Juan Pierre has been hitting of late, but all that means is that his season average is up to a whopping .269/.330/.314. He also has the sudden and mysterious defensive problems that have changed him from a decent little left fielder with a horrible arm to a bad left fielder with a horrible arm.

The Solution: Dayan Viciedo. The 22-year-old Cuban is having a breakout year at Triple-A Charlotte, hitting .325/.374/.535 in 87 games. Possessing some of the best bat speed in the minors, he has the ability to hit for both average and power, and he’s made tremendous strides in his approach. Trust me, his 25 walks over 342 at-bats might not look like much, but it actually represents a massive step forward. He’s not better defensively than Pierre; at 5-foot-11 and 230 pounds he’s more of a round mound of bat pound (sorry, Charles Barkley), but he could add much-needed life to a White Sox lineup that currently scares opponents with just two players—Paul Konerko and Carlos Quentin.

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