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July 18, 2011

Papa got a brand new do

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Schouwen @ CST:

Sergio Santos is growing a Mohawk, replacing the loss of Jesse Crain’s in the bullpen.

“My [6-year-old] son wanted one, so I got one, too, so he wouldn’t feel so alone,’’ Santos said.

Santos said the cut isn’t meant to give him some sort of tough-guy edge.

“The attitude thing? No, you can’t do beards because those are taken,’’ he said. “Can’t do goatees. So we’ll see what the Mohawk does. [Crain’s] wasn’t growing on top too well, so he had to retire his Mohawk.‘’

Other White Sox links: James wonders if Juan Pierre could parlay his recent hot streak to an extension and recaps the past week, J.J., also, looks into Juan Pierre’s hot streak, and Mike looks into the July 31 trading deadline.

Adam Dunn’s historic FAIL

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Brett Ballantini at CSN:

With another three strikeouts punctuating an 0-for-4 day, Dunn’s batting average has now fallen to .159 [.158 after today’s 0-3], a low of historic proportions. Per the research of John Autin at Baseball-Reference, Dunn is not only hitting worse than anyone ever has by virtue of even the widest definition of the modern era, his average is now worse than any player ever, dating back to 1893.

Famed all-or-nothing slugger Rob Deer — who’s beginning to look more and more like an accurate comp for Dunn, as the White Sox slugger seems to be sliding off into the sunset — is the current “modern era leader” for lowest average on a season (.179 in 1991), yet remains a full 20 points better than Dunn. Only one other hitter, Eddie Joost, who hit .185 in 1943, has finished worse than .190. …

Rich OConnor at ‘AL Central In Focus’ has a post on the same subject.

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