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June 25, 2011

Ozzie Guillen tries to keep his thoughts to himself. And he fails miserably.

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Ozzie says he’ll keep his thoughts to himself:

“I wish I could say what I think, because I’d be on CNN, the Playboy Channel, everywhere, [if I say] what I really think about this,” Guillen said. “But I’m not going to say it, it’s the first time I’m going to keep it to myself.”

but that is easier said than done:

“I wipe my [expletive] with the critics,” Guillen said emphatically. “I play JP because I think that’s the best guy to help us win. If he’s 0-for-100, you think I don’t know that? But in the meanwhile, when you’re in my spot, when you sit in my chair you will be criticized 99 percent of the time. Because when things are going good, you have good players. When things are going bad, the manager’s [expletive].”

“I’ve said in the past, they want Viciedo here, my door is open, as soon as he’s here I’ll play him every day,” Guillen said. “Now, I make it clear, they gotta make a trade or make a decision to send someone down. I cannot play with a 26 man roster. But as long as JP is here, he’s playing. If people don’t like it….”

If Kenny brings up Dayan Viciedo and doesn’t move Juan Pierre the fireworks will be deafening.

BTW, the Cuban Tank went 2-5 and hit his 11th HR today. He’s hitting now .324/.363/.517/.881 with 16 BB  and 56 K in 290 AB. His last walk was on June 12. Patience Dayan, patience!

One more week before the Cuban Tank invades the South Side? [UPDATE #2]

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UPDATE: Scot Gregor at the Daily Herald speaks to a “source” and says there aren’t any such restrictions:

One source scoffed at the logic, considering Viciedo accumulated only 83 days of major-league service last season and couldn’t become a free agent until amassing the required six years.

… “There is no magic date next week,” the source said Saturday. “I have seen some of the speculation out there, but a lot of it is based upon not having a full understanding of the rules.”

… Had Viciedo played enough to qualify for salary arbitration by the end of the current season — which he hasn’t — the 22-year-old right fielder could have voided the final year (2012) of his deal, giving the Sox the option of triggering a $3.5 million option.

… “A lot of misinformation,” the source said. “He is not a free agent until he gets six years of major-league service like anyone else.”

UPDATE: 1 year of service time is 172 days. 172-83=89. So, about 3 months. Hmmm, this is very close. I don’t know if the conspiracy theory isn’t true. I guess, we’ll see…

Jake Peavy is getting stronger

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Ginetti @ CST:

“Physically I feel good,’’ he said two days after throwing 5 1/3 innings and 104 pitches against the Cubs. “I’m looking forward to Colorado [next start]. “Obviously, I’m not even a year out of surgery yet [July 14], and I’ve always been told that a year out of surgery you should feel close to normal and be gaining strength. I hope I’m going to get stronger, but that stuff is to be determined. Certainly, I hope I can pitch the remainder of the season healthy, or semi-healthy, and help the team win.’’

Other White Sox links: J.J. doesn’t like Ozzie Guillen’s lineup moves, James tries to explain why Edwin Jackson hasn’t lived up to expectations, Jim calls the Dan Hudson and David Holmberg for Edwin Jackson trade the worst trade Kenny has ever made (aye on that), and MLBTR estimates how much would the Sox have to pay to sign Carlos Quentin to an extension.

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