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June 19, 2011

Sergio Santos [UPDATE]

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How was Sergio’s slider today? In his blown save against Oakland (June 10), Sergio threw 38 pitches in the 9th, 3 of which were sliders. 1 of the 3 sliders was a strike; it also was a swinging strike.

Today, Sergio threw 15 pitches in the 9th, 7 of which were sliders. 3 of the 7 sliders were strikes (42.86%). 2 of the 7 were swinging strikes (28.57%).

Strike-zone pictures for today’s outing from MLB Gameday. 1st batter:

#3 was a slider. Result was a fly out on pitch #4 (fastball).

2nd batter:

#4, and #5 (swinging strike) are sliders. Result was a strike out on pitch #5.

3rd batter:

#2 (behind #4), #3, #4, and #6 (swinging strike) were sliders. Result was a strike out on pitch #6.

Steve Stone said in the beginning of the 9th that in Sergio’s blown save against Oakland the release point of his slider wasn’t the same with the release point of his fastball and batters could determine when a slider was coming and not swing at the slider, but wait for a fastball. Pitch F/X has graphs for both outings.

June 10 against Oakland:

June 19 (today) against Arizona:

That’s better.

UPDATE: J.J. takes a Pitch-F/X look at today’s Phil Humber.


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