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May 30, 2011

Craig Calceterra reviews yesterday’s Ozzie Guillen comments [UPDATE]

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Calceterra@ HBT:

I watched the entire video at the link above. If you have the time you should too, because his comments provide some pretty interesting insight into the mind of a manager, not just the typical “Ozzie said something crazy” kind of thing. If someone reported just the stuff Guillen said about the fans at the 11-12 minute mark and and none of his other comments, Ozzie has a valid argument that his words were cast in a misleading light inasmuch as he did not set out to specifically and exclusively rip fans.  It was a very small part of a larger monologue and, in context, they seem fairly benign and reflective, not malicious toward fans. One could even make the argument that the “peeing on the monuments” thing was a metaphor, though I don’t expect many will actually make that argument.

UPDATE: Seems Ozzie just messed up his English:

It turns out that White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen got a raw deal.

Portrayed on Sunday as lashing out at White Sox’s fans, a careful review of the 17-plus minute audio of his pregame session with reporters reveals fans weren’t the subject of his disappointment. Instead, Guillen is clearly reacting toward the hosts of opinion shows on talk radio and television.

Guillen has either listened to or been told of shows where critics have called for him or his coaches to be fired. He has also apparently heard of criticism that his strategy and desire is not worthy of the post he currently holds. In his discussion with reporters Sunday he was defending himself and his coaches. …

Padilla has a transcript of Ozzie’s comments.

And finally Ozzie says things are clear now:

“Everything is clear,” Guillen said in a calm tone. “The only thing is when I read that and sleep well and don’t care about it, that’s all I care. People out there, they don’t know who I am, they don’t know what I do. If you sit with me for a few hours or 20 minutes, … . It upset me? Yes, because it put me in the spotlight, talking about White Sox fans. The last thing I talk about when the team not playing good is the fans. That’s not a good combination. But I was upset because I feel like I’m stupid or crazy or ignorant. But it’s over with, a new day, I sleep well.”

More Ozzie:

“It upset me because most of my quotes [in the stories] they don’t start with the quote [from] when the conversation started,” Guillen said. “ They only pick one stuff here one stuff there and boom.. I never get upset, I never get sad with the media because hey I have to say what I have to say.”


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