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May 29, 2011

Ozzie Guillen plays the World Series card [UPDATE]

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Padilla @ ESPN:

“Are [the fans] going to feel sorry because we’re going to get fired? [Heck] no,” Guillen told reporters before Sunday’s game. “They only remember us from [the World Series title in] 2005. In 2020 we’ll come here in a wheel chair all [messed] up. As soon as you leave the ballpark they don’t care about you anymore. They don’t. The monuments, the statue they got, they [urinate] on it when they’re drunk. That’s all they do. Thank you for coming, bye-bye.”

Am I gonna feel sorry if you get fired? No. Not at all. You’re not managing out of the goodness of your heart Ozzie. Same for the players. Neither of you play/manage because you love the team or the game.

I DO feel sorry for all the working people that try to feed their families and lose their jobs because their employer moves their jobs in another country where the labor costs are lower.

UPDATE: From Ozzie’s twitter (in chronological order):

Thas bull crap what the media print today about celular field and the fans … The should print and said everything I said thas low blow and imrresponsable no clas … Bunch a crap … No mention any fans and alcohol … Press asociacion print you name who put that today tha will be fear … I have the enterviu on tape I whish I can sue then thas a very low blow … Allways take stuff out the contest put people in bad situation to people can read then … What a hell I going to say bad thing about white sox fan they are behind me all my carrer a less most of then

Hmmm, I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Ozzie’s not the greatest speaker of the English language.

Gordon Beckham and his “hockey injury”

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Ballantini @ CSN:

With others egging Beckham on to claim his injury came on the ice in the pucks capital of the world, it seems the southern gentleman was doing just fine with his badge of honor being recorded on the diamond.“

Me and [former White Sox Jayson] Nix were out for drinks and a girl came right up and said, ‘What’d you do to your eye?’” Beckham laughed. “I’m like, ‘Dude, it’s that easy?’”

Ozzie Guillen is MLB’s second most traditional manager

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Peterson @ BTB:

There aren’t many stats for measuring managers, aside from raw win-loss totals. This is largely because most of the effects that a manager has are either difficult or outright impossible to quantify.Well, I don’t have a stat to help you assess managers, but I have come up with a junk stat that I think will at least tell us something about managers’ personalities. I call it the Traditional Managing Index, or TMI*, and it’s very simple. It consists of two statistics that can largely be attributed to managers:

TMI = sac bunts by position players + intentional walks

The higher a manager’s TMI, the more “old school” his in-game managing style is. Take a look at the TMI results for 2011 so far: …

Sacrifice bunts and intentional walks; no wonder Ozzie comes second. And I hate both…

Greg Walker says Adam Dunn must put his foot down

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Schouwen @ CST:

“To me he’s a feel hitter,” Sox hitting coach Greg Walker said Saturday. “I really think if you break down his swing it’s a fairly simple fix. We feel like he needs to get his foot down on time to be balanced.”

Walker has talked several times with Rick Eckstein, Dunn’s former hitting coach with the Washington Nationals. He said they agree on what Dunn’s major issue has been.”

He’s shown flashes — that game in Texas [Tuesday when he hit his last home run] he was real good getting the foot down and being balanced. When he gets that feel he’s going to be real explosive for us and do great things. Right now getting his big body in position to hit is the real battle.”

Walker said 3 days ago Carlos Quentin did what he wants Dunn to do:

“Obviously [Tuesday] night he was awesome and he’s had days like that this year where he’s been unbelievable,” hitting coach Greg Walker said. “To me, the only issue so far this year is Carlos being late with the foot down, and we kind of corrected that a week, 10 days ago. Other than having a sore knee one day, he’s really been good ever since.

”Essentially, Walker has worked with Quentin to refine the timing of his swing. If Quentin can stride and get his foot down before the ball arrives, he is in a better position to cover the strike zone. His most impressive home run Tuesday came when he reached out across the plate and slugged a 400-foot-plus shot just inside the foul pole in right field.

“Going the other way is always a good sign for any hitter, especially being able to hit the ball in the gap and drive the ball,” Quentin said. “My push is to always stay up the middle and to the right side and to accomplish that, that’s something good.”

More Dunn inside. (more…)

Tony Pena sabotages six-man rotation

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Gonzales @ CT:

“Right now we’re a little confused,” Guillen chuckled Saturday morning. “We’re very confused. The six-man rotation puts a lot of load on Crain. If Pena goes out there and does what he should do, I don’t mind staying in a six-man rotation. We even talk about leaving it like that, but my worry is how much Crain will work. He’s the only right-hander we have with (Sergio) Santos. I use Santos as a closer,  there is a very big gap out there to cover. Hopefully Pena comes on and does a better job.”

“I wish Pena could be used when we’re winning to help Crain, and we’d be fine. Everybody else is pretty young. We’re still talking about it every day. Every day we change our mind. (Pitching coach) Don Cooper comes up with good ideas. To make the right decision, right now in my mind, I don’t think what I have is the right decision. We have to wait and play around with it. You see this kid (Phil) Humber throw, and (John) Danks, and it’s kind of hard. We will work it out. But right now I’m between.”

Padilla @ ESPN:

“A lot of people in Chicago thought how crazy you are you were down by one and you brought in Pena,” Guillen said. “I don’t have anybody else. I used Crain the night before and it’s not fair for him to be out there every day to take care of somebody else’s job. I’m not going to do it. I don’t care what people say.

“I’m not going to make somebody suffer with somebody else not doing what they’re supposed to do. I’m not going to do it.”

Schouwen @ CST:

Guillen said there have been no talks about possibly trading a starter.

“No, we don’t even talk about trade, no way,” he said. “The last thing we talk about is trade. We try to figure out how we’re going to play this and how we’re going to be a better ballclub. Right now we don’t have a close decision. We’re still talking to [general manager] Kenny [Williams] and Coop. We have ideas. The only thing is if Pena throws the ball better, then we’re set. We’re fine.”

Gordon Beckham will live

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Merkin @ CWS:

The White Sox have dodged a bullet with second baseman Gordon Beckham, who will miss just a day or two after being struck under the left eye by a relay throw.The incident happened in the third inning of Friday’s 4-2 loss to the Blue Jays, when Alex Rios’ relay from center field took a high hop behind second and hit Beckham in the face. Beckham labored on the field momentarily before leaving the game and going to hospital with the team’s head athletic trainer, Herm Schneider, for X-rays.

The results of the X-rays were negative, and now the team will just wait for the swelling to go down around Beckham’s eye before he can rejoin the lineup.

“I feel fine, other than the bruise. The bruise is the only thing that hurts,” Beckham, who is sporting a black eye, said on Saturday. “I can see fine. I think that once the swelling goes down, I’ll be back in there. I don’t know if that’s [Sunday] or Monday.”

Beckham continued to receive treatment on Saturday morning in order to relieve some of the swelling that is preventing him from fully opening his injured eye. He said he hopes to take batting practice and maybe even play on Sunday, but Monday might be a more realistic target.

MyMLBDraft Mock Draft

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Michael Kelly
Ht/Wt: 6-5/195 lbs
Position: RHP
School: West Boca Raton Cmty HS (FL)

Stats from MaxPreps:

1.93 .171 .273 69 227 199 26 19 34 9
0 1 0 0 18 80 10 3 500 12
8 4 1 13 2 0 .667 0 0 0

BaseballBeginnings’ scouting report says:

He’s got a little bit of funk in his arm swing which I think results in him throwing uphill on occassion. He does have some fast-twitch arm speed, although he occassionally short-arms the ball and leads with his elbow. He’s much better when he’s full circle and on top of the ball. I don’t really care about the funk in the trunk (by that I mean the arm swing, and if I were writing for a team, I might include that phrase to see if my boss was paying attention) as long as he’s on top of the ball with proper extension as his arm and shoulder passes over the rubber. No windup, 3/4 slot, fair arm action and delivery at this time. Fastball 92-93 in this look. Late life, occassional hard sink or ride. Long, lean, loose and physically projectable. Still growing into his own body in this clip, which is part of the reason he falls off to the first base side. Overall sound foundation for the next level.

Video at the link.

His MLB Draft Central report says:

Michael Kelly
Rank: 49
West Boca Raton HS (Fla.), Sr.
Height: 6’4″, Weight: 185
Position: RHP
DOB: 09/06/1992
Bats: R, Throws: R
Commitment: Florida

After a very strong summer and solid fall, Kelly looked primed to be one of the more intriguing high school arms in the class. There’s still a lot to like about Kelly, but his performance this spring has been a little inconsistent.

At 6-foot-5, he’s got a great pitcher’s frame, but he has a tendency to drop and drive in his delivery, taking away that angle. He has a great power arm, with a plus fastball and the chance to improve it with some work to his mechanics. He also has a hard breaking ball that is more of a slurvy curve, and he doesn’t throw a changeup much. His command is a little up and down, though he’s shown some ability to command his fastball at times.

With good mound presence and his size, he has the chance to be not just a hard thrower, but someone who can use his size and stuff to his advantage.

His Draft Central video (0:35).

PerfectGame’s scouting report:

Michael Kelly is a 2011 RHP with a 6-5 195 lb. frame from Boynton Beach, FL who attends West Boca HS. Tall athletic body, long arms, projectable strength. Standard leg raise delivery, some drift and backside collapse, 3/4’s release point, very fast arm coming through repeats very well. 91-94 mph fastball, lots of 94’s, outstanding FB life even at 94 mph, ball disappears at times, can pitch + effectively with just fastball with movement. Big breaking curveball, tends to sweep at times, some feel for change up. Plus command potential, especially with fastball. Very high ceiling. Good student, verbal commitment to Florida. Selected to the Aflac All-American team.


Michael Kelly is a 2011 RHP/IF with a 6’5”, 190 lb. frame from Boynton Beach, FL who attends West Boca. Kelly has a tall, excellent pitchers build, very loose projectable arm, circle arm action, fast arm, 3/4’s arm slot, lively fastball with sink, creates good angle, mixes in curveball and change, has good feel for all pitches, highest level pitching prospect, solid actions in the infield with a quick release, quick hands at the plate with bat speed, has pop, leverage in swing.

And a couple videos from youtube:


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