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May 18, 2011

Kenny Williams says Dayan Viciedo is a right fielder now

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Merkin @ CWS:

The days of Dayan Viciedo as a third baseman seem to have been replaced by this top White Sox prospect moving almost exclusively to the outfield.

“Particularly in right field,” said White Sox general manager Ken Williams. “He is very good out there.”

White Sox Minor League director Buddy Bell and Williams talked about Viciedo two weeks ago and decided to mix him in at first base every now and then for Triple-A Charlotte. Viciedo’s experience at first helps keep the White Sox insulated in case something happens to Adam Dunn or Paul Konerko.

“And if we run into a situation where we need him up here in the big leagues, and let’s say you pinch-run for Adam or Paulie while they’re playing first base and you got another guy who can come in and play that as well,” Williams said. “That’s the thought behind it. He’s taking ground balls every now and then at third base, so we might mix him in there, too, with the same mindset.”

Williams has stressed that the ball comes off Viciedo’s bat better than almost any hitter in the organization. With Viciedo’s offense serving as his main asset, the White Sox don’t want to mess too much with his defensive position.

“We’re very mindful of not making him [switch positions frequently], not disrupting him too much, because he’s really come on strong with that bat,” said Williams of Viciedo, who is hitting .322, with 32 RBIs and a .865 OPS.

Other White Sox links: J.J. reports Peavy’s shutout from the Cell, James, also, looks at Peavy’s start, and Brent Ballantini tries to optimize the Sox 6-man rotation.

Jake Peavy pitches a complete game shutout!

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The Jakemeister shuts Cleveland down! 1 run was enough


Chi White Sox IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA
Peavy(W, 1-0) 9.0 3 0 0 0 8 0 2.40

Pitch F/X says:

Pitch Statistics
Pitch Type Avg Speed Max Speed Avg H-Break Avg V-Break Count Strikes / % Swinging Strikes / % Linear Weights Time to Plate
FF (FourSeam Fastball) 90.81 92.4 -5.33 9.30 9 8 / 88.89% 0 / 0.00% -0.5549 0.418
CH (Changeup) 83.40 86.1 -9.13 4.39 15 9 / 60.00% 1 / 6.67% -0.5975 0.455
SL (Slider) 82.44 83.7 1.52 2.85 19 16 / 84.21% 3 / 15.79% -1.5622 0.457
FC (Cutter) 88.12 89.9 -0.51 6.39 14 8 / 57.14% 0 / 0.00% -0.2409 0.429
FT (TwoSeam Fastball) 91.27 93.7 -9.27 9.47 52 36 / 69.23% 7 / 13.46% -2.6783 0.419
Pitch classifications provided by the Gameday Algorithm and may be inaccurate.

Pitch Type LWTS correspond to how many runs were likely to score on a particular pitch based on average run expectancy when each pitch was thrown and what happened as a result. Negative scores indicate more effective pitches.

Time to Plate is the time, in seconds, that it takes an average pitch of this type to reach the plate. This is strongly correlated with velocity, but also factors in movement.

Inning-by-Inning Pitch Totals
Inning Pitches in Inning Strikes in Inning Strike% in Inning Cumulative Total Pitches Pitch LWTS in Inning
1 15 12 80.00 15 -0.392
2 13 9 69.23 28 -0.848
3 10 7 70.00 38 -0.848
4 15 8 53.33 53 -0.057
5 6 6 100.00 59 -0.834
6 5 5 100.00 64 -0.834
7 23 13 56.52 87 -0.096
8 13 9 69.23 100 -0.862
9 9 8 88.89 109 -0.862

Andre Rienzo’s walk rate is up

After today’s 6 IP/6 K/6 BB outing, Andre Rienzo already has 25 walks in 42.2 innings. Last year Rienzo issued 32 walks in 101.0 innings. Please cut down the walks Andre!

Rienzo is one of the subjects Buddy Bell addressed today. See posts by J.J. Stankevitz, Mark Primiano (U-God) & Jim Margalus, and Scott Reifert.

Do the Sox have a chance?

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BTB takes a look. Crist St. John:

Legendary Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully likes to repeat a quote from a well-known former Major League manager, “Give me 50 games and I’ll know what kind of team I have.” I don’t remember who said it, or what the exact quote is, but that’s the gist of it. Just for reference, 50 games into the MLB season usually lands around the end of May. … I wanted to test this out and see how quickly we know how good a team actually is, so I did what any regular baseball fan would do: I went to coolstandings.com and grabbed the record at the end of each month for every team since 1998, when the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and Arizona Diamondbacks were added to the major leagues. Then, I looked at the end of month winning percentage and compared it to the end of season win total, using a linear regression. I also split each month up into bins of team winning percentage, where each bin contains about 65 teams.

and a followup. Crist St. John:

Last week, I looked at when we can tell whether or not a team is actually good or bad. I’d like to take that one step further by asking the question: “how far back can a team be and still have a shot at winning their division?” Again, all data were collected from coolstandings.com. … I looked at how many games ahead of the division a team was at the end of each month and plotted that versus end of season team wins. A negative games ahead number is equal to how many games behind the division leader the team is. For instance, the top two teams in a division are 20-10 and 19-11, respectively. The 20-10 team will be one game ahead and the 19-11 team will be negative one game ahead. I won’t be focusing on the wild card teams here, since the amount of games back they are is more closely related to how good the first place team is.

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