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May 7, 2011

The fire and the passion are coming! [UPDATE #2]

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Peavy is bringing them:

“I do want to bring some enthusiasm, some fire, some passion,” Peavy said Saturday. “I certainly think the ballclub could use a shot in the arm. I not promising anything, by any means, but I can promise you this: We’re going to compete on that day. Not to say that we haven’t been—but there’s going to be more energy than we’ve had and go out there and try to turn things around, because we’ve dug ourselves a pretty nice hole here.”

UPDATE: More Peavy:

“I’ve heard that, and it was tough for me to hear [questions like] ‘Are you going to be honest with the guys this time, and tell them how you feel?’” Peavy said. “I’ve been honest my whole time in Chicago. I’m a competitor — I’m going to pitch if I feel I can pitch. If I’m under doctor’s order not to, I won’t. But I’ve been honest with everybody, and we all think at this point in time I’m as healthy and strong as I can be out of surgery. We don’t think we’re putting anything at risk. So I look forward to getting the ball and create some positive energy.”

UPDATE #2: Is the money coming in too? Heyman @ SI:

One piece of good news about Jake Peavy, who has yet to pitch this season: The White Sox have insurance on Peavy, according to sources. One source suggested the team has already met its deductible, meaning it will begin receiving payments on Peavy if it hasn’t already. White Sox GM Ken Williams recently defended the trade that brought Peavy to Chicago from San Diego two years ago, saying a No. 1 pitcher is imperative.

Jake Peavy to return on Wednesday (May 11) in Anaheim?

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Padilla @ ESPN:

“I think he’s coming here [Friday] or [Saturday], and then we’ll have a sideline and see,” pitching coach Don Cooper said. “Nothing is definite. We haven’t sat down and spoke about it. But it looks good for the 11th [of May].”

and what happens to Phil Humber?

“We’ll figure all that out,” Cooper said. “Nobody is out. Who knows? We got some off days there. We might give some guys extra rest here and there, but nobody is out. We haven’t gotten that far. We’re here [Friday] playing [Felix] Hernandez and the Seattle Mariners and we got an off day six days from now.”

Thats J.J.’s suggestion too. Spot starts to give Peavy breaks.

Ozzie says Humber will stay in the rotation:

“He’s staying in the rotation,” Guillen said after Humber received a no-decision with two runs allowed over seven innings in a 3-2 loss to the Mariners on Friday night. “He has to stay. I don’t think we are going to see anything different. When Jake comes in the rotation, we will talk to [general manager] Kenny [Williams] and Coop [pitching coach Don Cooper] to see what we are going to do. But this kid has earned and deserves to be in the rotation.”

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