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April 25, 2011


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Kenny goes to New York [UPDATE]

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Padilla @ ESPN:

Amid unsubstantiated reports that a coach could be fired as early as today, White Sox general manager Kenny Williams is expected to address the team’s struggles in advance of Monday night’s series opener at Yankee Stadium.

Williams has avoided talking on the record since the season started, preferring to let the team speak for itself. What the club is saying is not even close to being agreeable with the fan base, nor the expectations of management. …

UPDATE: No firings for now:

“I’ve got confidence in all of them,” Williams said in regards to manager Ozzie Guillen and coaches Greg Walker and Don Cooper. Williams added that he’s aware that Walker has been a main source of scrutiny in the past when the offense has struggled.

Williams said the Sox’s hitters who have struggled during a stretch that has seen them lose 10 of their past 11, “need to lighten up, not tighten up.” He reinforced his faith in .145 slugger Adam Dunn, stating it’s tough for power hitters to maintain their timing. Dunn missed six games earlier this month because of an appendectomy.


“The coaching staff is not throwing the baseball [or] hitting the baseball, they’re doing what they’ve always done,” he said. “The first 10 games of the season people talked about how well our offense was performing—we were hitting off the charts. When it’s turned around, we have to stand up and take the heat. [Hitting coach Greg] Walk[er] is used to taking the heat and he’s been consistent over the years the way teams have rebounded offensively. [Pitching coach Don] Coop[er] has taken his share… In professional sports, fingers will be pointed your way. None of them have gotten any dumber the last couple weeks. They’re same guys and I have a lot of confidence all of them.”

FutureSox takes a look at the White Sox prospects

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Santaromita @ FS:

Red Flag Alert (stock could slip if this keeps up much longer)
Tyler Flowers, Charlotte (.206/.270/.324 1 HR, 2 BB, 12 K in 37 PA)
Jordan Danks, Charlotte (.156/.309/.222 9 BB, 19 K in 55 PA)
I’m lopping these two together because the story is the same: strikeouts. Each of them is striking out about one third of the time they step up to the plate. That’s unacceptable. At least Danks is drawing walks. If you didn’t already, it might be time to consider jumping ship soon.

April 23, 2011

How much will John Danks get in 2012?

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Using Danks as a case study, I asked five arbitration experts what they think he’ll earn in 2012.  Danks is at an even $6MM this year, and we’re assuming a normal platform season from him in 2011.

The ceiling for Danks appears to be around $12MM.  Carlos Zambrano, who received a $5.9MM raise to $12.4MM for the 2007 season, is the comparable Danks’ agent at CAA Sports (Jeff Berry) might aim for.  …

Brad Penny…

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Dunn must not be feeling it

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Baseball Attendance is down. Why MLB isn’t worried?

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Dickey @ Deadspin:

The implication is that baseball is somehow struggling, that in a depressed economy people have turned away from the sport. Maybe there’s something to that, but the simple truth is that attendance is no longer the most accurate bellwether for the state of the game. Focusing on the empty seats ignores something vastly more important to baseball’s owners now, something that at least partly explains the league’s famously tight-assed and backward approach to new media: cable TV.

… The blackout’s iron fist protects cable sports networks. Whereas NFL blackouts exist to protect attendance—games with unsold tickets don’t air in the home market—the MLB blackout policy has nothing to do with ticket sales. Rather, it exists to strengthen cable broadcasters (regional sports networks, or RSNs) of baseball games. You have to subscribe to cable or satellite television to watch a baseball game if the team is within, really, a 10-hour drive.

… Moreover, Brown says, RSN revenues fall outside of what MLB considers baseball-related revenues, so their dollars don’t factor into revenue sharing. Why wouldn’t the Yankees or Mets want to do it, then?

April 22, 2011

Sergio Santos to close?

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Garfien @ CSN:

Santos, who has yet to give up a run in the regular season (9 2/3 innings) and spring training (same number: 9 2/3 innings) received praise from manager Ozzie Guillen before Friday’s game, hinting that he might start handing the ball to the young pitcher in save situations.”

Now I have confidence in Santos,” Guillen said. “I don’t mind closing a game with Santos if three righties are at the plate. I don’t mind at all. You talk about (Miguel) Cabrera, Magglio (Ordonez) and (Austin) Jackson, you might see Santos in the ninth. That’s the way we’re going to go to right now when we start to set everything ready to go.”

Carlos Quentin: now OPSing 1.121 (video) [UPDATE]

Video: HR #1 (0:54), HR #2 (0:52). Dr. Fishbein is doing an awesome job!

BTW, here are some BABIPs from statcorner:

Gordon Beckham: .237
Adam Dunn: .250
Brent Morel: .250
A.J. Pierzynski: .250
Alexei Ramirez: .241
Alex Rios: .213

Edwin Jackson: .342
Jesse Crain: .200
Will Ohman: .348
Chris Sale: .346
Sergio Santos: .250
Matt Thornton: .400


Kevin Goldstein on Jose Martinez and Josh Phegley

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Goldstein @BP:

  • Jose Martinez, OF, White Sox (High-A Winston-Salem): 3-for-5, 2B, 3 R. He doesn’t have the wheels anymore, but other tools are in place; 22-year-old is up to .434/.492/.604 in 13 games.
  • Josh Phegley, C, White Sox (Double-A Birmingham): 2-for-5, 2 HR (3), 2 R, 4 RBI. Few doubted he could hit coming out of college, but questions about receiving skills remain unanswered as he’s committed 12 errors and been charged with 23 passed balls in just 91 career games behind the plate.

Small problem: Martinez’ BABIP is an astronomical .479.

Andre Rienzo with back-to-back 7 strikeout, 2 walk outings

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Winston-Salem Dash
Rienzo 5.0 4 2 2 2 7 0 3.00
Rodriguez, S 1.0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0.00
Kussmaul (W, 2-0) 2.0 2 1 1 0 2 0 3.38
Corley (S, 2) 1.0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0.00


Winston-Salem Dash
Rienzo 5.0 6 2 1 2 7 0 2.57
Rodriguez, S (H, 2) 1.0 2 1 1 0 0 0 2.70
Santos, O (BS, 1) 2.0 3 1 1 1 2 0 6.43
Thompson, Ta 2.2 0 0 0 2 2 0 1.04
Shirek (L, 0-1) 1.0 1 1 1 1 1 0 11.12

Is there a promotion to AA in Rienzo’s future? June?

Baseball America on Jacob Petricka

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BA staff:

As a second-round pick last year out of Indiana State with a fastball that consistently gets into the mid-90s, White Sox RHP Jacob Petricka shouldn’t face too many problems in low Class A. He’s come as advertised so far pitching with Kannapolis, where he’s allowed one run in 11 innings over his last two starts. Petricka, 22, now has an ERA of 0.53 and a 22-4 K-BB mark in 17 innings .

April 21, 2011

FutureSox takes a look on Trayce Thompson

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Santaromita @ FS:

Only 20 years-old, it’s clear Trayce [Thompson] has a long way to go. He’s not a player Sox fans will see patrolling the outfield at The Cell next year, but he could become a hot prospect with a strong year. Will he blow away the South Atlantic League and become a top 20 MLB prospect? Maybe, but I think most people would be pleased if he maintained his current numbers for the full season. …

Gavin’s curveball was on tonight

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Chi White Sox IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA
Floyd, G(W, 2-1) 6.0 7 2 2 2 7 0 4.00
Ohman 1.0 1 0 0 0 2 0 8.59
Santos 1.0 0 0 0 1 2 0 0.00
Gray 1.0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0.00
Totals 9.0 8 2 2 3 11 0 4.00

Pitch F/X says:

Pitch Statistics
Pitch Type Avg Speed Max Speed Avg H-Break Avg V-Break Count Strikes / % Swinging Strikes / % Linear Weights Time to Plate
FF (FourSeam Fastball) 90.82 92.6 -3.30 8.42 34 25 / 73.53% 0 / 0.00% 1.0010 0.415
CH (Changeup) 84.14 84.7 -5.60 7.20 5 3 / 60.00% 0 / 0.00% -0.0937 0.451
CU (Curveball) 78.90 81.5 11.53 -5.31 23 8 / 34.78% 3 / 13.04% -0.2098 0.482
FC (Cutter) 85.03 86.6 2.26 3.54 39 28 / 71.79% 3 / 7.69% -1.1611 0.443
Pitch classifications provided by the Gameday Algorithm and may be inaccurate.

Pitch Type LWTS correspond to how many runs were likely to score on a particular pitch based on average run expectancy when each pitch was thrown and what happened as a result. Negative scores indicate more effective pitches.

Time to Plate is the time, in seconds, that it takes an average pitch of this type to reach the plate. This is strongly correlated with velocity, but also factors in movement.

Inning-by-Inning Pitch Totals
Inning Pitches in Inning Strikes in Inning Strike% in Inning Cumulative Total Pitches Pitch LWTS in Inning
1 8 7 87.50 8 -0.848
2 23 13 56.52 31 0.101
3 21 14 66.67 52 0.910
4 21 13 61.90 73 1.083
5 12 8 66.67 85 -0.848
6 16 9 56.25 101 -0.862

Damn you Ozzie

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Ozzie likes bunting:

“Listen, I grew up bunting,” Guillen said before Thursday night’s game. “My baseball game is bunting. We win a lot of games bunting. I will stay with them. The guys who can bunt, I will bunt them. If you look around, we’re a pretty good double play-hitting team. We hit (into) a lot of double play balls because we’re not that fast. That’s why I will take advantage of that.

“The majority of time that doesn’t work is because the guy behind them doesn’t do the job. But I think if you’re looking for one run, two runs, with the pitching staff we have I think we’re up by one, up by two, we’re going to have a chance. That’s why I do (it).”

… “I’m not going to change my philosophy,” Guillen said. “I don’t know any different because if I don’t do it and somebody hits a ground ball double play, that’s not my way.”

My blood is boiling so I’ll just say this: Study this, print it, and stick it on the wall.

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