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April 6, 2011

Will Carroll on Adam Dunn (who is Chicago Tough)

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Will Carroll (via WSCR):

“That’s how fast things have gone,” Will Carroll, of SI.com, said on the Danny Mac Show. “I’m 40 years old and in my senior year of high school I had an appendectomy. I missed six days of school at the tail end of my senior year, which wasn’t fun. I still have a three-inch scar from it. Today you have it laparoscopically, which is the abdominal equivalent of an arthroscope. They put in two small holes, that you won’t even see 10 days from now, you don’t have to have any stitches. They don’t have to tear any muscle, they can actually push it aside. They’ve just made this so minimally invasive that it’s almost nothing.

You go in there and you snip the appendix out and you go back. There’s very little trauma to it, and it’s just amazing that we have this technology. The amazing thing here is that they’re talking about five days. Now a week to 10 days, I think, is more reasonable,” Carroll said. “I know that Dunn doesn’t have to play the field, but he still has to have that hard twist. It’s not like his swing doesn’t have a lot of torque to it. So I think five [games] is a little optimistic, but the White Sox know their stuff.”

Dunn says A.J. rubbed some dirt on it and he’s ready to go (via Reifert):

“One thing I definitely don’t want to do is miss Opening Day at home. I’m going home tonight and planning on playing tomorrow and we’ll go from there. If it’s really sore and if I’m feeling like this tomorrow, we might have some problems. I’m anticipating it getting better. I’m a quick healer, like Wolverine. I asked the doctor yesterday how long these things take and he gave me a general answer for the public. I’m subtracting 15 days off it. If I can tolerate [the pain], then I want to play. I don’t mind playing when I’m not 100 percent.”

All in baby! Ozzie had a different response though:

“He said he wants to be out there tomorrow but I don’t want to take the risk,’’ Guillen said. “He said he can pinch-hit today, but that’s crazy. Will you see him tomorrow? I try to stay away from him because that’s the best for him and the ballclub and to me the player is more important than the club,’’ Guillen said. “When we get back to Chicago the doctor will check him again and we’ll make a decision if he can play this weekend or wait till the next series.’’

BTW, here’s video of Ozzie’s response.

Dayan Viciedo back to AAA Charlotte

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That was written by Phil Rogers?

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Rogers @ CT:

Unrelated to anything, I saw a play the other night that I couldn’t believe. Two outs, runners on second and third, Texas catcher Yorvit Torrealba batting. And Torrealba tried to shock the world by bunting for a hit. He got down a pretty good bunt but was still out at first base. That was bad, bad baseball. Did he really have better odds to bunt for a hit than to get one to the outfield? I can’t imagine that he did. And if he succeeded in getting the bunt hit, one run would have scored, as opposed to two on most hits to the outfield. Again, that was bad, bad baseball. The longer I watch baseball, the more I think that almost any bunt by a hitter good enough to play in the big leagues is bad baseball. Come on guys, swing the bat.

Wow. Rogers is making sense there!

Have a quick recovery Adam!

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UPDATE: Dunn says put me in coach:

Adam Dunn, who underwent a laparoscopic emergency appendectomy Tuesday night, woke up Wednesday morning and quickly tried to lobby for White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen to get him back in the lineup for Thursday’s home opener against Tampa Bay.”I talked to him this morning and he wants to play [Thursday],” Guillen said. “But I don’t want to take the risk.”

The good news for the White Sox is that Dunn, who began to feel discomfort in the abdominal area on Tuesday, won’t be sidelined for long. He is expected to miss up to five days. …

And hurry back because I don’t know how many days of Juan Pierre at DH can the team handle:

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