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April 1, 2011

Jake Peavy and the disappearing slider [UPDATE #2]

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Stankevitz @ BL:

It’s interesting that Peavy has thrown a fewer percentage of sliders over the last few years as compared to his heyday with San Diego. Whether it’s a calculated strategy change remains to be seen—we haven’t seen a large enough sample size over the last two seasons to determine that. But heading into 2011, the percentage of sliders thrown by Peavy certainly is something to keep an eye on. It’s his best pitch, and if he throws it less he’ll have to be more effective with his other pitches.

UPDATE: And here’s JJ’s article on Mark Buehrle’s cutter and changeup:

But worse command of his changeup lessened the effectiveness of Buehrle’s cutter. Opposing batters didn’t have to cheat to reach Buehrle’s changeup, so they were able to get around on Buehrle’s cutter on the inner third much easier.

UPDATE #2: James has a preview of the Sox starting pitchers.



  1. he will have to be on the field to be effective with any of his pitches.

    Comment by Anonymous — April 1, 2011 @ April 1, 2011 9:01 pm | Reply

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