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April 1, 2011

SEGA releases MLB Manager Online

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MLB Manager Online:

Think you have what it takes to be world champion?

Go online and accept the challenge of “MLB Manager Online,” a brand new game for your web browser, and lead your team to victory from anywhere for free!

Don’t worry if you think you are too busy to join the excitement – each match will start automatically at a scheduled time, even if you are away or at work. All you need to do is create your team, set your lineup and strategy, then simply check the game results in your free time.

If you love baseball, don’t miss MLB Manager Online, the browser game that can be enjoyed by any MLB fan!

Create your own dream team by choosing your favorite players from 900 active MLB athletes!
It’s all up to you to create the world’s No.1 team by freely combining American and Japanese players for victory in the “World Champions Tournament”!

Join in for the live excitement of becoming the best MLB manager TODAY!

Here’s the full of pictures Play Guide to get an idea.

Gordon Beckham: Don’t you even think of stealing when Adam Dunn is up

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Adam Dunn’s first home run in a Chicago White Sox uniform was a majestic blast for everybody except teammate Gordon Beckham. Dunn had four RBIs and a homer in his White Sox debut.

“It went so high I didn’t know where it went; I was stealing on the play,” Beckham said. “He’s a force. You don’t want people to get on in front of Adam Dunn because he can go deep any time and under any conditions. It’s good to have him. He puts fear in opposing team and that is invaluable.”

Jerry Krause leaves Sox Latin America scouting director post

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Gonzales @ CT:

The Chicago White Sox’s efforts to restore their presence in Latin America face another challenge.

Jerry Krause, their director of international scouting, will leave the team to take a position with Arizona, a Diamondbacks source confirmed Friday.

Seems the announcement of Latin America players signing with the Sox will take a bit longer.

Baseball America reports though that:

The organization spent most of last year adding scouting personnel to revamp their Latin American staff rather than competing for top international free agents.

All right!

Jake Peavy and the disappearing slider [UPDATE #2]

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Stankevitz @ BL:

It’s interesting that Peavy has thrown a fewer percentage of sliders over the last few years as compared to his heyday with San Diego. Whether it’s a calculated strategy change remains to be seen—we haven’t seen a large enough sample size over the last two seasons to determine that. But heading into 2011, the percentage of sliders thrown by Peavy certainly is something to keep an eye on. It’s his best pitch, and if he throws it less he’ll have to be more effective with his other pitches.

UPDATE: And here’s JJ’s article on Mark Buehrle’s cutter and changeup:

But worse command of his changeup lessened the effectiveness of Buehrle’s cutter. Opposing batters didn’t have to cheat to reach Buehrle’s changeup, so they were able to get around on Buehrle’s cutter on the inner third much easier.

UPDATE #2: James has a preview of the Sox starting pitchers.

White Sox Opening Day

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The last of the Mohicans theme is on (CSN):

I’m pumped!

BTW, here’s Thunderstruck too:


Firefox 4: Hide the Bookmarks Bar & Stop trimming URL previews

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1. To automatically hide the firefox bookmarks bar when the toolbar is not in use, and have it show up when the mouse hovers over the Firefox toolbr, copy/paste the following code in your UserChrome.css file:

#PersonalToolbar { visibility: collapse !important; opacity: 0.1; -moz-transition: visibility 30s, opacity 30s ease !important; } #navigator-toolbox:hover #PersonalToolbar { visibility: visible !important; opacity: 9; -moz-transition: visibility !important; }

To adjust the time it has to pass before the toolbar gets hidden, change the two 30s values. Tip from Lifehacker.

2. To stop firefox 4 from trimming the URLs in the status bar, copy/paste the following code in your UserChrome.css file:

statuspanel { max-width: 100% !important; }

This tells firefox to allow the status panel to use length 100% of the status bar. You can adjust this number as you like. Tip from Lifehacker.

Smells Like Mascot: Spring Has Sung

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Carl’s latest:



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