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March 9, 2011

Jake Peavy on today’s start [UPDATE]

Filed under: Chicago White Sox — The Wizard @ March 9, 2011 10:00 pm

Ballantini @ CSN:

“Today wasn’t as free and easy as the other day,” Peavy said. “It was certainly a lot of work to get ready, but my body did all we asked it to do. I wasn’t very sharp. I had pretty decent stuff. It was just a good step in the right direction, another hurdle to clear and moving on toward my ultimate goal, and that’s to break camp with the team.”
… “Getting up and down four times was the biggest thing,” Peavy said, unsure even of how many pitches he threw in the game. “[Ozzie and Coop] asked me if wanted to go back out. I hadn’t thrown out of stretch, and I wanted to go out of the stretch with game-like intensity.”
… “A good day, all in all,” Peavy said. “I came out of it healthy and climbing. That’s all you can ask for.”
… “That’s was one of the things we’re going to monitor: Am I able to bounce back and throw a good side session and have good days of playing catch, and feel up to par to starting five days later?” Peavy said. “We did that. It was a lot of work, but we got there. I hope that continues to be the case. I’m going to have typical soreness and probably am going to go through that dead arm period. The ball didn’t feel like it was coming out the other day like it did vs. Anaheim but like I said, you have these kind of starts. But we’re on the up and up. That was their ‘A’ lineup and we got some guys out. They hit the ball hard, but they were being aggressive. I was throwing the ball across the plate so …
… “I had a little hamstring tightness,” Peavy said. “We had that going on and wrapped up and like I said, my arm didn’t feel that great. So we didn’t want to go there and push it, push it, push it. Obviously we faced a pretty good lineup today and had to get some good hitters out, and I did that.”
… “My right hamstring has a little bit of a knot in it. When you have those little bitty things, there’s no sense in going out there in spring training and pushing the envelope. I would even suspect my velocity was probably more down a little bit, because I certainly didn’t push it as hard as I pushed it vs. Anaheim. The other day vs. Anaheim I made sure I was healthy and made sure I could throw the ball 90-92 mph without being hurt. I know I can do that now. I just need to find that happy medium of building that arm strength toward the start of the season now.”
… “I [threw] about five changeups, five cutters, five breaking balls, and a lot of fastballs,” he said. “I was aggressive today, [I threw] balls across the plate [but] made them hit it. I got a little tired—[against] Buster, I tried to throw a good sinker [but] got on top of it [for a] walk in there late. You start to lose a little command as the game wears on.”

UPDATE: Peavy’s day-after report came back positive.


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