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February 22, 2011

Robot version of the Lee Elias tirade

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Dayn Perry @ Fangraphs:


Paul Konerko responds to Alex Rios’ ‘We’re the team to beat’ statement

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Merkin @ BOGblog:

“To me, you guys know me, the team to beat is the Twins.

Whoever wins the title from the year before is the champion until they get knocked off. What I think about what’s being said or what anybody thinks is irrelevant. We’ll get an answer 6½ months from now. That’s how it is. It’s pretty black and white

I don’t know how that came up with Alex. Maybe he didn’t mean it like that or maybe he was trying to be confident. But that’s fine. I am too. But it’s pretty simple. You go out and play the games every day and at the end of September there will be a champion in this division. There’s no need to talk about it up until then.

But the Twins deserve the respect. They earned it last year and had a great year. Until someone knocks them off, they are the team.”

That’s more like it.

Vegas Watch 2011 MLB Wins Over/Unders

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VW’s AL Central Wins Over/Unders:

Minnesota- 87
Chicago W- 84.5
Detroit- 83.5
Cleveland- 71
Kansas City- 70

Carlos Quentin tries to relax

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Gonzales @ CT:

“Pressure is always something that’s been self-inflicted by myself, it’s something I’ve worked on to lighten up and enjoy this game this off-season,” Quentin said Tuesday morning. “And definitely bringing in this enormous bats with Paulie (Konerko), A.J. (Pierzynski) and Adam (Dunn), it will be fun to be on this field with these guys, like it’s always has been for me. And it will be even better.”

Konerko, AJ and Dunn? Enormous bats? Well, one of these things isn’t like the other.

Rewind yourself

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So Nick Wright of 610 AM is interviewing Mike Moustakas about character. It’s all very positive. The Royals value character, the team is full of high-character guys, that kind of thing. Then Wright asks Moustakas about the fact that he might start the year in the minors, because of baseball’s service time system.

For whatever reason, Jason Kendall strongly objected to this question. (Audio here.) …

Hit the link!

UPDATE: Online audio.

February 21, 2011

Alex Rios: We’re the team to beat [UPDATE]

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Gregor @ DH:

At the end of his typically abbreviated chat with reporters, Rios was asked if the White Sox are the team to beat in the AL Central this season.

“Oh, yeah,” Rios said. “Definitely. We’re the team to beat. We have good additions to the team. The core is solid and with the additions we’re even stronger. I think we’re going to give a hard time to a lot of people out there.”

Can we beat the Twinkies first, Alex? What the heck happened to humility?

JJ’s take is here.

UPDATE: Here’s Ozzie:

Guillen wants his players to be confident but not boastful, until they have fulfilled their potential. And he doesn’t want them to be consumed with AL Central nemesis Minnesota despite incessant questions about how much better they stack up against the Twins following their offseason upgrades.

“The one thing I’m concerned about is don’t let the hype get you,” Guillen said. “We haven’t done anything yet. We haven’t proved anything yet. We don’t know what’s going to happen. All that stuff like ‘we should win, we should have to win’ — keep that thing behind. Prove to people what you can do, show them what you can do. And then you talk.

“Just play your game. Let your ability take over and the confidence. Be confident, but don’t be cocky. And that’s one of the things I worry about.”

Kenny Williams won’t be going after Albert Pujols

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Chuck Garfien @ CSN:

“If (Jerry Reinsdorf) gave me $30 million dollars right now, I’m not going to spend it on one guy. Sorry White Sox fans,” Williams said. “But I tell you what, I’m going to take that $30 million and I’m going to distribute it around. My team is going to be better as a whole than it is with one player who might get hurt. Then you’re done. Sorry, that’s just me. And that’s no disrespect to a future Hall of Famer, first ballot, one of the greatest players in history.”

Jake Peavy takes “a big step” forward (video)

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Scott Merkin @ whitesox.com:

But terming Monday’s 40-pitch effort against [Jordan] Danks, Brandon Short and Stefan Gartrell as “a big step,” Peavy seemed encouraged that his recovery from season-ending surgery for a detached latissimus dorsi muscle in his right shoulder was pointing toward no time away from the team when this promising campaign begins.

“Jumping on the mound vs. hitters, putting more on the ball, I threw some breaking balls for the first time,” said Peavy, explaining Monday’s effort at what he believed was about 75 percent off the mound with the standard screen in front of him. “I threw fastball, changeup.

“But I was putting more on the ball today than I had in previous times off the mound, so it was obviously a nice climb. We did that without any kind of pain or any setback. I was no different than any other guy.”

UPDATE: Here’ is video (1:24) of Peavy.

February 20, 2011

Marking History

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Wow, that’s a fantastic story:

Since 2004, the Negro Leagues Grave Marker Project has been tracking down the final resting places of long forgotten players and honoring their memories by installing headstones. The Project, founded by Dr. Jeremy Krock, has raised almost $10,000. So far they have placed markers on the gravesites of 18 players, such as Jimmie Crutchfield, Big Bill Gatewood, and “Steel Arm” Taylor. …

That the “separate but equal” policy was reality pisses me off so much. What a shame…

Dayan Viciedo slims up

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Gonzales @ CT:

Dayan Viciedo reported two days early and impressed manager Ozzie Guillen with a much leaner frame.”I thought you were (Alexei) Ramirez,” Guillen said while patting Viciedo’s stomach.

It’s an important spring for Viciedo, who is making the transition from third base and first base to the outfield.

UPDATE: Gregor @ DH:

But all in all, the White Sox think they have a raw gem in Viciedo, who turns 22 on March 10.

And in an attempt to keep his potent bat on the 25-man roster, Viciedo is going to be playing right field, and possibly left, when Cactus League play begins Feb. 28 against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

February 19, 2011

Ozzie Guillen: Adam Dunn won’t play the outfield

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Gonzales tweets:

Oz said no way Dunn plays the outfield, says Sox are covered well out there but will play first on occasion to spell Konerko.

February 18, 2011

Chris Sale bulks up

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Gregor @ DH:

[Chris] Sale did manage to “bulk up” to 175 pounds over the winter, but the youngster is still rail thin. Maybe that’s why conditioning coach Allen Thomas has been putting protein shakes in Sale’s locker.

MLB.com still has Sale at 170 lbs.

Smells Like Mascot: Peavy’s Back

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Carl’s latest is a classic:


February 17, 2011

Kenny Williams wants flexibility in the bullpen roles

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Kenny Williams doesn’t want relievers to be tied to a specific point in games (like on the last 3 outs):

Manager Ozzie Guillen didn’t specify if Sale would become the White Sox closer or be used in a setup role. For Williams, late-inning relief is all about getting important outs. So, if Matt Thornton is chosen as the closer but is needed in the eighth, then the roles will have to be adjusted.

“It’s a great scenario if Matt Thornton is the guy because of what he has been doing for the White Sox,” Guillen said. “Sale has great stuff to be the closer. A couple of guys out there have closed before. Right now, it’s too early for me to say whether this guy is going to be the closer or not.”

UPDATE: Gonzo has a quote from Kenny:

“Sometimes that means in seventh inning if Moreau and Mauer are coming up, maybe the guy you have tabbed as your ‘closer’ is better for that situation versus the ninth, when you have the No. 9-1-2 or 8-9-1 (hitters) coming up,” Williams explained. “Right now, we have a situation where people have earned right to pitch the last inning or last couple of innings. Fortunately we have some candidates.”

Jake Peavy to return on April 10? (1st time Sox need 5th starter) [UPDATE #2]

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Gregor @ DH:

It’s just the first day of camp, and Kenny said he expects a “blip” with Jake Peavy’s comeback this spring.

But it’s sounding more and more like Peavy could be ready to go on April 10, when the White Sox first need a fifth starter.

Peavy threw a 40-pitch (fastball, changeup) bullpen today.

UPDATE: Merkin @ CWS:

Peavy wants to be looked at as a starting pitcher building for the regular season and not a talented hurler answering questions as he comes back from a serious and rare injury. That sentiment has been texted throughout the offseason by Peavy to general manager Ken Williams, with Peavy sharing nothing but a positive outlook on his comeback.

“He really has been kind of annoying and he’s gung-ho,” said Williams with a laugh. “Put it this way, if you are sending the Marines into battle, this is the guy you want giving the speech to get you riled up.

“It’s our job to make sure that competitive nature doesn’t get the best of him, get him to the point where he’s doing something more premature than he should. We will watch him closely and be very cautious dealing with him as I explained to him today.

“Whenever he gets out there, we want him at 100 percent,” Williams said. “We don’t want him to start at 80 percent and then stay at 80 percent because he hasn’t given himself that extra three weeks or month.”

UPDATE #2: Peavy says:

“But I’m going to listen to my body and at the same time push it as hard as I can push it,” more Peavy.

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